Postpartum 3 months how thin body makes you light _ of thin body of relaxed Song Song


Postpartum 3 months how thin body, the female is in postpartum because of the body be out of shape, so anxious go thin body, but the female is in postpartum a month should not begin to have thin body, first a month should be given priority to with nutrient recuperation, postpartum female is frailer, want great and compensatory nutrition, arrived ability of the 2nd month begins slowly thin body, the female is in postpartum inside 3 months thin body, the effect also is best, so we should master the optimal time of thin body, have effective thin body method next.

Postpartum 3 months how thin body

1. The female is compared in postpartum body frail, should give priority to in order to rest, but also cannot all day lie in bed, after postpartum 6-12 hour, can get up a little activity, or be do on the bed look up motion, lie on one’s back, two tactics buy is abdominal, the head is raised from the pillow, postpartum the 2nd day can ambulate at will indoors, if guild,shade side is cut or the woman of Caesarean birth, in postpartum the 3rd day of ability begins to undertake a little activity. Postpartum the 4th day, upper limbs exercise can be done on the bed, lie on one’s back exhibit outside two arms level, next adduction, do two 8 pat, had moved the upper arm the head, call in slowly again. Postpartum 5-9 day, do lower limbs music to extend a movement to reach shrink anus moves, lie on one’s back, two tactics is smooth put at trunk two side, will right lower limbs to abdomen inflectional, put smooth unbend next, additional, rhythm ground does anal systole, loosen a movement.

In postpartum campaign of a few thin bodies can begin after 9 months, be like sit-ups, lie low, double leg Qu Qi, both hands across is put after the head, cooperate breath to do good situp, with alvine for midpoint, raise the upper part of the body, come up against double foot till double ancon, return original pose. By bicycle, lie low, double leg bends raise 45 degrees, two legs go out to extension forward alternately, retractile, the foot walks ahead, maintain from the ground the left and right sides is spent in 30-60, maintain 5 minutes, this simple movement can exercise ham and waist effectively, alvine.

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