Training of upper limbs force makes you more attractive _



Modern values body building more and more, because every sky class is basic,sitting, if or else moves, the counteractive ability of the body is met lower and lower, and bodily form also can change, and training of upper limbs force is fitness among them a kind, its conduce to health not only, still be helpful for the muscle that is you becoming more strong, more attractive, can bring safe sense to the person.

   Upper limbs force trains

1. Push-up is training of common upper limbs force, this training is most most the handiest, can undertake at any time and place, but those who want an attention is to avoid to be in excellent floor is excellent do, be like coarse cement floor, lest injure double strike with the palm of the hand; Smooth lie lift barbell, can exercise upper limbs power not only, still can exercise chest muscle, when undertaking training, move barbell to wind upper part, next both hands handholding barbell is perpendicular on lift; At ordinary times many dozens of baseball, dozen tennis, hit volleyball to wait, a few often brandish the motion of the arm, besides can exercise upper limbs power besides, return the flexibility that can exercise oneself and reaction ability; Qu Shen of parallel bars arm, hold both hands thick line respectively, two arms are propped up go up in parallel bars, whole body and parallel bars are perpendicular, double elbow bends slowly, make the body drops gradually to lowermost position, maintain forcibly slowly again next to reductive.

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