Just society can accept Aa to make it is OK that sweethearts just was together is Aa made

Actually AA is made now is very popular between young lovers, make this kind of conduct to just beginning association to put forward AA nevertheless, everybody’s manner is to commend differ, so, does AA begin to be made after all when sweethearts just is together close improper?

Can just society accept Aa to make

Netizen A: I feel love is earlier, should Aa is made, because feeling just is built,still do not stabilize, had better not involve economic issue, aa is made best, because each other are not owed. When stability period, can male go actively paying Zhang, can please a girlfriend more so, emotional sublimate.

Netizen B: If begin love to say with me to square steel, “Just pause then meal altogether 311 5, you give me 155 75, it is OK to pay Bao Weixin to give me. ” I should be met turn money is pulled black he.

Netizen C: I am accepted. Because just interacted not to know to be able to walk into marriage in the future, it is good that I think the girl is a few more self-prossessed still. I teach a daughter namely so, do not soak the boy friend’s money, in case came loose in the future, the other side does not carry those who give us any defect. Although not AA is made, when having a meal together, also be this you pay, next time I pay.

Just society can accept Aa to make it is OK that sweethearts just was together is Aa made

It is OK that sweethearts just was together is Aa made

Need not exorbitant AA, basically two people are about the same good.

I can accept this he pays, the form with my other reoccupy compensates him, buy a little gift to him for instance, perhaps ask him next time. But AA booth of this kind of thing comes up to bright face, have a kind of full brother, the feeling of bright account, this kind of person suits this to become brother in me, or fair-weather friend.

I belong the person of very slow heat, I do not like active, it is particularly good to the person to do not like, felt other people is good to mine only, I just begin to be willing to be opposite slowly he is good, better and better, and once he is right I am bad, same, I am sober also, again won’t right he is good. And the issue that AA makes dividing line of this kind of clear make a clear distinction, I also can put forward actively, because the money with others is bad also, but this is impossible to become a boy friend.

Just society can accept Aa to make it is OK that sweethearts just was together is Aa made

The Aa when love is made

I feel the AA between sweethearts makes those who had held out. After all whose money is not fresh gale is blown those who come, go out to eat a meal little criterion hundreds of, get on 1000 more.

You look in abroad, major sweethearts perhaps is AA is made between the friend. If let the man buy sheet, the schoolgirl will be compunctious, go wanting to fill in which respect even. Before marrying so, AA is made is best method, although do not have lot,take word later, who doesn’t owe. But if marry hind, buy sheet by the man with respect to of course.

Just society can accept Aa to make it is OK that sweethearts just was together is Aa made

Common and wrong economy handles way between sweethearts

Mistake 1 do not talk

“I and Xiao Ke live together 6 months, money is no-no topic to us. We buy our thing severally, shop when us together when having a meal, draws out a purse to pay Zhang with respect to who first… the house that we stay in is his parents, also do not have the problem of chummage so. I think so very good, discuss money, be equal to the love that polluted us. ” — Suo Na, 26 years old

A 2 person is in charge of the mistake still be being borrowed, another individual responsibility pays expenses daily

“A year ago, my male friend is carried medium one office building, dealt with bank loan procedures. We live together in this apartment nowadays, he is in charge of repaying the bank borrows money, the expense that my burden lives daily. ” — luxuriant and beautiful, 30 years old

Mistake 3 my one individual responsibility is all expense

“Earning money is my strong point, my male friend compares me in this respect a lot of worse. We love each other earlier, this is not a problem, I love him very much, do not care about his economic atmosphere. He is a self-confident optimist, the dignity that economic corner did not make he loses a man and proud, I love him very much this, but two the individual’s expense let one individual responsibility again I feel very painstaking. ” — be like duckweed, 29 years old

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