Before why marrying part company the most easily before marrying why to quarrel easily

A lot of sweethearts are very sweet when Tan Lian loves, go to fast marriage however when, with respect to very incidental brawl, serious arrived to make the room for action that part company even, why to part company so easily before marry after all?

Before why marrying part company the most easily

All including and understanding because of amative period is the thing that is based on two people, one wants to wish to hit only, it is OK that one wishs to endure continue. And the thing that marrying is two families, increase period of time get along, the new move before was being done not have, and between the family adjust and contradict, include to marry betrothal gifts, family the collision of 3 view, appear a few contradiction, so suitable its are natural do not want to continue.

So, before the individual thinks to marry, part company should discreet, the feeling that treats both sides wants to be in charge of. To fearing marriage a group of things with common features, can think to marry the life with affirmatory = , the state of mind that and be taking unpleasantness and to sealed fear, if subconscious it is such logic, so on behavior appear more easily the ending that part company!

Before why marrying part company the most easily before marrying why to quarrel easily

Before marrying why to quarrel easily

When Tan Lian loves, we do not need to too much problem goes solving normally, even if is to have a problem, also won’t involve prime increase, no more than is today your mood is bad, I take you to go out to take a place delicious, the thing that you do I am dissatisfactory, you take me to go out to play two days. Such small attrition, involve feeling and mood issue only. And marry, it is the conflict that all sorts of greatly small actual profits face for the first time in one individual life almost, all sorts of cannot the general affairs that evasive short time is badly in need of solving, several people even the balance of the idea of tens of people and opinion and harmonic etc.

For instance:

1. where day goes registering (who will decide day, otherwise to want to check almanac, register when to go that day, handle affairs who is in charge of flow, the marriage certificate is illuminated go which are patted)

2. betrothal gift is dotal (betrothal gift how many, how does dotal geometry, flow go, hire below man home should take home of what, woman dotal what should take)

How does 3. wedding do (otherwise should be received close, receive how to receive in person, otherwise should place alcoholic drink, place wine to want to place a few desks, marriage celebrate the home that where to ask, chief witness at a wedding ceremony who will become, happy candy buys what brand, box happy candy what to want to pack, how is red bag divided)

Is 4. marriage gauze illuminated (choose shadow building or atelier? How is the budget decided? Should spend big thousands of go is brigade patted? Was marriage gauze illuminated good according to first time how to do? Is marriage gauze illuminated take a time to cannot be caught up with how to place wine to do?

5. does not do wedding, viatic marriage? (Is destination in surely? A few days to go? Who is contributive? How is the journey decided? Who to drive to drive oneself? How is board and lodging arranged? How is board and lodging arranged??

Which does 6. marriage live? (Was the house bought? Which does the word that did not buy live? Should live together with parents? If was being bought, buy be in? When to make a room? How to after making a room, decorate? before marriage entire section? How to if husband and wife partakes together, partake? How to if husband and wife partakes together, partake??

Above is iceberg corner only, what when marrying actually, be faced with is to compare these even times moster problem, and the discussion that each problem draws two people likely, controversy quarrels even. Efficient, without conflict, satisfactory, this is basic impossible, unless both sides does not have father not to have kin without the mother, and two individual disposition, 3 view agree to be like same individual.

Before why marrying part company the most easily before marrying why to quarrel easily

Before marrying, want to part company how to do

The age that if you had arrived to talk about marriage talking,marries, bilateral parents has agreed with two individual marriage, if you this phase wants to part company, that must of the cut the Gordian knot part company with him.

Because I am to feel you had arrived now this phase, next if two people feel improper if, still want to marry, may delay oneself or of the other side all one’s life, may guide next come out the marriage of a particularly unfortunate blessing, I feel is particularly bad so, you can put forward to part company with him now, not when after marrying, married to be able to have the drag in on a lot of interests later, next two people go again civil administration bureau marries the thing that the divorce is special trouble. And the idea that I feel you also want to consider yourself above all is after all how, because you fear to marry,you are, still feel oneself like this individual far from want to part company, if if you fear to marry,I feel, you can discuss well with your boy friend, that is to say can put conjugal time in behind in a few time, do not marry now, if you are to feel you do not like this person only, then you part company with him as soon as possible, do not delay the life of others, also do not delay oneself time.

Before why marrying part company the most easily before marrying why to quarrel easily

How does the angst before marriage alleviate

1, prescind force

“Think foolishly ” the omen that is disease of the angst before a lot of marriage, so, to avoid ” think foolishly ” , the bride can search bit of other issue to do. For example: It is exercise gem gal, good to loosen; of body and mind to cry friendly shuttlecock, ping-pong, tennis.

2, much exercise, much perspiration

When the person is moving, cerebrum is in put empty state, do not go thinking anything, release at the same time inside Fei peptide, what can reduce motion to bring is unwell feel with ache. So, after when us motion ends, although kubla khah dripping wet, the mood also is met relaxed all the more!

3, holding boudoir sweet complaint in the arms

Boudoir honey is this world go up, the person that is worth complaint water most. It is exam take an examination ofing is bungled no matter, still be the job suffers a defeat, love fails, boudoir honey always can accompany you to spend most hard hour. She always can help you give counsel, amuse yock of your to one’s heart’s content. Now, in you the time with most good life, boudoir honey also can not leave what do not abandon naturally to accompany beside in you, you are OK also oneself depressed, angst of the heart comes out entirely, honey letting boudoir helps you partake!

4, let husband participate in come in to know what you are thinking

When a lot of schoolboys are preparing wedding, resemble swinging palmar ark, what thing also without giving thought to, what career pays no attention to, should give of pa Mom give pa Mom, should give of emcee give give emcee, the whats of the others pay no attention to, mix all the day diehard followers people one rocket card drinks, enjoy last single night! Watch a bride instead a person is busy east busy on the west, psychology is subdued again get angry again, cannot help getting angry toward husband. Result husband is very the indescribable appearance of grievance, finally two National People’s Congress is noisy. Actually, best method is, the bride tells husband actively, what are oneself thinking, let husband participate in come in, talk things over together, OK and promotional sentiment is returned between each other, make the feeling after marriage more sweet be like honey!

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