Lone long it is what condition lone long psychology

Lone now crowd is very much, a lot of people are all the year round single state, lone long did not yearn for so to love actually, can be used to a person, become more independent, also think Tan Lian loved not quite.

Lone long it is what condition

This I feel I have right to speak, he Wei is lone long, calculate 6 years long? Oneself already 29, I still am little fresh pork when on one paragraph of love, nowadays have been fat and middleaged person (the heart fills in) …

Lone the first year, sad and sad now and then buy drunk

Lone the 2nd year, well, seem to hold out freedom, dozen game won’t be wanted on the telephone disturbed, need not say good night to the dot…

Lone the 3rd year, date? Impossible, I am small still, I play even

Lone the 4th year, seem to have bit of loneliness, game plays enough, the mobile phone plays enough, want to the individual says to talk…

Lone the 5th year, beg the introduction, beg date, all sorts of begging

Lone the 6th year, a person has a meal a person rambles supermarket a person sees a movie, a person travels, a person is patted oneself, a person comes home… the life that was used to a person suddenly, be no good, cannot be used to! Cannot be used to! I think, lone long not terrible, terrible is to get used to single day, can fear two people get along, this still does not calculate the urgent nag of parental friend, cannot bear really the heart lets care your person to worry about again.

Lone long it is what condition lone long psychology

Lone long psychology

1. is lone long, be used to a person. A person is bemused, a person reads a book, a person travels. Be like oneself a person is OK also, also pass quite well. Or chat a little with 23 good friends, see a movie, drink drink tea, such life feels quite pretty good, billows not Jing. See sweethearts is geminate and didymous, now and then the mobile holiday of Valentine’s Day and so on, you also are only now and then envy, but written in water of this kind of idea, next. . . Continue lone.

2. is not willing to let others enter the orderly life in him chaos. A person is long, often also can clamour should seek a target. But when introducing to you really when friend kin, you are willing to was contacted not quite however. Probably him reluctance with innocent some added small letter, cannot talk about a few however, wind up the matter hastily. Already perhaps passed the sort of mania to understand the age of others, want to become a beautiful girl quietly only. You do not wish to walk out of your world, others also is entered do not come.

3. had him to comfort his ability, had oneself to amuse oneself happy ability. Need to look for others to beg no longer comfort, wanting to hope to a person can amuse him when he is sad no longer happy, then oneself generated this kind of capacity.

4. is lone long, see a pair of sweethearts on the road occasionally, can think: Mom Ye, he (she) so ugly have a boy or girl friend, I am done not have unexpectedly, this is unscientific! I am so good, those people what eye? Invisible? Hum, it is them certainly blinder. Calculated, lose sight of my nice person, I also do not want.

5. is lone long, feeling is him not good-looking, people just does not look those who go up. Then, the person is ugly be about to read more, learn to make up. Nevertheless, how many book does need read? Reading reading, fell in love with read, which have little elder brother had read? Make up learning, learning, mom Ye! I how so good-looking, they these are laic do not deserve to go up I.

6. is lone long, also meet occasionally anxious. Especially the person beside is not single state any more. Small A had married, the child of small B can make sauce, the small C that dates repeatedly also was pregnant. And I, alone still. Pa Mom still urges look for a partner in marriage, pressure is very great! The meeting is sensitive to height of this kind of topic.

7. feeling is not suitable, basically have partner. Is lone feeling not suitable? Nonexistent. Lone is affection Great Master, is speaking of emotional interest head to? What feeling is not suitable, lone don’t have feeling at all?

8. is growner perhaps, apprehension is more. Once may be an eyes, one smiles, can fall in love with the girl next door (teenager) . Can consider however now, can you follow him suitable? Does disposition close improper? Apprehension is much, amative heart is not pure, had not begun to love, already tired.

Lone long it is what condition lone long psychology

Lone long be a kind of disease really

Actually this also is a problem that a lot of companionate metropolises encounter, single time is long, the person all round always can gesticulate, and now and then the late night awakes oneself also can suspect oneself, be true disease, had lost the ability that likes a person?

One. Lone it is condition of a kind of life only

The much appearance that the beauty of the world depends on it is colorful! Everythings on earth can choose the life status that he likes and way, have nothing to do to the fault. Say like the Chun Shu on the village: “Young when experience the period with such a few alone loneliness, is the in a sense also necessary? To a person grow for. This wants with tree it is same that thrive must have gotten severe winter. If climate often so warm, invariable word, also won’t have even annual ring. ” holding common heart in the arms to go so appreciate present life condition, its both neither is exalted, not low also, a kind be condition of numerous everyday life only.

2. Him Xiu Lian, encounter more perfect you

Of a lot of moment lone, result from did not come up against right person, do not be willing to compromise to this blundering society again, do not be willing to be perfunctory more oneself heart. Cannot find appropriate umbrella, aux would rather by wringing. I admire this to the portion holds to and become independent. But before encountering predeterminate TA, we can let ourselves become better. The society makes up to allow delicate, outer, every are beautiful beautiful Da momently, do not be please others, the mood that is him please only. Learning to develop a new interest interest, give insipid life infuse is surfy. Learning to make a few good food of expert, in him warmth appetite while, prospective TA also can admire your virtuous kind and gentle. Man, as far as possible on the career that puts energy in oneself, after all a career has, the man of much gold, there can be more choice opportunities in the future. Apply mechanically the word of that convention is: If you bloom, butterfly is self-invited.

3. Happy meeting is late, but won’t absent

No matter how, you want to be certain from beginning to end, existing certainly on this world so a person, he / she can be in some day is casual momently, cross boundless and indistinct sea of faces, those who go too Bacchic is street, those who come to you in front of, gently say to you: Hey, let your kick one’s heels. . . Life is a long ride, without love and emotive spice, resemble the landscape that is a static state. Want, the feeling that staring at a picture a few years is what kind of. A lot of people were not to live a few years, however same kind of life, repeated a few years just. Face only option, I do not wish a feeling is given I do not have feeling person. I what get I hope, do not get my lot! Also should be certain additionally sacred won’t disappoint the associate of an any effort, what no matter be of effort,try hard is perfect oneself, when the hand that pulls a TA truly that momently, before you can feel, all awaiting and trying hard is worthiness!

Lone long it is what condition lone long psychology

6 action make you swing sheet hardly possible

1, not frosty to the person

In regular human contact, everybody likes disposition of a few disposition to had been compared, the person that gets along easily, actually love you also are, if you always place a pair to stand high above the masses, frosty face, let the opposite sex very hard have the desire that contacts you, so we always should not keep people a thousand miles away, should treat the person all round is a few genialer, also meet oneself increase a few chances so.

2, the state of mind that has adjusted oneself and requirement

A lot of people to choose occasionally occasionally beyond the mark and discreet, often ask to compare tall, caused so do not become high low not, often by remnant come down, two people want only together it is good to oneself that disposition is mixed go, other explicit conditions do not cross much contrast, after all oneself spend the time, do not look to others too, want the love that is sincerity of the other side only so him move, can try to interact below.

3, the individual glamour that raises oneself

No matter be single men and women, should learn to dress up oneself, such ability can attract the eyeball of the opposite sex more, get the attention of the opposite sex, always do not get along raunchily, often love and date, appearance is the first impression, if always raise the interest that does not have others chronicly, in that way word, people also won’t be gone after actively you and produce good opinion to you, it is cheesed instead, do not have overmuch contact with you.

4, cast off childe princess disease

Regard a singleton as female surplus male surplus female, often be the favour in the family member is bestowed favor on under grown, the clothes will stretch one’s hand the meal comes of dehisce, the Mom treasure that formed nowadays to say male, princess disease, the following way should lean him to go, above all oneself should master life independence first, economy is independent, such ability face the following life, everybody look for a partner in marriage is not to look for a dad to look for a Mom, wedlock is to need two people to assume responsibility jointly, help ability of be locked in a stalemate up to spend wedding day, make oneself independent rise as far as possible so, give up a few bad mistake, the person that such abilities let have good opinion to you interacts gladly with you.

5, have an affair with and spend heart no good

A lot of people feel he are lone, always make a few ambiguous move with the opposite sex all round, the woman is ambiguous, the man spends a heart, often can let people sense do not rely on chart, won’t serve as marry the object comes and you interact, just now and then dismiss a kind of doleful means just, so we should note our figure and reputation, rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity, maintain oneself be an upright person principle and original intention, ability can gain the favour of the opposite sex more.

6, enlarge intercourse circle

Often we are mixed for the job study, just interact inside a specific circle, have a contact with outside someone else rarely, also limitted our gregarious scope so, at ordinary times when the party that can attend classmate of a few friends and hobby party wait an activity a moment, enlarge oneself gregarious limits, such ability contact more people, can you perhaps come up against oneself favorite target very quickly to also say to forbid?

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