Marry with straight boy friend suit to search straight male

Straight male it is to point to commonly not quite the schoolboy that knows a schoolgirl, actually this kind of schoolboy has advantage to also have disadvantage, the schoolgirl that because this is very much,is talking about love with straight boy friend can compare kink, so straight male model boy friend after all comfortable do not suit to marry?

Marry with straight boy friend

Had had have bad, the rate loving each other that sees two people.

Broken bits likes previously male, he will be honey-tongued, he can flirt, he can bring a lot of surprises to me, his style of conversation is humorous, be together with him very happy, also very addiction. Now, I prefer straight male, although he won’t be humorous humor, but he goes continuously continuously, idea is simple, although do not know romance, but it is good to my person to be met only.

Marry with straight boy friend suit to search straight male

Marry suit to search straight male


Straight male, an affection business owes beautiful, but the person that walks into his heart very easily. His world is very simple, in the heart that walks into him, you can discover, heart inside installing you all the time. Be willing to love you, be willing to understand you, be willing slowly go getting used to you. Straight male be defeated in affection business, broken bits male destroy in the manner. Business increases sentiment slowly, the manner is changed very hard however again.

Marry with straight boy friend suit to search straight male

Straight male like what kind of schoolgirl

1, straight male like the schoolgirl with amative a few less experience, had better have not talked about amative schoolgirl, and the love of straight male great majority is experienced little also, perhaps had not talked, if his girlfriend love time is much,say so, he can think he had a deficit, this is straight male think of a way.

2, straight male like sensible and virtuous schoolgirl, a lot of straight male it is prouder, like to compare traditional schoolgirl so, straight male do not be willing to spend time and Diao Man’s capricious perhaps schoolgirl to explain, they need to need not say, the schoolgirl that the other side can understand.

Marry with straight boy friend suit to search straight male

Straight male the feature in feeling

1, straight male when talking about love, do not understand the girlfriend’s mood, most schoolgirl says between Tan Lian love not, what represent commonly is yes meaning, but straight male won’t so think, what he thinks you say is not not, he won’t be farther thoughtful, so a lot of straight male when talking about love apprehension is less than a schoolgirl experience, not be he does not like you actually, it is he won’t be conveyed only just, he won’t fool a girlfriend commonly painstakingly, he just is thinking the feeling between you how to be maintained.

2, general straight male, heart high morale is proud or, or is amiable, perhaps be self-abased sense is stronger, so a lot of straight male the metropolis after contradiction happening when interacting with the girlfriend ends with parting company. And straight male Tan Lian loves be being worn still also is so rustic, do not mind oneself image, for instance you do not take care err what thing, he won’t remind you, or next time you return same err responsibility he can say time even groove you.

3, straight male affection quotient is not high, when interacting with the girlfriend so, also won’t say a few witty remark, should not say a few lovers’ prattle more, actually a few small lovers’ prattle of the schoolboy can let atmosphere more harmonious, and straight male meeting lets a topic stop, so straight male also be a terminator.

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