Often quarrel suit to marry quarrel every day suit together

Between sweethearts if the teacher quarrels,be very the emotive that affects two people, because a few bagatelle produce brawl,a lot of sweethearts are met, quarrel every day comfortable still do not suit together, basically look after quarrelling you the processing means of two and reaction.

Often quarrel suit to marry

1, quarrel disadvantage of that’s all right of a lot of time, true, different to thing view ability produces difference, what difference does not have, because want together, be about to adjust so, quarrelling is one kind is adjusted, otherwise if one party is made to let please other one party temporarily sexual self-surrender, contradictory morning and evening wants to erupt, why do this divorce now namely the reason with so high rate. If two people will be together henceforth,serve as a target that is to say, so even if be intense brawl of it doesn’t matter, this is to adjust, because had this cause, two individual after all can come down if why handle this kind of contradiction,be analysed calmly, when thinking so slowly, with respect to easy to handle, because begin,solve a problem, begin to learning to alter oneself nature, is not to stay in noisy with did not make a noise, this is substantially distinction, this flavour that gets along with respect to some husband and wife.

2, if do not have so far end, must be one party should learn concede so, if do not agree concede, and persistent be opposite at me you are wrong, so morning and evening should part company.

Often quarrel suit to marry quarrel every day suit together

Quarrel every day suit together

Want to see every make a noise, is your relation to become closer or scantier from? Also some sweethearts is to use affray means to come to those who communicate do, do not make a noise to still be no good, they cannot discuss each other difference with rational and polite way, can use quarrel the opinion that this kind of means will come to convey his, this does not have assorted Zuo , also be a kind of fun. But if every make a noise, the other side is jumped over bad to your impression, you or that breakfast were divided. If because these 5 things quarrel often,two people begin, show two people and do not suit together.

1, because money quarrels

Common saying says, money is the fastest discern the weapon of one individual individual character, a lot of look the good friend of be deeply attached to each other, can appear because of money emotive crack, husband and wife serves as the closest relationship, once because money quarrels,begin, produce brawl for a long time because of the thing of property on behalf of move general, so, once both sides of husband and wife begins to appear such symptom, both sides should adopt right kind to undertake handling, quarrel often because of gold, just make the feeling of two people faster walk into the brim that break down.

2, quarrel because of bilateral parents

Love can let a person lose a principle, because love you,invite opposite party, the loves you parents that love me. But if once both sides begins,blame the parents of the other side, when cannot tolerating to main petty thing, the relation of two people also can become be between the beetle and the block. No matter the other side has many to love you, but control the back of hand is the flesh, the sweetheart that can bear oneself without the person and oneself parents is on bad terms for a long time.

3, because housework quarrels

Amative initial stage is the best, both sides is striven for best one side is shown before the other side. Can be together when two people time grew, respective defect can be exposed come out, because do chore,the woman is met tired and complain, the man can be incited because of the woman do chore and complain. If things go on like this, complain with respect to joint performance melt into quarrels, the demon case that this kind of brawl presses as Pan Duo, it is not easy to was opened shut, at that time, bilateral feeling can appear crack.

4, the vexed brawl because of the job

Burst of a lot of emotive originates brawl, a lot of people met what go up because of the job to perhaps suffer superior not smoothly criticize and feel heart gas is not suitable, and meet come home this kind of bad mood belt in, developing the person go flat in the home, at that time, innocent the person that is gotten angry also can become atmosphere, then brawl arrived. If you encountered to cannot adjust the person of own mood, so it is appropriate really that you are about to ponder over you well.

5, because of be paid lopsidedly and quarrel

In a paragraph of feeling, feeling pays more or less be very delicate actually, completely quits paying is very few nonexistent even. In emotional later period, bilateral metropolis begins to haggle over every ounce because of the bagatelle of trifles, more problems that who can compare to pay each other, this moment, if do not adjust well, it is more intense brawl with respect to meeting evolution. Emotional itself is a not quits relation, one party pays much point is very normal, if such circumstance appears in your emotional life, it is appropriate that you are about to ponder over you well.

Often quarrel suit to marry quarrel every day suit together

See you whether suit together to marry

1, whether to have more natural collective topic

Often quarrel to you still can marry in love? Two people are together, collective topic is very main. Had better be a few very natural collective topics, do not need to ponder over a topic designedly, also do not need to go Ga talks about a topic. Send the topic from the heart naturally, both closes quite, I feel this is the most fundamental base that two people suit love. Otherwise, can feel very factitious together, uncomfortable.

2, whether be willing to be the conversion with constant the other side to think

Does Tan Lian love to often quarrel suit to marry? Between the men and women, inborn sexual distinction is different, physiology is tectonic and different, some moment idea also is different. The schoolboy should ponder over a few angle of the schoolgirl more, the body is for instance more effeminate, help the work on a few physical strength of the schoolgirl more. At the same time more important conversion thinks is, go pondering over a schoolgirl more a few appeal to beg, cannot act wilfully, often ask to the schoolgirl works or force according to him idea a few oneself thoughts. In the meantime, schoolgirl also should conversion thinks, pondered over oneself to cross a head egoistically, willfully make a trouble crossed a head, allow a man student blindly outside a place where people gather for various purposes is embarrassed etc. So, be willing to go for the other side conversion thinks is a very important thing.

3, 3 view whether difference is too big

The formation of 3 view is experience of long time evolve, be mix in a kind of the individual’s stabler heart mood condition, change very hard. If 3 view difference is too big between two people, for instance to same a thing, the viewpoint of value that appears to oppose completely, a two things disagreement may do not have a thing, once a lot of things appear pair of cases that return widely different, probable it is viewpoint of value differs. For instance, I consider as worthy thing, one article nots worth in the eye in the other side. Or the other side is thriving the thing of happy path, in you here distains to talk. These are 3 view disagreement a few reflect, especially of viewpoint of value reflect. Accordingly, 3 view can have difference, but always cannot be difference too big.

Often quarrel suit to marry quarrel every day suit together

4, whether collective future plans

Often quarrel to you still can marry in love? The person has close concern surely without foresight, two people must have reach unanimous opinion and the plan of concerned future. What common saying says is good, husband and wife is homocentric, its benefit breaks gold. If double conversely too big to difference of fork in a road, a person stays in A city to hit go all out, a person stays in B city to hit go all out, the future that cannot accept the other side plans and plan. It is a kind of incompatible condition to each other, does why bother force he does the business that is willing to compromise again? Accordingly, the joint plan that future concerns between two people is very main.

5, family member whether each other agree

Love can be two the individual’s things, but the thing that marrying is two families however. The family member that is each other does not agree, cannot be together? Also not be completely, but had better be each other agree, if bilateral family member is right each other are well-content, that cans say nothing, perfect. But if double the family that turn over is not very compatible to each other, appear even a few unpleasant things, my individual feels to be striven for in both sides fall without the circumstance of fruit, also should not suit to marry.

6, whether each other respect the other side

People often says Xiang Jingru guest, those who point to is the feeling between husband and wife very good, have ceremony very much. Before we become husband and wife, if we cannot accomplish each other,respect the other side. Cannot accomplish the other side of equal look upon, ignore the feeling of the other side, do not go considering the feeling of the other side, this also is a very unpleasant thing actually. Esteem the other side, respect yourself namely actually. Do not respect the other side, also be a kind of harm to the other side. Such circumstance is much, can hurt each other feeling badly. Accordingly, it is very important that each other respect the other side.

Often quarrel suit to marry quarrel every day suit together

Sweethearts quarrels 4 not

One, not calumniatory the other side

The fling abuses that designation path surnames and calumniatory, it is well-advised least of all one kind quarrels means, can be bloodily only in heart of the other side leave long harm, complication simple question. When affray skill quarrels namely, also wanting the other side, cannot speak the word that hurts opposite party easily.

2, do not throw a thing or use boxing base

No matter have much life, the brandish fist, water that say an opening, break the behavior such as the thing, must prohibit absolutely when quarrel, any movements that are not utterance, can make others right only your impressional worse and worse. Sweethearts must learn affray skill, did not make oneself love noisy come loose.

3, do not want cent to give pair of faults

When brawl, remember reminding oneself: Having a difference of opinions is not whose to who complex issue, just the view is abhorrent just. Recognize this, eliminate conflict to be able to become a lot of easier.

4, do not be troubled by publicity

The let person beside surrounds make a noise about sth view, can make both sides embarrassed only, bring about relation aggravation. Even if true at swords’ points, also should look for a ” to concealment the place of ” .

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