Should live together before marriage answer to should not live together before marriage

Living together before marriage is a very common now phenomenon, the metropolis after very much grown men and women talks about love chooses to live together, live together to actually certain benefit also has certain disadvantage, still basically see the relation rate of two people.

Should live together before marriage

Talk about the benefit that lives together before marriage and fraud above all.

The advantage that lives together before marriage:

1, firstly, to the male girlfriend in be passionately in love, the mixture of best emotional be in harmony when living together.

Need not everyday yearn day and night, the eye is opened can see the other side. Live together before marriage can deepen the understanding to each other effectively, for the element with good more of infuse of the following matrimony.

2, secondly, marriage is an important matter, especially to the woman, marriage is renascence the 2nd undoubtedly. The stand or fall of marital object, affect the happiness that is born to second half directly, because the prelude that is prospective matrimony actually lives together before this marriage, it is namely ” the exercitation phase of matrimony ” . This phase was spent smoothly, also expressed to be able to graduate, enter matrimony. The weakness of a few actor that can see the other side lives together before marriage, especially the defect to the other side, live together can experience directly. When most person talks love, it is the one side that has behaved to the utmost, and two people when living together, characteristics of a lot of lives is sedulous without method bumbling. Then, if live together period, the weakness with inherent the other side, if you are accepted without method, can in time stop, disagreement always discovers after feel well marriage and divorce.

3, thirdly, live together before marriage can make each other more rational treat a heart long for, let each other make clear Hunan, be live together because of the gender, still live together because of love. This is both have very big distinction. Although love is to cannot leave a gender, but if marriage is merely,be united in wedlock because of the gender, because lack love,the life after that marriage often is met and painful. Cohabitational men and women, have a plenty of because of loneliness union, because each other understand,be had a plenty of and be united in wedlock. Also do not eliminate here of course, be acquainted because of the gender, because for understanding photograph is defended. Live together before marriage, it is clear to can let each other want why be together, whether be together for a long time, can be together how long, this is marriage undoubtedly whether long cent water is faced.

4, everything is advantageous have disadvantage, live together before marriage not exceptional also.

the woman that keeps a tradition quite to thinking especially, live together before marriage have ” feculent body self-love ” suspicion, if unfortunate is, this traditional schoolgirl has the word that keeps stubborn even father and mother to the thought, live together before that marriage even if ” bad custom ” , no matter be the same as a bed essentially in all pillow (although live together,cannot keep away from below most circumstance this) , should be condemned. Want kink to be the same as different house only actually the person of this problem, great majority is based on this, do not have method to span. This kind of female, those who be afraid of is cohabitational itself, feel to wanted to live together only, oneself are not chosen without him from now on.

5, in addition, what some females fear is not cohabitational itself, after fearing to live together however, discover improper departure, oneself gave others first time, this to prospective husband character is inequitable, the old consortium that perhaps says future rejects because of this to accept his. Although the society nowadays, a lot of better than in the past to the female’s understanding, to the female manacle little also many, but no matter be out-of-the-way countryside or costly city, no matter be to learn rich 5 cars are illiterate still, be in China after all, chinese man to the woman night still is first very those who care about, although the first time of this man also does not know,gave which woman. This kind of female also is absent a few, be afraid of already now, more be afraid of in the future.

6, should live together after all before marriage, want to understand only actually a bit: You wish to not be willing to be at the moment this man, for right now oneself, make the preparation that heart of good whole body throws? The result after living together without giving thought to is good it is bad, you are OK the calm goes admitting his, admit the following life. If the answer is affirmative, does that live together might as well? Complacent beard uses up life joyous, now has alcoholic drink now is drunk. If the answer is negative, that rejects cohabitational demand directly, if love your man really, it is won’t desolate because of this you abandon even you. Do not live together together, still depend on oneself.

Should live together before marriage answer to should not live together before marriage

Answer to should not live together before marriage

I think, sweethearts can live together appropriately before marry. Where is what meaning? Namely, had arrived to be not gentleman to be not married, the degree that blame dear does not marry. So, living together can be accepted. But when just cannot building love to concern hind, you with respect to too impatient to wait live together. Such, to you, not be well-advised behavior to the other side. You still do not have real knowledge, live together to be able to bring a lot of contradiction certainly. Besides, if just sleep to have a meal — so, also do not need to live together. Additional, husband and wife is after marrying truly. Between husband and wife, the likelihood is met bear a lot of lesser concessive and favorite. Between sweethearts, still can include each other, interdepend. This is, the identity is different those who bring photograph prescription style is different. Or, in advance finishs this to transfer period. When when marrying truly, that arranges its natural success will come when conditions are ripe namely. More trifling matters of everyday life, can understand. More habits and customs, can indulge. As sweethearts, still can pass romantic means to dissolve reality a little. Let it, much a sweet smell. Of course, this also is your affection the thing that I wish. Ten million, won’t do is the least bit and loath. Be at ease, method always compares difficulty much!

Should live together before marriage answer to should not live together before marriage

Live together before marriage have what advantage and disadvantage

Cohabitational reason also is to have not little, it is a likelihood above all two people miss more thorough understanding opposite party, the habits and customs that is familiar with the other side looks to whether suit the life in the future. Really, because a question of simple be forced to tell sth bit by bit happens brawl,many firm marrier are met even, if be before marriage,so cohabitational word can have a look at two people whether can close on habits and customs, if do not suit two people can discuss a change ahead of schedule, this is the first advantage. The 2nd advantage is two people can develop deeper love, when if living together, dating only, two individual ability are together, but after living together, two people can get up together, have a meal, want to time can stay together momently only. Time of each pairs of lovers grew to be able to feel be bored with later, but this is two people need the phase of classics, live together can shift to an earlier date spend this paragraph of time, if wanting you to still be together only, your feeling is not simple lover relation any more, you can feel the other side had become his family member. The biggest of course gain can take care of the other side each other namely, feel helpless when you especially when.

Of course also somebody lives together is not for two prospective consider of the individual, somebody is for the gender and live together, it is to pursue temporarily fresh only, once you encounter this to plant,so the circumstance can have a kind of feeling that is cheated, cannot deny from the point of this angle about what live together the tradition is known completely. Additional if you are in period of be passionately in love, still want to maintain certain distance, the life between you will be flatter and flatter if premature life is together, the sort of feeling an upsurge of emotion feeling before was being done not have, the bagatelle of the life can break you to be imagined to what did not come. This also is a the biggest drawback. Although be accepted by youth place,live together, but still have in heart of on one generation ill feeling, so likely you can get a few comment, this possible also meeting affects your life, additionally ten thousand when be being resided together, do not take care to be pregnant, marrying is a kind of method, how should if cannot marry because of a few reasons,do? That can be abort only, because do not have the law below the circumstance of the marriage certificate,do not support, but abort to the female dispute often hurts the body, below one embryo may be affected if the clue is serious.

Should live together before marriage answer to should not live together before marriage

The man lost interest expression to you

1.Your exhort to be put on the heart no longer

Discover when you, you exhort to his, when he is not written down forever, you are about vigilant. He may have lost interest to you. A sincerity loves your man, total meeting is thinking you in the heart. Exhort to yours, he can be put in the heart. He feared to forget to you exhort to his and offend you to get angry. He can remember you saying to him forever, the sock cannot be thrown in disorder, get up should fold a quilt, did not bathe cannot go to bed. And when losing interest to you when him, he won’t put these in the heart again. He feels you exhort to his even is redundant. Queen, if discover ” some day if he does not bathe to also mount a bed ” , you are about to notice he does not like you.

2.To you acceptance cashed no longer

Does he promise to take you to the northern part of the country whether did the promise that sees snow come true? Whether does the gift that he promises to send you have received? He previously always is met do what one says, the promise to making you can cash. But, he always searchs later all sorts of when lending prevaricate you, he may have lost interest to you, love you no longer. Because, in his heart, he thinks you are already undeserved he was paid for you. Queen, if you discover he cashs with you no longer,he says the word time that spend, you are about vigilant.

3.No longer active hold up you

The man always is pestering you, occupied do not have a thing to look for you to chat. Because he loves you,that is, there are you in his heart. Want to be able to be accompanied only beside you, want to be able to say a word with you only even, he feels very happy. But, when if you discover some day,he looks for you actively no longer, when looking for all sorts of reason not to pay attention to you even, show he has lost interest to you. He goes off you. You are his place love no longer, chatted to had not given him happiness with you. Queen, if discover the man has very long period of time no longer hold up you, because he was interested in you no longer,that is.

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