Say marriage is what calls the hall marital hall

Maturity of a paragraph of feeling was stabilized, can want to enter marital hall, enter marital hall to need to think fair thing is very much, marrying after all still is a very important thing in life, marriage is the thing of two families.

Why to say marriage is a hall

Marriage is suburban person thinks, the person in the city is thought up, if you are maiden, so the imagination that you can have a lot of to marriage, it perhaps is the coke in your imagination, xue Bi, it is when you in the city when, you perhaps can understand, marriage is a cup of cool boiled water, see your understanding, bai Shui is not certain and bad, to marriage, every person that did not go in is taking look upon of half curious good fear, although present divorce rate lifts successively, the letter spends the each other between the lover to also drop, but, I still believe to there is love on the world. Love is two people experience gives birth to little joys and sorrows of life. Anyhow marriage deserves a trial. I like 3 wool very much the view to marriage, saw she and He Xi (her husband) a variety of experience, let a person have a kind of feeling that admires an affectionate couple not to admire celestial being only really, say marriage is a hall so.

Say marriage is what calls the hall marital hall

What calls marriage the hall

The hall that is to say that says who and who entered marriage this two individual marriage, that’s all right is special meaning. Admonish; of these a few things must understand before the people that is about to enter marital hall marries

1; the importance of be matched for marriage

Respecting actually everybody may scold this problem I am feudal thought, but this viewpoint of value exists generally as before. The problem that because marry,compositive family is not two people however the problem of two individual families, although two people had been in,assure very hard also there is a problem between two families, notice relation of wife and mother and sisters-in-law concern even at the same time. If the domestic background difference of two family is too big,can cause the happening with two contradictory families. Because their lifestyle and civilized quality are different, very inaccessible unitary state, it is cheap to buy dish to always like in the market than consistent individual delicious, but another always likes expensive good-looking but nutrient value is very high. Such thing very it’s hard to say is right with the fault. If cannot get along harmoniously with husband’s father and mother,still had better mix husband lives alone.

2; marriage needs to work hard

A lot of people are in love when always be you enjoy the other side to bring you love, every day carefree two people are sweet very together also be willing to part with or use spends money, but house home gets along most what face first is tea of fuel ginger vinegar, this is real life want calculate price everywhere. If two people cannot accomplish self-surrender tacit perhaps get along so in every day contradiction can arise on rice issue. Love can make enjoy but must need works hard marriage, this also is maturity needs the road of classics.

3; what is the most important? Communicate! Communicate!

Be being communicated in feeling is best antiseptic, the mankind has mouth is to eat and drink to still have one part function not just be to let you learn to communicate. Communication ability understands each other, communication ability knows the think of a way of the other side. What to communicate to be done not have. Love when the man compares short-spoken to feel one’s duty of teacher simple minded, but after marrying as before you can feel short-spoken he is very frowsty. This is the with the state of mind after marrying change when love, so seasonable communication meeting solves major problem. The problem in matrimony can be not just above these a few problems, still a lot of complex and small issues can cause brawl, the family that harmonious happiness safeguards even after marriage is about to sacrifice the problem of very much individual. We cannot be complete in matrimony do oneself. Still having is marriage a lot of moment are balance advantages and disadvantages, feeling this problem is slippery very, if your jubilation of one be ignorant of he is good to you but his whats are done not have, when you are penniless when he is bad to you. Marriage is life important matter must be treated cautiously, marriage can accomplish a person to also can destroy a person.

Say marriage is what calls the hall marital hall

Bridal 4 big King Kong which the most important

Alleged marriage celebrates 4 big King Kong is to point to include emcee, makeup girl, cameraman and cameraman 4, they 4 person on the wedding that be called ” 4 big King Kong ” , they are 4 people with the most serious that day wedding, if say that is the most important, be emcee of course, bridal spot atmosphere can rise to see emcee.

Marriage the duty that celebrates 4 big King Kong and choice:

1. emcee: He or she is the core character of bridal ceremony part, the spot is enthusiastic humour grand still and majestic, the style of emcee decided your bridal atmosphere, so an outstanding bridal emcee is your bridal and successful key absolutely, of course, choice emcee suggests or according to oneself bridal style and him new personality like a consideration.

2. makes up: A perfect wedding is certain little not craft follows makeup division excellently to help, it is marriage gauze no matter makeup, late the different need such as ceremony makeup, a close-fitting makeup girl is OK whole journey follows, can let you more set one’s mind at. Seasoned makeup girl not only the beautiful coruscate that can let you is gotten more complete, can handle bridal makeup quickly to hold the sudden issue of the respect more. Regard new personality as the makeup girl that figure designed that day, can take 1-2 name to make up normally assistant, make 3-4 cover first-rate model for you.

3. cameraman: Cameraman is your wedding that day dutiful registrar, the photograph is the often can share exclusively with the friend thing after your marriage. Remember a bit: What won’t outstanding bridal cameraman direct to you absolutely, record the duty that is him for an instant beautifully only. It is current that on-the-spot record wedding photographs the most popular film gimmick, he won’t intervene bridal flow. The proposal had better choose to have the cameraman of admirable photography equipment here.

4. cameraman: “Hold your hand, cross love river in all ” bridal newsreel lets a person be in old hind aftertaste of for a long time. Wedding photographs the wedding that resembles can recording you in the round, general wedding needs two seat numbers photograph picture, with bridegroom one follows a bride one, a bit bigger public house still needs rocker normally, double seat number adds rocker to photograph bridal like the high end in be being become gradually first selection. Those who need an attention is, photograph picture with photography rather, cameraman conceives a design meticulously in early days the more, take sufficient material, the possibility that later period makes a colorful bridal short film is larger.

Say marriage is what calls the hall marital hall

Wedding ring the meaning to husband and wife

Wedding ring to husband and wife, saying with its actually is the keepsake that decide affection, be inferior to saying is a fetter, it is an acceptance, the add that also is a love is written, two people each other agree, one’s whole life goes together, this gives birth to cognizance person to have each other only, and give up of this pair of marriage also so far a pair, also do not search to give as can suitable as its other in part again on the world, also be such between husband and wife, who to find again besides this person can so as suitable as oneself. After concerning certainly when two people, when be engaged namely, the keepsake that decide affection wants some for certain, some of person may be met was to buy a wedding ring only, the appropriative keepsake that decide affection, and some people are met besides buy wedding ring besides, return the goods that can buy a lot of other headgear and so on, representing the man love to the woman.

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