Marry first and draw the distinction of card first? Get the advantages and disadvantages that marries after card first

Marry getting card is common procedure, of everybody early or late order is different, some people are card is gotten after marrying first, some people are to get card hind to marry first, both has advantages and disadvantages, basically see the communication of own both sides.

Marry first and draw the distinction of card first

1, be registered first and holding bridal essence port first is identical. The difference is written down in Yu Xiandeng already regulation of be good law, suffer law to protect; again

2, and if card is being gotten after holding wedding first, firm sense says is concubinage. Violated legal regulation already, do not get legal protection again.

3, one paragraph when actually marriage has it is adjusted period, it is two to already loved each other old sweethearts, once walk into marriage,also need adjust and compatible. What to hold to need not add up to the think of a way that parts, want to give true love only, caress attentively, marriage is met very perfect. Since love each other, what still register first is good, because of that marriage certificate, still have its more deep-seated meaning.

Marry first and draw the distinction of card first? Get the advantages and disadvantages that marries after card first

Get the advantages and disadvantages that marries after card first

If get card first, when you 2 people are troubled by contradiction before holding wedding later, can cause a series of troublesome. Real life is actually medium, a lot of lovers can be troubled by contradiction before marry, still can appear even the situation that part company. If you had gotten a marriage certificate, be lawful husband and wife so, want to remove the method that marriage concerns goes namely civil administration bureau deals with divorce formalities. Everybody always says marriage is the graveyard of love, actually marriage is a concept only, two people that love each other because love, because want each other to take care of, the hope establishs a happy family with the other side, want a safe move, when feeling rises to certain arrangement of ideas longing and the other side walk into marital hall, in hoping be in harmony takes the life of the other side. Marriage is one kind wants those who blend in each other to long for, have nothing to do other, because love. This ability is the original intention that marriage forms, if otherwise, marriage has He Yiyi again. Total somebody hopes marriage can come at an early date. So called capricious ah selfish, before marriage can darling concede. The base is not firm, but going straight towards common cause also can make concerted effort builds home in all. The meaning of Chinese type marriage depends on, still this thing can let you concede, let you change. If do not know this truth, the likelihood of the divorce will very big. If understanding, everything is unchallenged.

1, set according to the law of our country, requirement man party must undertake conjugal registering to civil administration bureau personally, if both sides is had,marry conditional word, give register, extend marriage certificate, affirm bilateral husband and wife concerns, if do not have conduction newlywed person, should fill do register.

2, according to marriage law the 8th sets, fill the newlywed person that does a marriage certificate, the efficiency that their marriage concerns, accord with from both sides marry of substantial condition calculated that day case. According with substantial condition is to show bilateral body and each other relation are accorded with marry regulation. Accordingly, both sides of male and female fills after doing a marriage certificate, marital effectiveness has go against the river and power. For instance: Wu Mou and Zhang Mou 2 people are to filled 2018 the marriage certificate that do, but Wu Mou arrived at 20 one full year of life to marry 2016 the age, their marital effectiveness criterion 2016, the property that they acquire after 2016, should belong to husband and wife common property, wu Mou has authority to ask to break up.

Marry first and draw the distinction of card first? Get the advantages and disadvantages that marries after card first

Get card first to the woman what disadvantage

Get card to marry again first, have distinct advantage and disadvantage to the man and woman. But, the life is actual, if meet a person not kind and gentle, get card to let the man hold active advantageous position in the life later first, the woman was in an unfavorable situation quite! Usually, we had better get card to hold wedding again first more appropriate. For the angle that stands in law, after new people registers a marriage certificate only, the marriage of two people just is lawful, also can get legal protection at the same time. So, if you hold bridal remount to write down a marriage certificate first, your wedding does not suffer law to protect namely.

Marry first and draw the distinction of card first? Get the advantages and disadvantages that marries after card first

Card is gotten to must want to be clear about before wedding

1, if two people are gotten feeling is first-rate before card, mutual between special also understanding, of nonexistent also materially captious, it is spirit was surmounted completely actual, the economic actual strength that perhaps says two people is OK dominant everything, feeling is indestructible, so good, getting card is complete OK.

2, before getting card, adult already met, bilateral requirement is reached consistent, do not have a problem so.

3, new personality already considered all sorts of real problems to be clear about before marry, buy a house than denying existence so, the dominant of property power over major issues, the problem such as different ground talks things over consistent, if be no problem, OK also.

4, also be most a bit the most important, marriage is not trifling matter, the hall that two people want to enter marriage will naturally have certain knowledge to both sides, feel from the heart the other side is OK entrust, be worth to rely on, can live jointly, accompany lifetime, no matter be the generation of what circumstance marriage,be based on this foundation to go up.

5, marry the thing that both sides of the men and women before registering asks to his and will want to happen henceforth is one-time want to be clear about, the specification is white, do not raise a requirement again in after the event, can let bilateral psychology produce deviation, bad to accept. On the network a few languages say, there is chip after the woman gets card etc, actually nonexistent, marrying is not to trade, development process of the thing also is to rely on ourselves to go what accuse.

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