Become the mother-in-law of good son’s wife in mother-in-law heart to like what kind of daughter-in-law

Relation of wife and mother is a problem that a lot of families face from of old, wife and mother gets along above have a lot of knowledge actually, so, to female friends, how is ability accomplished make a mother-in-law satisfactory?

How to become the good son’s wife in mother-in-law heart

The first, when encountering strong mother-in-law, want to understand weak tone.

Every woman disposition is different. When encountering firm grandma, you must learn not to say weak news. And the mother-in-law serves as elder, idea and practice have his idea certainly. What appearance is happy marriage? How to manage marriage can happy? If you also adopt intense antagonism posture, can wrangle everyday family.

So, as daughter-in-law, not be the authority that challenges a mother-in-law, respect their opinion however, accept their opinion, praise them appropriately, such they also are met to you more kind.

The 2nd, if dissident, should understand seek difference.

Often be in when facing certain problem, mother-in-law and him daughter-in-law dissident. The years that they live is different, the method that works so, method, idea is different also. Apparent is the child’s education. There was the child in the home, between daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law appear easily contradictory.

Because teach,the idea differs with what foster a sense, daughter-in-law holds to his idea, deny a mother-in-law in the round foster a method. So, as a good son’s wife, want to hold to scientific method in order to teach a concept not only, comply with appropriately even the opinion of old people.

After all, they also are for the child good. When encountering truly impossible practice, want to show an account calmingly patiently, seek collective site as far as possible.

The 3rd, want to sell good child appropriately, filial mother-in-law.

The old person often resembles the child same, they must be fooled, praise and affirm. So, occasionally daughter-in-law says a good word before the mother-in-law or praise, conduce to relation of alleviation wife and mother.

Care about the mother-in-law’s health at ordinary times, do the thing that oneself like, give her practical thing, go out to shop, go out to take a walk, let a mother-in-law experience love, it is the practice that she respects.

Become the mother-in-law of good son's wife in mother-in-law heart to like what kind of daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law likes what kind of daughter-in-law

1, want respect above all

Retaining respect to the mother-in-law is a daughter-in-law most the ceremony of at least, esteem and filial not be one and the same. Knowing esteem husband’s father and mother is the habits and customs that respects her, respect her hobby, when you are respected to husband’s father and mother, nature of husband’s father and mother also can respect you, this is wife and mother gets along to concern best ” Xiang Jingru guest ” .

2, can do chore

The daughter-in-law that chore won’t do after marrying can be cold-shouldered by husband’s father and mother for certain, she can feel to marry you to come home however whats are done, what to marry you to work? Does Wu of bad Taoist school want me will this carline do? To the woman, chore can be being done after marrying is one and the same, but do be not being done is other one thing.

3, the income that has oneself

The woman had her income and job, OK the the family one part housework of of course and bagatelle give mother-in-law and husband go arrange, the income that has oneself also means economic independence, oneself spend oneself money, clear away oneself good nature also is met more congenial, spend oneself money, the mother-in-law also won’t have what complaint.

4, do not return a married woman’s parents’ home, do not chew a tongue

After a lot of women quarrelled with the husband, be about to return a married woman’s parents’ home easily, but the woman that returns a married woman’s parents’ home is average won’t too suffer a mother-in-law to wait for see, this is problem of a face. When the mother-in-law also can fear you return a married woman’s parents’ home speak out the bagatelle of their home, answer a married woman’s parents’ home not to want too diligent, also be to leave face to give a mother-in-law.

5, do not want with the mother-in-law too dispute

Talk about Qian Guigen after all or talk about economy, without giving thought to between wife and mother how harmonious, go up in the issue that handles money also hard to avoid can have difference. If yourself economy is independent, can spend oneself with oneself, but if stand not only, so might as well in spend money the respect is much the meaning down the mother-in-law, because look in her,these money are him son is earned come, if economy is not independent, must not be in with the mother-in-law Qian Shangtai dispute.

6, note oneself figure

A lot of husband and wife are in after marrying not quite estimate oneself figure, after getting up in the morning, busy housework is not cleared away, carrying unkempt garment unlined upper garment on the head not to rectify full house to brush the ground, toilet also is not willing to lock up the door on, but actually this kind of circumstance can let you drop cent before the mother-in-law many, marry without giving thought to so how long, want to mind oneself bearing image.

Become the mother-in-law of good son's wife in mother-in-law heart to like what kind of daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law does not like what kind of daughter-in-law

1. is not known managing.

Older generation person is managing be used to, cannot bear the sight of present youth to spend money particularly the habit of extravagant, you dare be in general cleaning when come ” break abandon from ” , the rubbish that she can lose in you even Libala a long time.

Some time must stay together for the child, for the harmony of this little family, you are impossible also everything with her give tit for tat. So Bai Yueguang faces such thing to have a clever court, when this thing that throw takes the advantage of them to not be in the home, lose secretly namely go out to go. Some moment need not let two people in the home of at swords’ points, the home and all things are promoted, after besides had the child, ability realizes the value that has a grandmother, oneself a person looks after children is really want minute minutes by tired dead rhythm.

Although relation of wife and mother is far more than,throw a thing to lose a rubbish so simple, the husband’s father and mother that a strange flower meets when having thinks him to domestic daughter-in-law earns money and do not spend money only, best work must follow a baby-sitter to serving him family euqally just is best result then. But the female social class of new period has been been different from former days, promote oneself the contributive rate in the family well, increase income, oneself earn money to just can be spent one is assured and bold with justice, do not see the look of anybody.

2. everything too ego.

Husband’s father and mother also does not like everything the wife of the individual character of too much make public and ego, feel such woman is bad and domestic, spoken parts in an opera still is to fear oneself son ” be in an unfavorable situation ” . Every husband’s father and mother is mixed actually the parents of oneself is same, hope oneself child can be one-up in marriage, do not suffer a person to bully.

Be in dominant position in marriage actually this problem or husband and wife the problem of two, want both sides to feel very harmonious only, advocate outside advocate inside also have not cannot. Not was necessary to must earn you tall I am low, the father and mother that plays both sides again next is aided blast.

Both sides of husband and wife can agree jointly, in husband’s family can wife is proper give the impression of weakness a few, be in farther-in-law mother-in-law home, OK and proper much care shows consideration for husband wife, let bilateral parents can ” satisfactory ” , reduce contradiction as far as possible.

3. has definite idea too.

Relation of wife and mother is OK still before doing not have the child Xiang Jingru guest, once had the child later, the because of the child association of new older generation rises closely gradually, what is to use diaper or pants of the make water that use paper after all, the water that uses what temperature pours bubble milk powder, can feed to the child after all too full… the little thing of such enough collapses mom of a novice.

The husband’s father and mother that if encounter to know,respects you is a few more not bad, if wife and mother two very strong, so big fight of a family simply with respect to there can be no turning back. This time husband can become sandwich biscuits certainly, be deceived of both ends of outside and in.

Become the mother-in-law of good son's wife in mother-in-law heart to like what kind of daughter-in-law

How should be the husband done in relation of wife and mother

One, take daughter-in-law and family to become one with.

Daughter-in-law is married after husband, come to a brand-new environment, this affirmative to daughter-in-law meeting has a lot of incommensurate places, also a lot of do not know this place that how becomes. So, this moment is with respect to need husband before daughter-in-law and family, mix especially the effect that has to be mixed to pull wires hurried between the mother-in-law. Often take daughter-in-law and mother-in-law to have a meal together for instance, make daughter-in-law much what notice, tell daughter-in-law what the mother-in-law likes for instance, and see how mother-in-law moment behaves a mother-in-law every time the meeting is gladder to wait a moment. It is good to have pair of mother-in-laws of specific aim cast its place, so relation of wife and mother is OK and benign develop, also can effective avoid contradiction of a lot of needless wife and mother.

2, let oneself act ” hellion ” part.

The family is a small society, the place of somebody produces a problem necessarily, but all problems appear personally to say with the mother-in-law by daughter-in-law, will naturally reduce son’s wife so the figure in mother-in-law heart, in the course of contacts can blame son’s wife. So, some moment have some of thing, especially the thing that the mother-in-law does not like, went saying with the mother-in-law with respect to this husband, after all the son that the husband is a mother-in-law, even if say its or else is good, she blames her son, this thing also went, but if exchange the word that doing is daughter-in-law, affirmative meeting makes mother-in-law long-winded very long.

3, must not blindly prejudicial mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law of a lot of moment follows contradiction happened between daughter-in-law, after the thing that has what unpleasantness, the man always can say to daughter-in-law, my Mom raises me also not allow greatly easy, she age is old also now, you let let her. Without doubt this affirmation is the word that daughter-in-law loves to listen least of all, let twice also calculate, but always cannot have contradiction so blindly partial mother-in-law ah. Actually the affirmation in the heart of such daughter-in-law is met very grievance, so to the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law can have complaint, because of,relation of wife and mother also is met for certain of this become rigid. So, marital mishandle thing when aleatoric and partial one party, need achieves the requirement of fair justice.

4, both sides mediates a dispute.

If what produced to let wife and mother really two people very not happy thing, so this moment appears personally with respect to need husband will handle wife and mother to concern. The mother to oneself there, you should say is daughter-in-law really those who do is a bit bad, but she has known a fault, already very regretted. And to daughter-in-law here, you are about to say your mother is done badly really, make daughter-in-law not angry, well fool fool wife. Let her feel to calculate a mother-in-law to offend his not happy, but through you so fool, she also can self-surrender, no longer so angry, so marital function is good with respect to play. Want to had handled relation of wife and mother, husband is absolutely cannot enough sit by and watch no matter, sit by and watch no matter what in the end bothers still is you, husband hits out actively only, make the part of good peacemaker, so this family just is met satisfactory.

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