Mother-in-law often provocative spouse concern does how to promote a mother-in-law the good opinion to oneself

Believe a lot of families have a face to be opposite a problem of cat-and-dog of wife and mother, just some families are more serious, some families a little a bit lighter, if come up against,like the mother-in-law that provocative husband and wife concerns so, how should be answered?

Mother-in-law often how does provocative spouse concern do

To liking to get its grandmother, no matter what business does not follow her, Suo goes.

Outfit is foolish fill be stupefied. Can keep away from she keeps away from any her topics. She keeps away from in you, offend do not rise hide.

Mother-in-law often provocative spouse concern does how to promote a mother-in-law the good opinion to oneself

How to promote a mother-in-law the good opinion to oneself

1. More communication

Good relationship begins from communication, want to get along well with the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law has good impression to spend to you, still be need and mother-in-law communication, know oneself mother-in-law habit and think of a way more, understand oneself grandmother deeply, you are your daughter-in-law.

2. The mouth wants sweet

Do not like to hear laudatory word without the person. As posterity, also can give a grandma speech of a lot of laudatory, make his home for the grandma. After all, the grandma is the mom of own husband.

3. Reduce brawl

Mother-in-law and any contradiction, decrease as far as possible quarrel, can make daughter-in-law relation exasperate only, do not have advantage to oneself, the life that can give oneself future only increases trouble, produce contradictory conflict, can choose silent, oneself are silent, mother-in-law also won’t stick like a limpet.

4. Value each other habit and option

For example, buy dish to come when the grandma to far, must not look down upon. Should say to the grandma with the vision that is praised. “Mom, really marvelous. I did not go there buy vegetable, a month chooses the fund of milk below the province. Want to learn to you really, believe the grandma does not have angry opportunity, explain to the grandma you have the habits and customs that the girlfriend cannot bear the sight of. Make a grandma personal experience you to have different way of life each, want mutual respect.

Anyhow, do not change each other habit constrainedly, get along well. After all, mother-in-law age is old, change the habit that she maintains ten years very hard so.

5. The society is enduring

Should learn to understand good-tempered, interact with others, there should be patience when interacting with the mother-in-law. Generally speaking, the mother wants the son’s happiness, that just chatters when doing a mother-in-law, manage the son’s daughter-in-law well, daughter-in-law tolerance, do the mother-in-law of others, that just hopes the son’s daughter-in-law is happy.

6. is very easy to the mother-in-law

What is the path that wife and mother gets along? How do is relation of wife and mother bad? The mother-in-law is very easy, the first month of the lunar year and festal gift are indispensable. No matter be gift or money, look in the mother-in-law, this daughter-in-law is very sensible, have profit naturally to you.

Mother-in-law often provocative spouse concern does how to promote a mother-in-law the good opinion to oneself

How does ability follow a mother-in-law harmonious get along

1, let the child make the tie with good relationship

The old person likes the child, lie between era to kiss, discuss the topic about the child before the mother-in-law more, for instance the child’s study, of the child piquant, the child’s progress. These metropolises increase wife and mother’s topic, still can pull distance of close wife and mother inadvertently.

2, the interest with common education

It is better to if you and mother-in-law have common interest,be liked, like to take a walk for instance, like to make food, the habit is braided. Common interest can pull nearly two the individual’s distances, let get along become easy.

3, the definite idea that has oneself

Do what thing to want to have his definite idea, do not want a mother-in-law to say to be no good, stopped to act immediately, the thing that oneself hold to to do is about to hold on, can say the profit that makes so to her, she listens understood, perhaps support you, patience wants when talking, do not want a pair of impatient look, conversation rushs again, can accentuate only so contradictory.

4, cherish the heart that be thankful to the mother-in-law

The mother-in-law is marital mom, so, we should cherish a heart that be thankful to treat her, it is she brings up our spouse grown, do not have hostile state of mind to her, we had been close friends filial she, although have the inappropriate place that become, we also want self-effacing move she, respecting an old person is the traditional goodness of the Chinese nation.

Mother-in-law often provocative spouse concern does how to promote a mother-in-law the good opinion to oneself

Face husband of contradiction of wife and mother how to should be done

1. helps a wife handle relation of good wife and mother.

2. appears constantly in marriage romance and little surprise, maintain the enthusiasm of love.

3. puts down old man creed, show consideration for a wife.

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