Get along with the mother-in-law what mine field wants to notice how ability gets calm grandmother

When getting along with the mother-in-law, actually a lot of things need to notice, it is the person that two habits and customs differ completely after all, that hard to avoid can have contradiction, so, the place that what need notices do we have when getting along with the mother-in-law?

Get along with the mother-in-law what mine field wants to notice

1. is lazy

Before the mother-in-law must not lazy. Too lazy before the mother-in-law word, won’t say in the mother-in-law’s mouth, but the meeting in the heart is very unpleasant. The mother-in-law’s heart and you are actually same, hope her son, your husband lives can stably.

2. does not contend for his husband with the mother-in-law

Your husband acts different role in the home at the same time, the identity of you and your mother-in-law is different also, you are incommensurable. Do not ask the husband who heavier is so. Still have, do not say to see the husband has good opinion to the mother-in-law envious she.

Do not have such behavior absolutely. The mother that the son respects him is reasonable. If these bagatelle also want to quarrel with the mother-in-law, she can be thought you do not know substantially, perhaps regard you as eyesore, you can be considered as to be far from their mother child person, this is inevitable.

3. becomes the mother-in-law others look upon

What is the path that wife and mother gets along? How do is relation of wife and mother bad? After marrying, treat your mother-in-law as all the time the word of others, the relation scarcely of your daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law is good. When you and oneself husband discusses what means of settlement, your husband sought the opinion of own mother, but you call, the mother-in-law listened to this word to be able to have what state of mind, she just regards her as others, your concern is not successful also be very normal.

4. has the habit with clumsy conversation

Style of natural disposition of day of a girl is optimistic. This is very good profit, but feel first-rate sometimes. In a family, when mother-in-law and man say, you always like episode, although you feel very not courteous, the scandal in him home says before others, speak ill of a mother-in-law, say the friend may not tell a mother-in-law, also the ear that hard to avoid hears a mother-in-law. Such mother-in-laws are very dissatisfactory.

5. considers native place only, take no account of husband’s family

As a woman, we must know the fact. In other words, you marry, you do the person of your husband forever, you live together with the family of your husband forever.

Although a lot of females think of native place in the metropolis after marrying, say respectable parents is pretty good, but you drink water to come down calmly, when thinking of native place, also want to think of husband’s family. In that way word, your mother-in-law won’t give you incommode.

Get along with the mother-in-law what mine field wants to notice how ability gets calm grandmother

How does ability get calm grandmother

1 do work ahead of schedule

Work is done before going, the ability after knowing him emerges victorious in every battle. Right now, the boy friend’s part was developed, very good ” emissary ” value of Shuang Quyu bowstring. Understand male parents to have what kind of preference beforehand.

For instance his father likes to drink at ordinary times, her mother likes to jump square dance, can have thing of target ground give sb a present, such meetings have profit. Of course, it is these not just, still have the disposition of prospective mother-in-law and love, the dialog between result female is more, the life after marriage often also is together.

2 the first impression is very important

What is the path that wife and mother gets along? How do is relation of wife and mother bad? Important thing wants to emphasize particularly! Because we judge a person according to the first impression, the first impression that goes to male home for the first time so is particularly important. What we can do above all is our dress. The exercise previously also can be used in this moment. Cooperate style him fixed position of prospective mother-in-law.

If mother-in-law home is rural family, dress is simple and simple. In business affairs family, want to savour opposite vogue only, can wear ceremonial robe or dress. If be the intellectual’s family, be about to be worn culturedly orderly. Decide oneself dress according to the circumstance.

Business of 3 tall affection speaks

The dialog is important one link, since visit, also be the association that will come. Mother-in-law day is born with is ” ” the son that this woman reaved me. Is she good to my son? ” so, above all, we should judge the mother-in-law’s atmosphere.

The mother-in-law’s word is much, we also show our optimistic one side can appropriately. The word is little, with respect to meeting actively and mother-in-law communication. This conduces to the first time visit, also can build good mood in the future.

Get along with the mother-in-law what mine field wants to notice how ability gets calm grandmother

Often quarrel how to do with the mother-in-law

Authority is actually clear, blindly quarrelling was not to solve a problem. Final result also is goodish. No matter be the mother-in-law that those who face is stranger or you, when producing brawl, others can think you magnanimous not quite, because a bit bagatelle is not,cannot make a noise cannot, not only the problem is not solved, still affect the feeling between you.

If be the mother-in-law makes a noise first,rise, but you very the disaccord of magnanimous she quarrels, she meets nature feel uninteresting to won’t make a noise again. When you go again when mother-in-law humor is bit better and she tells a truth, this moment mother-in-law can realize his error. Everybody laughs at enemy of die out favour.

Get along with the mother-in-law what mine field wants to notice how ability gets calm grandmother

How is clever wife done

1, a bowl of Shui Duanping, know a husband’s father and mother to look when parents.

How many woman, regard oneself parents as the object that be thankful, and husband’s father and mother is to should be his to pay. Think oneself marry a person, it is a buying and selling, it is oneself were bought by husband’s family, have to everybody him lackey.

Say for example, grandpa mother-in-law eats green vegetables in the home, but oneself parents came big fish big meat, exorbitant reflects one differentia to be apart from. Return some woman, oneself big house, do not live to husband’s father and mother, would rather at a loose end. Everybody has when aging, today’s old person, be later oneself. Have more very person, of the man filial, and the woman is inimical to manner of husband’s father and mother, should be troubled by a family to contradict, time grew, the method is different do not be seek.

2, not long snob, know feel distressed oneself husband.

A lot of women, it is state of mind of a kind of certainly to the man, not be affable. Think the man is good to yours, be of course, not be to want redound little. Husband and wife is homocentric, its benefit breaks gold, want to know, the power of two people just is more formidable. The woman also is half the sky, if you are not maintained, the man also is met tired break down. Feel distressed man, do the business of a few in one’s power, go attentively care man, let a man have warmth. Love is each other, in insipid marriage, love is the flavor enhancement of the life more. Feel distressed the man’s woman, it is Chang Le of content with one’s lot, not be what the requirement man that reach for what is beyond one’s grasp does.

3, too won’t strong, know a man ” take outer part ” .

What is powerful woman, it is whats wanted him to say to calculate, the money in right Home; that the man did not say is total oneself are in charge of, to man exorbitant dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed. In any circumstances it is regard the man as servant girl handle, roar aloud even, rebuke. Truly clever woman, it is to know include man, go out especially outer, no matter be hated how oldly, communicate well in the home, is not in the roughhouse outside the door. For example, the friend drinks together chat, woman aside not character not language, know listen seriously, and the domestic position that does not reflect oneself. Male factitious friend drinks when buying sheet, not be to use sarcastic comments to grouse. Everybody is keen on face-saving, you give a man outer part only, return an ability to have a man an acknowledgment to you. If always be outside cat-and-dog husband and wife, must leave sooner or later.

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