How is good wife and mother handled after unripe child relation and mother-in-law education idea are abhorrent how to do

After giving birth to a child, the person that very old light husband and wife can ask older generation will help bring a child, this moment if if the idea is abhorrent, create contradiction of wife and mother very easily actually, so, how should be good wife and mother handled to concern after unripe child? Learn together.

How is good wife and mother handled to concern after unripe child

One, mutual respect understands

Mutual respect, it is a manner not just good, conversation is polite polite, should learn to respect the habits and customs of the other side more, the hobby. In confinement, the mother-in-law comes to my home, never had arranged my thing at will, after the opinion that seeks me every time, just go clearing away the thing in the home.

Same, I go to mother-in-law home, do not come in and go out at will the mother-in-law’s bedroom, want to help work, it is to observe how the mother-in-law works first, come according to the mother-in-law’s program again.

2, him recognize the identity

Look after children occurrence wife and mother is contradictory, because both sides was not placed,be very oneself position, him recognize the identity. When a lot of mother-in-laws are seeing the child, always should do everywhere in spite of oneself advocate, think oneself are a n experienced person, him whats are right, these things create contradiction of wife and mother very easily.

When handling this kind of wife and mother to contradict, want be oneself to remember the child, one helps you look after children without obligation, the mother-in-law helps you look after children is mutual affection, helping you look after children is devoir. If the mother-in-law is helping you see the child, must have a heart that be thankful, although the place of trifling misgivings also wants great understand an old person, those who understand her is not easy.

3, the distance that keeps proper

Very important is the distance that should keep certain, because two do not have the person of any kin, life setting, environment, experience is different, 3 view are different, nature of habits and customs is different also. Should be stood by slowly in the life, suit, accepting the other side is a very difficult issue originally, live together, can make contradictory aggravate more.

The scarcely after marriage can live together, even if be forced to do should live together, also be sure to keep in mind not to want a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, in who the home respects whose habits and customs.

How is good wife and mother handled after unripe child relation and mother-in-law education idea are abhorrent how to do

Teach a concept with the mother-in-law abhorrent how to do

1 communicate communication with the mother-in-law

Above all, attempt and mother-in-law communicate communication, to there is the place of conflict on the concept, tell clear advantages and disadvantages, the Yo that guides her to optimize her concept, such already OK and close wife and mother concerns, can form pair of him infant again help strength, kill two birds with one stone.

2 attentions means method

As the daughter-in-law, when communicating with the mother-in-law, must notice means method, cannot let her feel you are teaching her, want to be more before other additionally, especially before alien complimentary your mother-in-law, especially she is in Yo respect how be expert at, must of the very pleased with oneself in her of boast heart, such ability solve a problem crucially.

3 start work first

In Yo respect, oneself want to start work more, feel in you especially the mother-in-law’s Yo when the concept is unscientific, when she has not been done, you give the business did, finished, do not take expressional chance to her as far as possible, the opportunity that err.

The concept of 4 changes mother-in-law

Let a mother-in-law accept your concept, such doing she often sees you handle this issue, and the result is favorable, with respect to the changes oneself concept that can can’t help, draw close to you, at that time you put power gradually again, give the chance that she is participated in and behaves.

How is good wife and mother handled after unripe child relation and mother-in-law education idea are abhorrent how to do

How to get along with the mother-in-law after unripe child

One, want filial mother-in-law

After marrying, the mother-in-law that a very short time gets along also is equivalent to is half Mom, be in so at ordinary times when, should resemble filial your mom is euqally filial she, often can shop with her, buy a dish, and so on taking a walk, letting her feel you is true caring her, relationship of wife and mother should have been handled only, also won’t let your husband place an inter to embarrass, should become good husband back virtuous wife, such He Chou families are fond of happy.

2, act like a spoiled child before the mother-in-law more

Daughter-in-law can be in of the mother-in-law before act like a spoiled child, itself explains you and mother-in-law get along well, can say the mother-in-law regarded you as in the heart daughter, you also regarded the mother-in-law as oneself close mom, but, ten million wants to remember, bit of small disposition can be sent before him mom, but to the mother-in-law must measurable, without spent word, meet outsmart oneself.

3, mother-in-law of boast of backside much praise

Some moment, present and complimentary mother-in-law always lets a person feel very hypocritical, but if be rearward complimentary mother-in-law, the effect is big different, the mother-in-law hears others to say in the mouth of others, what daughter-in-law says her is good, those who mean her pay the affirmation that got son’s wife! Mother-in-law nature is happy, had feeling of a kind of achievement naturally, daughter-in-law is complimentary mother-in-law, mother-in-law pleasant to the ear, in husband heart happy also.

4, the nag that understands a grandmother

Mother-in-law the person of this age, what 10 have 89 is gab, love nag, also love Suo, she says with you a matter says all the time all the time, want come to an agreement or understanding a few times even, you also hear the possibility irritated, but what also do not behave is too apparent, went up after all age such words that she says to you do not love to listen with you, the thing is not had when hindering greatly, you can be borne had not said when her, perhaps can look for excuse to leave, if the mother-in-law always says you do not love the word that hear, you can be mixed less as far as possible she chats, you yourself can look for a few things to do, but do not show you not to want to chat with her.

How is good wife and mother handled after unripe child relation and mother-in-law education idea are abhorrent how to do

How healthy look upon wife and mother concerns

The mother-in-law is not your mom, do not expect she is better than mom so. We can encounter a very good mother-in-law now and then, but all mother-in-laws can not accomplish this.

Do not challenge the concern of mother-in-law and husband. The relation between them is you and mother-in-law absolutely, the relationship that compares you and man even is closer, the worst result of the challenge is, of two people defeat, it is you run away from home even.

Want to treat your mother-in-law in that way like the teacher, respect and respect your mother-in-law. In the meantime, know the person made a mistake, if the mother-in-law made a mistake, do not say the mother-in-law’s mistake blindly, if made a mistake how should point out,the gentleman should consider, serve an old woman with same method.

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