Former unripe family is influential to the life after marriage former unripe family is influential to marital happiness

Former unripe family has very big effect to the disposition of a person or meeting actually, it is after all as a child the environment with respect to be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, nature is very essential, so after marry, can be the matrimony of two people of husband and wife still given birth to domestic influence formerly?

Former unripe family is influential to the life after marriage

May influential, not certain also nevertheless.

Although, the disposition of a person and life can be given birth to domestic influence formerly, after all, oneself live in that family a few years, early with respect to nurturance corresponding disposition and habit, but want us only enough independence and have definite idea, what can look is clear, understanding matrimony is husband and wife 2 people had been in, that talent that with oneself a very short time gets along is this all one’s life support, how cannot others also replace him to live again, won’t be given birth to naturally formerly by oneself domestic place box up.

Former unripe family is influential to the life after marriage former unripe family is influential to marital happiness

Former unripe family is influential to marital happiness

The influence of former unripe family often is inevitable, be in especially affection marriage respect, it is to be reflected more incisively and vividly. But, if you read bit of book more, learn more, much dot is rational, raise oneself ability and intelligence quotient, is not blind complies with the opinion of elder, the influence of that former unripe family also can decrease slowly eventually.

Former unripe family is influential to the life after marriage former unripe family is influential to marital happiness

How to avoid marriage to be given birth to domestic influence formerly

The destiny of a woman is the palm accuses to be in his hand, others can be affected only, unalterable.

If you want to hear parental word, that is not had complain without regret, must be good too it is bad should admit, what if think,parents says is incorrect, that is about oneself look for a means of livilihood, too good the day.

Have again even if, not all not satisfactory go to with unpleasantness push on others body, look for others to carry boiler on the back, oneself spend the time, oneself want to be able to be analysed and be judged.

Broken bits is encountered when 20 years old male, do not know how to be handled, deep-set among them cannot extricate oneself is excusable;30 year old encountering broken bits male, deep-set still it is intelligence quotient among them insufficient. When arriving quickly 40 years old, the life encounters a problem to still comply with the old Mom that him matrimony is in a complete mess, also be to deserve.

Reading when the family is 20 years old, attend school is aspirant, other people of; of have a love affair of have a love affair of the love when you are 20 years old is in 30 years old plan development, buy a house, you still are when family of; of have a love affair of amative have a love affair is 40 years old planning asset conformity, realize money freedom at an early date, you still are considering love will love to go unexpectedly. Say really, it is to be able to say nothing really.

The true life that cannot blame oneself is occasionally bad, want serious wanting however, the destiny that once was him change has done what thing.

Say a conte again, in those days when I read a graduate student, small plum mom meets to ask I have a boy friend, the girl became old bad look for a partner in marriage looks for a man, do not give child Yun Yun with have a youthful look.

Small plum mom still says to others even, what girl home still does not read too much book is good, if resemble (I) such, read so much book to had been not married do not go out, true not be to one’s profit.

The graduate student graduates the first year, I marry, husband is lofty and handsome and tenderness is considerate, letting me everywhere, mom of right now small plum proper pass the time in a leisurely way stops ability.

So those full day is loving the girls that the Chou Li that hate feeling pesters, time reads a book more, learn to nod rational and logistic thinking, raise intelligence quotient the capacity that just can have processing problem, is not the empiricism that listens to elder, kill one of giving birth to finally.

Former unripe family is influential to the life after marriage former unripe family is influential to marital happiness

What does former unripe family have to the influence of matrimony

One, Ms. Qiu, the impact is very big, because this I followed husband to divorce

After I follow husband marriage, live one case with the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is very strong person, she should run the big petty thing in the home, this calculated. Most those who let me be overcome is, husband is so old fall in the mother-in-law’s arrangement, without a bit oneself definite idea, special if listening to a mother-in-law, the mother-in-law persuades him to dare not say absolutely on the west. I spend my money, metropolis rearward incites the mother-in-law husband challenge, do in my heart very uncomfortable, relation of wife and mother is worse and worse also, husband also is inferior to greatly to my manner once upon a time.

Can not think of, more exorbitant is, husband is pestered together again with his predecessor later, mother-in-law not only do not say husband, still helping him hiding the truth from me to date together, still say husband is my fault so, it is I do not have ability to be in charge of husband, deserve. Look at husband family such 3 view, I am true not dare agree without giving serious thought, I am driven beyond forbearance finally, divorced with him.

2, Ms. Huang, the impact is big, we often quarrel because of this

How to say, the former unripe family that a person still does not believe before me will be so big to the individual’s influence, grew up after all, can have oneself idea. But I discover I am wrong however.

We since after marrying, the issue that should involve his family only can quarrel. Husband has a little brother and little sister, did not read an university, at that time because the condition in the home is bad, increasing husband result is best, younger brother and sister works later, because feel to ashamed remorses all the time in this husband heart, so often give financial help to younger brother and sister, irrespective also, it is brothers after all, common I go back to also can take a gift to them of what.

But those who let me be not borne is, husband’s younger brother regarded our home as with small sister-in-law drawing opportunity is same, there should be any difficulties in their home only, arrive greatly marry buy a house, small to buy a small home appliance, the mother-in-law can call to husband, let husband solve, no matter we pass how, also do not care us to be taken at that time do not take reach, must want to be solved to them.

The mother-in-law says, because husband is a little brother, having is there is prospect most in the home, so without giving thought to how, want to considering them. Marry now, our money, much is beautiful was in on their family body, in my heart special really depressed. We also wrangle a lot of times for this, still do not know I can hold to how long, particularly helpless really with the heart tired.

3, Ms. Li, influence of it doesn’t matter, we have definite idea twice independently quite

I follow husband is known when study abroad, because be far from parental cause as a child,perhaps be, we belong the sort of more independent, person that has definite idea. When marrying, we also followed bilateral domestic come to an agreement or understanding, we 2 the individual’s matrimony, do not allow parental interference, have what thing we ourselves can be solved.

Because,also be such, so our life never is given birth to domestic influence formerly. Now and then, parents of the other side will be a little occasionally malcontent, but they also won’t say with us, they knew to say we also won’t listen, so, my former unripe family won’t produce the effect with adverse what to our marriage.

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