Cold force and home are cruel which more terrible cold force and home are cruel which harm is greater

Cold force and home are cruel it is a sweetheart actually between one very bad kind gets along mode, one kind is mental torment, one kind is carnal torment, no matter be,encounter cold force accordingly or the home is cruel, we should say in time not.

Cold force and home are cruel which more terrible

Cold force and home are cruel it is rough stuff, cannot compare which more terrible, no matter be met which should be far from in time!

Cold force it is very big action is on spirit, destroy your character self-respect and self-confidence, let a person begin to suspect his gradually, the affects pair of people harm of this kind of exert a subtle influence on is very great really!

And the home is cruel be what go up with spirit on the body is double destroy, had experienced by the person with cruel home, can leave scar in the body and mentally, the meeting is scared, can last, leave graven shadow.

Remember please, can meet a few broken bits, meet a person not kind and gentle the fault that is not you, but pursuit love while must learn to protect oneself!

Cold force and home are cruel which more terrible cold force and home are cruel which harm is greater

Cold force and home are cruel which harm is greater

Cold force is mental be insulted, the home is cruel it is body be insulted. Both cannot be made compare clearly, see an individual cannot accept the abasement of which kinds of form more.

Why is 1. met cold force?

Cold force is behavior of a kind of evasive actually, party does not know how or it is the issue that does not want to solve instantly to exist, choose to escape thereby, when one party tries to solve other one party not to want to solve, with respect to the situation that can form cold force. Cold force is the behavior of a kind of not responsible, nonfeasance actually.

Why is 2. met is the home cruel?

This is insufficient it is sensible, normal to had not been accepted the action that settles issue way education. The home is cruel what often accompany is the shade that former unripe family brings, the person with cruel home of a lot of meetings is to live in the domestic environment with cruel home, they want to abandon this kind of practice, but they do not know how to should solve a problem, can take the home only then cruel mode of this kind of behavior. In the final analysis still is the blemish of a kind of character.

Cold force and home are cruel which more terrible cold force and home are cruel which harm is greater

Encounter the home cruel how to do

1. arranges incident.

Must have clear head above all, will arrange with reductive and whole episode. When you are told about to other or seeking law to help, these incident must be told very clearly.

2. lets him calm down.

Often produce a cruel family, it is one party too irratable, one party disposition is too additionally weak. If the home of unfortunate experience is cruel incident, must let him calm down, let oneself avoid to get hurt.

3. is not excused absolutely.

A lot of schoolboys are after the home is cruel, can undertake the apology cries even. Disposition of a lot of schoolgirls is more effeminate can choose to excuse. But you want to know, once you were excused, next time the home is cruel also drew near.

4. child respect.

A lot of experience are excellent cruel person, can choose the way of the divorce, but the education that divorces to involve the child again. But you should be clear know, if continue to live, to the child character is a potential risk more.

5. sees psychological doctor.

No matter be a cruel schoolboy, or by the schoolgirl with cruel home, should see psychological doctor. Should treat his screwy disposition on one hand, also should prevent oneself to appear on the other hand depressed condition.

Cold force and home are cruel which more terrible cold force and home are cruel which harm is greater

The home is cruel male what is nodded jointly

Creed of 1. old man

Have tendency of creed of exceeding old man and control desire, the heart thinks he is taller than the wife strongly first-class.

2. does not have skill

Skill of outer it doesn’t matter, the likelihood is income not tall, also may be to often suffer a person to bully, always be very timid.

3. impulse is irritable, disposition extreme

Get angry easily because of a few bagatelle on one hand or like hold tight to live a few bagatelle are not put, anybody anything can be offended he is very angrily. Be opposite easily namely on the other hand the spouse is particularly good, exceed normal range. The gas since this kind of life will also be met special firm.

4. gives birth to a family to have the home formerly cruel history

If his former unripe family has the home cruel history if also should take care, although his heart is very repellent the home is cruel, but make him do not have because of the education that accepts as a child other the method that solves a problem, thereby oneself also move toward a cruel logic.

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