After parting company, always want to contact him how to do he thinks after parting company should be contacted

After parting company, cannotting help missing opposite party is very normal, opposite party misses after parting company otherwise wants to contact, it is a problem of kink of a lot of people, actually this basically is the think of a way that sees yourself, because temporarily sensibility goes,do not redeem impossible love.

After parting company, always want to contact him how to do

Above all, face reality.

Because what is lovelorn, whether does this paragraph of feeling have redeemed room, because why the other side parts company with me, if can be redeemed, so if cannot be redeemed,I can try; , so I wrap up cut rise, store that paragraph of memory in the past rise, him rearrange the mood, oneself life, begin new life itinerary, approach the new life that is down a paragraph to be able to bring happiness to oneself.

The 2nd, admit reality.

Was being lost is to lose, accept this business, and in allowing not for a long time to be enmeshed in lost painful mood by oneself. You can change an angle to see a problem, what you lose is a person that does not cherish you, what he loses is a person that loves him greatly, look so, those who be in an unfavorable situation is him, not be you.

The 3rd, know abandon meaning the reason that has afresh.

You dropped the thing in the hand, often mean you to be able to hold a worthier thing in both hands, also did not mean at the same time it is better that more is mixed. One loves your person no longer, lost value namely to you, so why vacillation is put down, go going after that to you can cherish you, admire you, like your person?

The 4th, pick up confidence again.

You think, in your life course, before encountering him also live well is good, once also had had true happiness and joy, so you parted company now, you are OK also him take good care of yourself, you still are having the capacity that lets him happiness and joy.

The 5th, obtain grow.

Be lovelorn also is experience of a kind of life, although be bitter experience, but if you can sum up the reason that gives failure from which, can obtain from inside this paragraph of experience grow, let oneself next time love has more sensible, more correct begin. You will be clearer, what kind of person suits you, how should manage love, should avoid what state, become more mature from this, more sagacious.

After parting company, always want to contact him how to do he thinks after parting company should be contacted

He thinks after parting company should be contacted

Parted company does he have this paragraph of time to contact you actively, if did not have you to be not hit, lest more afflictive! You think he calls to him you want to let him what say with you, do I tell you to calculated you to hit him to receive to him ask you mechanically namely how occupied? You say you think him that will be long silent! Or the thank saying voice of shameless! Is this you those who want? I do not know because what thing parts company,you are, who puts forward also do not know, but no matter what reason wants only,be male put forward to unless,part company he himself be enlightened want to be together with you you contact him the position that he can regain to talk about love with you, think how he harms you, if where,you leave when you need him most, you won’t think him, if he loves you really won’t desolate your, he can cannot help wanting to contact you! Won’t make you sad and sad!

After parting company, always want to contact him how to do he thinks after parting company should be contacted

There can be kind of a few kinds of processings normally after parting company

1. deletes all connection means, be determined not posture contact;

2. reservation contacts means, do not contact; temporarily

3. still wants to maintain connection, await compound opportunity.

So, bear those who cannot bear live, otherwise wants to bear, mix actually your ” plan ” relevant.

After parting company, always want to contact him how to do he thinks after parting company should be contacted

Had after parting company, you wanted to be contacted again

It is best that after parting company, I feel to be not contacted. Although a lot of people feel that paragraph of lost amour remembers to the end of his life, do not abandon extremely to lost that individual, be opposite to old affection so old be in love with love do not forget, often sever connection thoroughly without perseverance and her. However this idea that is your one’s own wishful thinking, how to want to also do not meet such thinking on behalf of her in your heart. Once she goes from you, you also are not the person that she cares again, you can become the person that she pays no attention to quickly, she also won’t be interested in all your things that live and produce beside you again, you are passerby third in her heart, connecting passerby armour even is not. If you feel you still love her very much, still envision the past silent in that way good to her, pay to her, not plan the care of redound she, caress her, so congratulation you, redound your remind ceaselessly only: You very cheap! You very cheap! You very cheap! Because of you all kindness are met by her of for no reason treat ill will, you all the real situation are revealed metropolis by her of of course consider as evil-minded plot, each your word she can feel lying, she can believe each word that you say far from, it is good to her to won’t think you still are met. Your well-meaning nods the your dog blood that she can scold assist to drench to her close friends first, because she thinks,you are to be in annoy them. If you still are written down so that you are together moment her be fond of, send the gift that she likes her meeting rejection, the sock that sends her to love to eat she can feel is bane. You every do a thing, every say a word, she responds to your meeting to have distain, disregard, distain, indignant, sneer, sarcastic, anyway meeting cheap reachs a person she can yield what rate you experience your cheap arrives what degree.

An adage is called: The friend cannot be become after parting company, because each other had been harmed. The enemy cannot be made after parting company, because each other had loved greatly. Familiar stranger can be done only after parting company so. However a lot of people do less than cannotting help at all, always try to contact her, always think to go once affection has so much remember to the end of his life to be experienced unforgettably again with memory, she also can care about little at least! Next you can discover, contacted still be inferior to be not being contacted, before because do not have,be being contacted, that read aloud person that considers in the heart that paragraph of affection is happiness completely, it is impressive completely the incident that effaces hard, those good love memory that remember to the end of one’s life are you hate to part with that individual the only reason of that paragraph of affection, its existence is the reason that you feel love happiness is unforgettable, also be the reason that you cannot help contacting her. After be being contacted however, real conference tells you, she what you care about is paid no attention to, you feel to recollect her goodly to feel be past life is tragic, she is contacted again after parting company so, change be distained only, be distained, by sarcastic. After many enthusiasm changes merciless inhospitality, the good memory of those pasts in your heart is defeated by actual cruelty gradually, good memory stealthily gradual change light prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is expelled in your heart, until be mixed to be hostile to to your inhospitality by her replace completely till. Did not contact completely in your heart at that time the sort of mood previously and yearning, the past that those remembering to the end of one’s life vanishs completely, those who replace them is now only she hates to yours. So, if part company later if see first,you still love to her, unswerving, so, do not want to contact, maintain a distance, silent attention, use up faithful post to do good passerby third to be able to let you have the memory with that paragraph of unforgettable the best pair past love in the depth of his heart forever.

After parting company, always want to contact him how to do he thinks after parting company should be contacted

Hearing of best predecessor is the never in contact with each other after parting company. If part company,still can maintain connection, so at the outset part company very fathomless. As to say what does not do sweethearts to still can become a friend. Real life is, do not become sweethearts to still can become a friend all the time, even if friend is amounted to over also can maintain contact as before. After parting company, still wanting to become a friend, that must go fairy tale story, novel perhaps searchs inside teleplay. Beginning always is arrange is prevented not as good as, meet hate is late. Go to finally beautiful to open two, live far apart from each other. This likelihood the portraiture of instantly majority person, also be my portraiture. As to say to be being borne by force do not contact opposite party, this I am passivity is accomplished. Not be to be being borne do not contact, however oneself are not contacted at all. Because part company hind by all-around pull black. Yes, commonly used connection means is pulled black. The phone is pulled black. Most what discover first is the phone is pulled black, because be used so that compare much means or phone, most what discover first also is the phone is pulled black. And in be pulled black later also discover predecessor has resolution very much really, I changed other number to dial unmanned from beginning to end receive listen, it seems that she holds these unfamiliar number is me, express to this very admire, borrowed 10 no less than mobile phones to dial with the friend, as a result a success puts through do not have. QQ is pulled black. Because walk over from times of junior high school, most those who begin to use also is QQ, be pulled in the mobile phone black later trying to contact ability to discover QQ also is pulled black! Small letter is pulled black. Small letter is pulled black it is the thing in anticipation, to this although but. Pay treasure to pull black. It is I am the most accident that this one plays black way, although still can be in,pay see pace of the other side is counted above treasure, but chatting information and turn Zhang because be pulled black and cannot come true. Also can look so that she has many from this determined, oneself also were not importuned again. Pull all-aroundly black, let you think connection is not contacted. Such predecessor does not know to should say what is appropriate really.

After parting company, want to redeem particularly, think particularly particularly, give her ceaselessly to call, she is irritated finally, pull me black, the mobile phone that I rent others is hit, pull again black, ask for leave finally go her city looks for her, because the phone is hit,be illogical, the mobile phone that rents passerby is hit, she appears to know, still do not receive, pull ceaselessly black. Cruel-hearted and such. I had looked now. It is good to spent that paragraph of time, look back on, two people get along should maintain equal relationship, cannot love too low-downly, you exceed base she jumps over get dizzy with success, you love her to jump over secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing more. This is first love, I think from the back if talking again should can keep back, it is good to was experienced more, but the love that I hope below one paragraph of love is not to part company more. Is odd life is before are actually we taking off sheet? What that moment may pass is better than amative hind, do not have a person to be in charge of, oneself want to do what to do, want to go to where going to, money also oneself earn come from personal flower, much freer? And after love, a person walks into your life suddenly, restrain your undesirable habit, restricted you to come in and go out freely from certain level, do what business, say what word wants attend to boy or girl friend, did not have even case-dough a little possibly. Since such, after why arriving to part company can after why arriving to part company, you still cannot help wanting to contact opposite party? Because be used to, two people are together long, was used to somebody to be in charge of, somebody is fond of the life that somebody scolds, was used to return the home to the individual talks with you in your side side, abrupt all these was done not have, disappeared, like was like a dream to wake, unaccustomed it is very normal to was become. So want to keep back do not go missing opposite party, contacting the method with best the other side is total heart main investment works go up or on some hobby, make oneself much without the time of sky beyond want, there is redundant idea tiredly when going to work, came off work whacked tumble into bed, can you still say such position cannot help considering that individual? Parting company is painful, but do not part company occasionally may more painful, life was full of various life flavor namely, experienced also grew.

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