Concern of the spouse after concern of the spouse after having the child becomes poor to do why to have the child can become poor

Very may much husband and wife has such feeling, after giving birth to a child namely, the contradiction of feeling and husband is increasing, the feeling of two people also is worse and worse, so how this time should maintain feeling of husband and wife?

Concern of the spouse after having the child becomes poor how to do

1, deliver the care wife from the heart

Because the woman produces material of the back of a person to be out of shape, bodily form becomes appearance, self-confident to lose, bring about psychology flimsy. Especially to full-time mom, should take care of a grown-ups and children to eat and drink already pull scatter, should clear away children of housework, give attention to two or morethings to coach again education, no matter physical strength or psychology bear,ability is all-time challenge.

When leisure, if the husband can be accompanied accompany a wife to take a walk, chat a little, arrive together with the wife outdoors or gym, do make body building, put a paragraph of gentleness, slow musical delay unship wife unripe child is mothball all sorts of unwell psychology that press press ors, not only won’t make the wife is tired of, feel the day is very moist, tired instead be worth somewhat, of willingly bear the burden of hard works doing the bagatelle that should perform 10 thousand times everyday.

2, the esteem wife that falls to real point

To the esteem of the wife, reflect the square respect range in daily life, a real action, surpass thousands of words. Go up in major event especially, buy a house for instance, buy car, family to decorate, children goes to school etc, want and consensus is reached to be carried out again after the wife discusses, it is the esteem to the wife not only, also be pair of families is responsible, raise decision-making correct rate, ensure no risk at all.

3, everywhere self-effacing uxorious

The man wants to know, the woman chooses to follow your knot legitimate child, not be to do not have a meal to eat, nobody is fond of nobody love, not be to do not have a place to live, that is she rejected back two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two hunter, hold in the arms decided the determination that is not you to be not married and courage, it is the greatest to you faith and appreciation. So, you cannot make her sad, disappointed. Brabble in life especially when, do not dispute on any account with the wife, remove one condition unrestrained and far -ranging, bear temporarily husband and wife is harmonious, there are pair of faults between husband and wife, take on only and responsibility. Send when you from the heart such thinking, pair of wives reveal everywhere in living again when be very fond of, as the wife, she won’t follow you naturally willfully make a trouble, perpetual worry.

4, participate in darling jointly grow

Taking care of darling is not mom one the individual’s thing, also need to let father participate in come in, foster darling jointly. A lot of families are mom one individual full-fledged member raises darling, father is not participated in, bring about the child to was not depended on to father already feeling also can bring about husband and wife communication is too little between two people, without collective topic, such not good.

Participate in darling together grow, record the change of darling together, even if is full-time madam, do not talk about the thing on the job with the husband, also can have more collective topics because of darling, won’t bring about two people photograph to consider reticent.

Concern of the spouse after concern of the spouse after having the child becomes poor to do why to have the child can become poor

Concern of the spouse after why having the child can become poor

1, domestic expenses increases ceaselessly, what economic pressure brings is contradictory

Before unripe child, husband and wife two make money, in the life with respect to two people, want to buy what to buy, do not need to consider the issue of money at all, and still can have profit a bit. After having the child, some wives went to work no longer, apparently little an income. Plus present darling, from be born to go up elementary school one grade this paragraph of time, cost of these a few years is very big really. Occasionally mother-in-law and oneself close Mom rejoin comes in, encounter both sides a little dot of a certain old life is ill, one the individual’s pay spends the husband not quite really.

Again good feeling, below economic pressure, very difficult conference is maintained go down. Because because the problem of fuel quarrels,husband and wife is met, meeting for hundreds of money careful calculation and strict budgeting, can ineffable because of money life.

2, the overworked in the life, bring all sorts of complaining

Cite a case, also be Central Africa of a lot of families constant reality, and the setting that can encounter. The wife is in the home inner tube child of a day, because the child is a bit sick, it is to cry all the time all day long so the state that make. Wife a person looks after children see a doctor, assay, take medicine to wait a moment, the child still must be fed to take medicine after coming home. Come down all day long, the wife feels exhaustion of body and mind, the meal also did not have a few. The husband worked one day, because want to earn bit of money more, ran more a few places, work overtime actively perhaps did a lot of businesses. Next in the evening returning after the home, discover wife and child are lying on the bed, the meal also was not done, enrage next do not make one part.

Husband and wife two everybody doesn’t have an explanation, did directly, the wife feels the husband does not show consideration for him, the husband feels the wife is impenetrable, do not do even the meal actually. The wife becomes aware he was this home to pay is very much, serve your old man even? The husband felt not to bring a child, can have many tired, be disinclined even the meal to do?

3, it is the fault that the man may make

Be pregnant from the woman begin, be born to the child, a lot of women the life all centre of gravity changed child body. This also is a lot of females ” common fault ” , him past does not have support, pestering the husband all the day so, there was the child now, and oneself like a child particularly again, so everyday have one’s mind stuffed with is the child, forgot oneself husband. As the husband, a man, face with each passing day cool to oneself wife, plus a few temptation in the life, probable meeting makes a mistake. And this kind is wrong, very possible meeting jumps over defect deeper, when one day the wife discovers clues, redeemed very hard.

Concern of the spouse after concern of the spouse after having the child becomes poor to do why to have the child can become poor

Husband and wife quarrels how to just can affect the child

1 matrimony encounters one ground chicken feather very easily. Do parents to be able to have temper of course. What we need to do is, when having negative sentiment, search actively more appropriate abreact or change way, if pass motion, listen to the music, mood that reads to adjust oneself quickly the book, do not let bad mood affect excellent person and child.

The different level of 2 marriage, can encounter different problem. So, even if be an old couple, need to learn communication skill ceaselessly, learn how the desire that clarity expresses him and demand, know the footing of the other side and think of a way, with period solve a problem jointly.

3 although contradict between husband and wife temporarily inextricability, also be problem limitation please in the limits of 2 people of husband and wife.

4 if parents quarrels,be discovered by the child, parents is best can apologize face to face with the child, straight-out communicate with the child, help child understands his feeling or the origin that are a thing and development, aim to obtain the child’s credit.

Concern of the spouse after concern of the spouse after having the child becomes poor to do why to have the child can become poor

Husband and wife quarrels the influence to the child

Parental brawl can bring the child intuitionistic aural stimulation, bring the child painful feeling, immediate result is the body reaction that causes the child — inflexible, cry be troubled by, evasive. A few bigger child, can appear even function of enuresis, immunity falls ill lowly, easily, shrink back, intelligence or behavior development are backward wait for a phenomenon.

The child is helpless natively, need relies on parents and be born, so he needs to let him safety, ease environment, dan Refu’s mother often quarrels seem to be in at any time his the top of head is pensile sword of one power profit, child heart can feel anxious, angst is fear, disturbed only, does He Tanan set his mind at completely?

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