Be engaged what does need prepare to be engaged 3 gold are which 3 gold

Our home’s different place is having different custom habit, resemble be engaged this thing also yes, a lot of places have him distinctive marriage is consuetudinary, also some of area has not been paid attention to be engaged.

Be engaged what does need prepare

The woman

1, bridegroom on the west Xuan , cravat, leather shoes.

2, tea tray 1, teacup 6, tea of longan red jujube.

3, provision is sweet tea, preparation is sweet stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, mug-up.

4, go-between ceremony.

5, order feast.

6, fruit one box- – as recompense, send the man relatives and friends.

7, obligate prepares a feast and dotal money, later according to place consuetudinary return a few betrothal gift of the man.

The man

1, hire gold, should be even numbers, hire greatly commonly for check, small hire for gold coin.

2, 6 ceremonies, normally the man’s betrothal gift can be divided for 6 simple ceremonies or 12 grand ceremonies, send to woman home. Include: Flat bread – Kaohsiung 60, Hualien candle of 90; ceremony, gun salute, ceremony is sweet – red bag replaces; candied ceremony – red bag replaces; gold to act the role of ceremony of; bride dress – red bag replaces; pork ceremony – red bag is replaced

3, the Ou that press tea is red wrap 6

4, press table manners, basically contain ceremony of feast charge, chef, Duan Caili

5, go-between ceremony, the red package that common man gives go-between is a bit more than woman home.

Be engaged what does need prepare to be engaged 3 gold are which 3 gold

Be engaged 3 gold are which 3 gold

When be engaged, be man home prepares betrothal gift to send in woman home commonly, also meaning to talk about a marriage, included to be engaged among betrothal gift the affianced gem headgear such as 3 gold. The marriage in Chinese tradition is consuetudinary for, marry to need 3 gold, generally speaking 3 gold point to ring, dangler, necklace, of course this specific is the domestic situation according to the man will have a judgement, have a plenty of a bracelet, have a plenty of hand catenary, specific marriage headgear still should see each other discuss. 3 gold are commonly serve as a mother-in-law for will the daughter-in-law place of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage prepares gold jewelry, of these headgear more or less can also see pair of daughter-in-laws value and love, still have the blessing to new personality at the same time.

Be engaged what does need prepare to be engaged 3 gold are which 3 gold

Be engaged when do 3 gold give

3 gold have betrothal gift this is traditional from of old, marrying a girl to accept betrothal gift is the thing of perfectly justified, of betrothal gift precious the sincere desire that also can show the man on certain level, also be the woman’s face at the same time, can see the man be spent to heavy visual range of the woman through 3 gold, because this marries,the 3 gold in headgear became the grand opera in betrothal gift. Marry commonly so 3 gold are give when be engaged, after avoid by all means is not engaged, ability gives, this meeting stays to the person of older generation ” do not know courtesy ” impression.

Be engaged what does need prepare to be engaged 3 gold are which 3 gold

Affianced flow is how

1. bilateral parents is consultative: Common saying says, marriage is two the individual’s things not simply, it is the thing of two families more. Be engaged accordingly is 2 people not only antenuptial main base, it is two families begin shirt-sleevely more. Bilateral parents undertakes business discuss, basically be to be engaged the problem such as betrothal gifts. New personality has friendly relations with parental channel severally, can let be engaged it is good to have germinant.

2. both sides discusses betrothal gift: Though everywhere countryside everywhere exemple. But when our country most place is engaged, have be engaged what betrothal gifts and gold act the role of is consuetudinary. Before be engaged namely, the man prepares betrothal gifts and gold to act the role of ahead of schedule, the day at be engaged is executed ” Guo Dali ” . These needing that inspect two economic atmosphere to decide consistent.

Choose and buy of 3. new personality plunges drop: Diamond constant is ages ago, one always circulates. Boy of a delegate that plunge drop is right the acceptance of girl lifetime, the girl adorned plunge drop, it is renown flower has more advocate indicative. When because this plunges drop,be engaged indispensable.

4. make choice of is engaged banquet place: When be engaged, can according to the ceremony grand, select appropriate site. High-grade hotel is OK fete is many the restaurant of material benefit of economy of close friends; is appropriate and OK quiet and consultative thing.

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