Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period what how do the man student after Tan Lian loves is cheesed period expression

Love can experience a lot of processes, should know adjust rhythm, sense the change that gives opposite party correctly, period of be passionately in love and be tired of period it is love needs of classics, two people are together long can do not have new move.

Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period how to do

The first: Learn a few new knowledge and skill more

Two people are together long if you see the other side still also resembles there is not change in that way before, so appear very easily one bores period. Must learn a few new knowledge and skill more to everybody, let the look that the other side sees you are different, such his ability are maintaining the new move of hour to you. Resemble a few friends often are in the condition of kind of continuous study namely, after studying music, also can learn culinary art, actually this is a when for us the life adds variety very important process. Our life is the job not just, we are OK some more interest and hobby. Suggest everybody wants to learn a few new knowledge and skill more so, such ability let the other side maintaining a few new senses to you, such he won’t arise to you cheesed, the woman must learn him rise in value, this is very important.

The 2nd: Maintain a distance appropriately with the other side

We say one day to if lie between,disappear normally 3 autumn, especially the sort of is in love and be passionately in love period sweethearts, but when yours period of be passionately in love passes hind, meet to suit possibly not quite every day such, let you very easily produce a kind of cheesed psychology. Having a few sweethearts is to be moved to to live even, this is the generation that has cheesed mentality very easily actually. A few sweethearts do not like to be stuck together every day by day when, the job that they have themselves on the weekend when, can play to be able to increase the sentiment between each other so together, so must proper maintenance is apart from, do not stick together every day, of course, meeting time also cannot be lain between too long.

The 3rd: Give each other a bit space

To each other a few spaces appear between sweethearts particularly important, a few esteem that also are pair of the other side you. A few schoolgirls ask the boy friend wants him for company 24 hours a day, but the other side also is the time that should have his and space. If you limit his time, such meetings let him feel exceedingly cheesed. Inchoate moment, the be passionately in love that is in love period, he also can feel possibly exceedingly happy, but period of be passionately in love arrived to bore too period when you did not respect him, give him the time of a few independence, he can feel to you more cheesed, so, it is very important to give each other a few spaces.

Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period what how do the man student after Tan Lian loves is cheesed period expression

Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period expression

The first, he often breaks couplet, he does not receive your telephone call, he does not answer your short message. Good make electrify word not easily eventually, he can say only, I am very busy. But, perhaps at the moment he is boasting with the brother Kan big hill looks at a belle.

The 2nd, he says he or the woman student that prefer independence with you, the meaning is you do not want often adhesion him. When liking a belle that day, he wishs to make a family adhesion every day he.

The 3rd, all sorts of friends that you publish encircle him all along turn a blind eye to, to your thing he is interested none, it is indifferent. He won’t do the person that if be him,cares so.

The 4th, he never contacts you actively, if he likes to like a person very much very much, he is met the all the time is not wanting to connect a phone to chat with her, say all all things that he is interested in.

The 5th, he does not have cause to get angry to you, cold-shoulder you this is bad that is bad, always make you not irritated he, say all your weakness, if a man likes a woman really, this is in in his eye female is which where is good.

Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period what how do the man student after Tan Lian loves is cheesed period expression

Tan Lian loves how to maintain new move

The man weighs a feeling, the feeling is met the elapse fritter away as time. The woman weighs feeling, feeling is met the elapse as time is deep. The person resembles the literature that does not search originally with respect to this, every time at the end of one’s resources is promising when the reader feels to be able to see through ending, this flavor. Let love maintain new move with its, be inferior to letting oneself maintain uncanny sense, resemble the book that does not break up originally then, let person addiction, want to see final result all the time, but ending does not agree to come tardy namely, and be attracted deeply in the course that pursues ending by this book place as a result sinks into. To me, new move is nonexistent maintenance issue, and depend on person itself. Because,my individual is met only of a man ” brain ” and fall in love with him.

What this brain points to is: The first, compare high intelligence quotient relatively, cannot differ than me at least. The 2nd, opposite should have glow alive, especially to the acceptance of strange thing degree wants tall.

An interesting person, it is certainly not formalist, not by rule, do not originally the person with self-given pace. An opposite fills the person of curiosity alive, it is a more interesting person likely, this ability is the origin of new move, when there should is new topic to be able to discuss between two people especially, do not need to worry about the problem of new move. So, oneself think, ourselves itself, have go creating various different ” exciting ” to the other side? Everyday how should the meal have? What to eat? Go to see a movie what course to take? Sit this this position, should next secondary change a position? Even bang bang bang when should otherwise try to play a way newly every time? Dress up newly? Etc. Can play long, from go up at all analysis, can your this individual play after all?

Those say love meets the person of die, I feel your new move, , too, low, class. Especially from the sort of feeling that sees a face see a figure see money begin, very actual, although very reasonable, but, very elementary really. Very big one part man, recalling the woman student in one’s hand later, change ” uninteresting ” . Right. But actually this is a mistake, together, it is one begins only, is not a purpose reach. If everybody is holding solemn mood in the arms to treat a paragraph of feeling, that should be managed well more, want to spend idea, want to irrigate. is not backwater. Especially the communication of mental level and communication, more important, far had eaten than you how many times meal, had looked how many times the film, had gone up how many times the bed wants important get more much. After seeing a movie, do you have well cross the detail in the film a little or a few fine film review? Have an agreement to read a book next each other make a development discuss? Makeup look of the schoolgirl has so a variety of brushwork, does the schoolboy encourage a schoolgirl to try to play different style and tell your girlfriend dear to which kind of styles suit you most more? Example is too much, did not lift. What is new move? It is exciting. How does that hold this kind of abiding appeal? Enrich oneself cerebra ceaselessly please, those who perfect oneself is explicit, turn oneself into an interesting person please.

Those who talk about the schoolboy after love is cheesed period what how do the man student after Tan Lian loves is cheesed period expression

Talk about a few phase of love

The first phase: “Talk “

Talk about the main content that is lover psychology association, it is a lover the characteristic of the association of first step. This one phase, both sides has the level of understand one another. Talking is the main measure; that obtains run-of-mill information talking is to hold the foundation of viewpoint of value of the other side and essential condition; to talk must be premise with taller association frequency and association quality.

And ” talk ” level can divide roughly again for a few such period:

1, hazy period: Both sides of male and female has good opinion to each other, casual a conduct behavior that goes noticing the other side.

2, ambiguous period: Both sides of male and female did not hit out actively, but in the life however each other are shown loving care for.

3, pull hand period: Some direction other one party professions, formal love just begins to pull open heavy curtain.

The 2nd phase: “Love “

Loving is the men and women was making each other begin to attract after more thorough knowledge, decide intention, feeling is permeated, a kind of Jiang Lei of loath to part from each other experiences. It is the falls greatly mark between the lover, it is a phase of emotional sublimate.

And ” love ” level can divide roughly again for a few such period:

1, period of be passionately in love: The contact is frequent between each other, contact is very intimate, every minutes of minute Zhong Dou thinks be bored with is together.

2, brawl period: This among them both sides of male and female has had ceaseless brawl probably because of trifling thing, grouse, each other duty.

3, cold war period: This among them men and women or the both sides after quarrelling has one to put no longer compromise first, just include again no longer another cold war phase.

The 3rd phase: “Love “

After the cold war that spends amative phase successfully or brawl, if the advantage between each other can be experienced in love, admit the weakness of the other side at the same time, can return to sweet love afresh, step down smoothly from now on, or till marriage, achieved Tan Lian namely love is extremely final ” love ” level, also namely autumn. . “Love ” be ” talk ” and ” love ” union, be ” love ” crystallization. So, a lot of people should be made clear a bit, “Love ” level is not every can achieve to sweethearts oh, you can say to go up only with him probably ” love ” and rather than ” love ” . Want to achieve ” the phase of love, the both sides in need love is collective understanding and include.

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