Man cold force is to want to divorce man cold force thinks how the divorce is redeemed

No matter cold force is be before marriage or means of very bad affective of a kind of processing is actually after marriage, cold violent meeting makes other in part very sad, so in marriage, is the man cold all the time is violent word to want to divorce?

Is man cold force to want to divorce

Have this is likely, if a man loves a woman sincerely, he can treat a wife with the most enthusiastic means necessarily, instead, if a man is in the life,treat a wife special inhospitality, treated a woman to appear even the tendency of cold force, the specification is in his heart, disappear already to feminine love danger, and he also does not plan was together with the woman, what this kind of his inhospitality wants to divorce namely is augural. This namely the cold violent marriage that we often say.

Need assumes love and marriage, after if the man is in,marrying, face a variety of things to choose to escape, saying this man above all is irresponsible to woman and marriage, of the man this kind escapes, meeting general women of all burden impute to, and of the man escape to also explain, he does not want to be together with the woman.

Man cold force is to want to divorce man cold force thinks how the divorce is redeemed

Man cold force thinks how the divorce is redeemed

1, the sentiment that dominates oneself

But improve the business that cold force of the family is not in one day, need us to have powerful heart, if we are pulled to be worn by the other side all the time, lost the chance of get the upper hand of. The woman that has cold force of family of a lot of experience says she is very lively before, the talk is very humorous also, friends say I am interesting, but I seemed to turn another into the person now, not self-confident, feel oneself are trashy, what thing is done bad, often sullen, because live for a long time below the shadow of cold force,this is typical, the depressed mood of generation.

2, stir bomb

The man appears when cold force, can employ the force that everything can employ, send card, send a flower, send a gift. Hair short message, hair E, Mail when can recollect once happy days, convey oneself to be like then to him surging the affection of the endless respect and admire like Jiang Shui.

If your man has cold violent tendency, wall color does not choose to brush what move into cool color, choice orange, should flaxen wait for warm color to move, abandon metallic glass and Bai Guangdeng, choice warmth sends decorate style, have the effect of exert a subtle influence on to the mood so.

3, timely humour

Jest of humour of much at ordinary times collect, when the man has cold violent tendency, can send some of humour, jest, amused short message and Email to give opposite party. A piece of picture prepares to have you in the home or the humorous caricature when his make threatening gestures, had written above greatly STOP, draw again greatly forked. When the man is insulted to your utterance, can take rise to make stop action.

Strike back the unique skill of cold force: If you encounter,come from a man the cold force of any types, you can furl bedclothes, free remote in time or space swims, what contacts means to be interrupted during, let him do not know you are in where dry what. Remember with concern in this in your process, come back suddenly, also had not happened like what thing same, send him most wanted gift, embrace a kiss to him.

Man cold force is to want to divorce man cold force thinks how the divorce is redeemed

Suffer man cold force how to strike back

1, go actively communicating

This is very difficult to the woman, probable meeting touchs the bottom line of feminine self-respect. The woman can feel oneself so grievance, please him even, the heart is defied certainly. But not such, if go enjoying energy of life, it is even with Leng Ke cold, not be to make a relation more exasperate, quicken marital burst? Actually, let a woman put down figure above all, not be to say a woman with respect to this give the impression of weakness, also not be to said to lose self-respect accordingly, what this can show that person that lowers this head first only is great. Excuse me, when such wanting, can the woman still feel feel sad?

2, move with feeling he

When the man cold to you force when, you can move with the thing previously he, let him tick off have pair of life memory previously, perhaps let him recollect with the kind that writes a letter once sweet memory. Such concerns that he also meets feeling and you and once same, won’t so deadlocked.

3, true face oneself

The first pace that walks out of domestic cold force is true him look upon, marriage is a seesaw pattern relation, the joint action ability of two people has fine sky, not be you tenderness is adept, decent and easy, after career family two tactics was caught, husband can approbate you, the family just is met perfect.

Should domestic cold force divorce? You want to be clear about, this is not your fault, true you are what appearance, your value sense and achievement induction should break away from the fetter of this paragraph of relation, decide completely by yourself. Actually occasionally, pass in frequent conflict so hind, he is not not to love you, chose instinctively however silent will protect oneself.

Man cold force is to want to divorce man cold force thinks how the divorce is redeemed

Cold force is what meaning

Cold force is a violent kind, its behave a form to be more cool, despise, indulge, alienation and indifference, cause other spirit to go up to encroach and be harmed with mentally.

What is cold force? Unlike the domestic rough stuff that visible body destroys, domestic cold force more it is to pass the control of attack of allusive menace, language, economy and sexual respect to wait for means, achieve with spirit torment destroys the other side. The tremendous psychology pressure that this kind of means generates can make the other side adjacent break down, what accompanying at the same time is marital estrangement and distrust, bring about marital end finally.

Notable is, in moment of executive family force, it is the male is aimed at a female more, and in incident of domestic cold force, both sides of male and female becomes the one party of executive family cold force likely. Be in especially man career lose, when pressure is great, the woman is cold to her rough stuff, harm degree should be more than force far.

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