Do small the woman of 3 will be happy why won’t be the man married small 3

Do small 31 it is a kind of act that violates social ethics continuously, the action of marriage of others of this kind of participate cannot be taken, what can harm a family is happy, so do small is the woman of 3 happy?

Do small the woman of 3 will be happy

Small 3 even if favour becomes a full member, general 99% obtain true happiness hard. Actually, you must understand, at the outset the objective that he has you is not love mostly, however the compensation on the feeling on sexual desire, spirit, the stimulation in the life. Never mention it you become a full member after affliction of all previous classics lets them divorce, although he becomes a full member you of one’s own accord for you, your hold time also too won’t long, should not say insipid happiness more. Become a full member by good luck with certain measure especially, that more not long. Of course, if be two individual feeling really good, and can show sympathy each other, probably the day still can continue.

When small 3 before think please, one is opposite feminine carefree person, why can you give you happiness? Are you beautiful? If are you pie-eyed? Follow the woman that he marries now, he at the outset if do not like, how can you marry again? More and more young beautiful females chose to do small 3, small 3 industries developed so, as a result of,be more ” small 3 ” this profession has easily already can enjoy, and pay is quite rich and generous still. They look seem view rare however good outcome.

Do small the woman of 3 will be happy why won't be the man married small 3

Why won’t be the man married small 3

1, small 3 again again outstanding, beautiful, may not is the dish of off the rails man.

Doing a lover need capital, or is young and beautiful, or is intelligent and able, or is understanding, but the dish that lover may not is off the rails man, at best is off the rails man is after marriage is drab, the licorice that uses stimulation and recover from fatigue piece just, what is more,the rather that small 3 also be a woman together, it is a woman, regular meeting has appearance to often go, a green and parting day that, “There is mountain outside hill, the somebody outside the person ” , in the eye of off the rails man, the lover is excrement of one Tuo dog actually, its heft is far not as important as the wife.

2, the wife is again old again ugly again incompetent, what marriage firsts wife namely is good.

Undeniable, the man is off the rails, have the reason of the wife, or oversight husband, or does not understand dress up oneself, or does not consider be eager to make progress, but even if such, in the heart of off the rails man, he is clear about forever actually, if there is chaff in the home wife, won’t of his career brilliant, he betrayed even if wife, but mentally puts regret having ashamed and apology as before, if not wife is overbearing, unjustifiable, of unidentified truth exert all his strength to promote the man outside, great majority is off the rails the man won’t put forward actively to divorce, look in him, marriage is first wife from beginning to end is good, change a female factitious wife, may not still can have original happiness and joy.

3, the heart has take into account, or career, or future, the divorce is a not little loss.

Although this kind of reason is objective, but can let a man be in really off the rails hind, somewhat attend to, their or fears the divorce can let career suffocate suffocate, or fears familial indicate, or fears future finish, even if small 3 force in order to die, coerce in order to be pregnant, but want to divorce truly will marry small 3, off the rails man still is answered weigh in the hand weighed in the hand, and the one pace that won’t step a mistake easily, although the man has stronger animal instinct, but in matter to oneself before personal interest, small 3 also appear negligible, once small the obstacle that 3 enough become man career, future to go up, man or be willing to part with or use one base will be small this 3 smelly hard rock is kicked far, unless he is abnormal really.

Do small the woman of 3 will be happy why won't be the man married small 3

Do small 3 why very difficult happiness

1 do not have a position

If the wife is the proponent with man backside ambiguous appearance, so small 3 it is the sinister in appearance person that ask for. Small 3 people the material that asks for a man, time, affection, but his wife just is paid blindly, be without complaint. There is one steelyard in man heart, what who gives is much, those who give is little know exactly about sth. Small 3 are gourmet powder, had not seen those who eat who takes rice of flavour precise and appropriate, that makes a person insipid wife, still be snow-white big rice, had not seen whose rice eats get fed up, it is to did not want to live most probably. Small 3 people can mix covertly only the husband of others meets, want escape to have the place that acquaintance appears, formal circumstance, she has no right to attend.

2 do not have sth hoped for and likely to happen

Be most willing to of a woman is become small 3, so what she should be faced with is appearance often goes, youth elapses, the man still does not divorce, he still puts no less than wives, reason nothing more than two, wife loves his person, he does not have money, he loves when doing not have a position, it is open-armed. Divorce so that break up half belongings to give wife next, asset shrink, and wife sticks housework of arrange of a person’s mind, let him do not have trouble back at home, do not give her money again.

Man to small 3 also not be to do not have feeling, but without a few small 3 can become a full member, after all the Zheng Shaoqiu on the world is little. Of this kind of ignorance small 3, the man just is the feeling that dallies with you and body, wanting to be in charge of to you at all, want to become room, derive from personal skill to had taught man attune, also must spend time and experience, want to scoop up off-the-peg, it which have is so easy that which have? Feminine youth is finite, fasten by married male waste.

3 do not have safe feeling

Who knows the man’s wife is what moral? If acetic jar, adscititious panther bravery, this small the small order of 3 is be between the beetle and the block, vitriolic perhaps wash a face, the likelihood is unripe swallow kitchen knife, perhaps also enjoy a horse to kill chicken in public, if slight, the other people’s legal wife, sit to mix probably small 3 negotiations. The wife is OK thrusting, prate this man once upon a time is what bird appearance, how are oneself moved those who teach, more or less does his achievement come from a wife, if he divorces to go out clean body, his house and car are her under one’s name. Small 3 also be obliged to bear, can be avoided by discovery hit at exploding suddenly do obeisance to Budda with respect to this. Small the 3 times that defend empty room alone, just about when lawful wife and man photograph get together, as long as small 3 sincerity love this man, because envy,she is met and painful, or because miss him and distressed, she herself should carry this kind of pain on the back, suffer momently suffer.

Do small the woman of 3 will be happy why won't be the man married small 3

Which can the man like to plant small 3

1, youthful appearance beauty has a figure.

Most man searchs small the target of 3 is very specific — youthful appearance beauty has a figure is mark matchs, if record of formal schooling is taller better, such woman follows beside the man, can let him feel to have outer part very much. But if your Laogong has,love the mother, clue that love elder sister, or the woman with a certain longer age has authority particularly situation, appear possibly age is older than you ” old 3 ” .

2, show consideration for obedient meeting to act like a spoiled child softly.

If you are encountered small 3 it is right the man says to have much love, occupying man time to crying to be troubled by all the day at the same time next crying ” do not accompany wife child to accompany me! ” the sort of. That you need not too kink, this kind of girl does not have strategic consciousness, cannot become macroclimate. But if small 3 often can show very understanding pattern, encourage a man to come home to accompany child wife more, always still replace save effort of man be economical, this denounces happy pole. Your depart is then small the difficulty of 3 is met a lot of bigger.

3, intelligence quotient is high and have patience.

To small for this 3 professions, patience is very important. This is a protracted battle certainly, go up of a success small quotient of 31 kinds of Dou Zhi is very high — because small 3 what should fight is a man not merely the distrust to her, fight his child to be pulled to his even stumble, fight his wife to be manacled to his, fight him himself the moral view of remaining and kindheartedness. Intelligence quotient is meant high ” can fight ” , and patience is meant ” fight abidingly ” .

4, absorbed, do not have an insatiable desire for gold.

Small 3 it is the red rose outside man marriage, pursue especially feeling does not pursue of money small 3, can let a man feel he found to be able to escape the harbour with trifling family more. This kind small true love is encountered after 3 meetings let a man believe him marriage to the greastest extent. Face those who come home to swing complexion to him palace madam, under photograph comparing small 3 much more lovely, time grows, man hard to avoid can have quite, if discovery of this time man is mixed small the 3 sunken cost that part company already very big, so small 3 on possibility is met very big. So, situation feels better, vision is more long-term, overall situation view is stronger small 3 girls, can raise money not actively as far as possible, however the move such as passivity.

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