2 marriage man loves which child more the advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

The family that remarries now is very much also, a lot of people mind 2 marriage quite, feel 2 marriage still cannot replace him the position in heart of the other side, cannot trust completely love, perhaps fear 2 marriage are bad to the child.

2 marriage man loves which child more

Perhaps you ever also were in a certain moment, discovered oneself are not a that when be favored. Doing not have parental day to be born is prejudicial, have some kind of chance certainly. That person nature meets 2 marriage more prejudicial the child of oneself and ex-wife, but this can understand. Although parents are not willing to admit, but major parents the metropolis is prejudicial. American California university considers to discover: The mother of 65% and the father of 70% will be not self-conscious special to a certain child preference, they can throw more patience and attention to a certain child. Of parents prejudicial also be to have the law but of abide, they often meet that child with more prejudicial the smallest perhaps eldest child. Father is easier and prejudicial young female, and the mother is easier and prejudicial cornstalk. Parents is prejudicial it is very big to the influence of children. By partial child’s selfishness of grown very easy nurturance, proud disposition. And very easy angst mixes the child that does not bear parents to take seriously depressed. So, when one day a certain child grouses when you are prejudicial. Do not want to get angry and be being denied. Parents also is Everyman, it is prejudicial also be understandable. It is parents only to the child growing is very important, of parents prejudicial go against close child and the feeling between brotherly sister, the disposition that also goes against two children develops. So parents should review him more, accomplish fair land to treat the child as far as possible.

2 marriage man loves which child more the advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

The advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

1, safe problem, big puerpera bears a risk

The age is a problem, the most couple in the family no longer young, if marry the woman is more than 37 years old, fetal development and the possibility that conceive the premature delivery between pregnancy are very large. Marry the 2nd times when the woman when, the age is very tall, do not suit to want the child so, if you choose mother-in-law of become reconciled of a good man in the 2nd marriage, they also can respect your decision. But if he disregards your person safety completely,you need not waste time to be on his body.

2, economic situation

This, no matter be first time marriage or the 2nd marriage, must consider, to children, look in a lot of people, this is a kind of the order of nature. A lot of people hear economy can’t give birth to the child. Conduce to a family harmonious, because without giving thought to how, have a metropolis in child home a bit more lively, family also can be compared harmonious, relationship of wife and mother also has been met. Although Mu Ping child expensive the view that is ancient time, but put now likewise practical, if a woman is in this home neither one child, the conference with true position is smaller. Anyhow, 2 marriage are together not easy, main goal still wants two people to get along happy happiness. Summarize the problem in head marriage, avoid in 2 marriage. Because want not to want the child’s issue again,do not want, be troubled by contradiction is heavily, destroy the feeling of hard-earned again.

2 marriage man loves which child more the advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

Ex-wife and digamous wife man more care which

In the final analysis, man most care, it is that woman that he loves most forever. No matter be 2 marriage, still be head marriage, want a woman to be able to capture that heart of the man only, if love really, he can care about her. The man’s heart is complex perhaps, but the man is very simple also, feeling is occasionally more the choice of ground tendency heart. Marriage resembles a dress, the precipitation of some withstand time, no matter classics is overmuch long, still elegant demeanour is not decreased, and some however the deliberate via having time, did not pass how long, inferior. But this is worldly beautiful zenithal dress is more than, lost, or outdated, can change again at any time new. Can be marriage replace of unlike dress replace that kind is simple, only the intention of man and woman is interlinked, each other just can set each other mind at live, marriage just is met more perfect.

2 marriage man loves which child more the advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

The marriage that begins afresh is certain and happy

1, the problem of ex-wife

There is a very big problem in the marriage that begins afresh, the concern issue that why handles the ex-wife that follows his should the man that is 2 marriage then be like after all? Say husband and wife one day 100 days favour, you are the person that once lived together really, although said to had divorced, but those go,went really? In other words, is the man of 2 marriage able really and clean be put down completely? It is the woman that once had loved after all, true can not care a nut? This problem processing is bad, how should face oneself again present wife? What those did not contact is not bad, if return what did not break connection because of a few have to reasons, if mishandle is good, this will make a quite big hidden trouble in the marriage later.

2, bilateral child issue

Tell the truth, parenting worries about in the child that is his all one’s life. The child is the hope of a family, so right care issue of the child, to the child’s education the issue must consider etc. Does the harmony of other in part that the man of 2 marriage’s true child that can you let oneself remarries with oneself get along? Go treating the child of the other side like the man of 2 marriage’s true resembles him love child that can you be without reservation? Removing one condition, if oneself can be accomplished constrainedly, so can be the other side also accomplished really? Come again, on educational issue of the child, different person can have different method, it is to go to the lavatory how to come of course to oneself child, can you be the satisfaction with true the other side? Such a variety of problems, the contradiction between you also can arise subsequently ceaselessly. If cannot be handled well, can affect feeling of husband and wife not only, also can suffer from the child.

3, the problem of bilateral old person

Bilateral old person also is an aspect that cannot ignore of course. The man of 2 marriage can face this very awkward problem commonly, it is a thing with follow important to the provide for problem of bilateral old person. How long should answer native place to see an old person? How many pocket money to give bilateral old person every months? Spend the New Year whose home? If the old person is healthy not bad, once fall ill, who goes taking care of? Saying these things is bagatelle, but be the marriage that these bagatelle affected on you one paragraph of failure? Do not consider a consideration well, do not do these businesses good, how can live well again, work well? Tread again even really last time the track of an overturned cart? The home and all things are promoted is oral not only go up say, should fall to act really more.

2 marriage man loves which child more the advantages and disadvantages of child of 2 marriage second birth

4, economic burden problem

The economic problem of 2 marriage family often is compared complex. Above all, arrived commonly when this extent nature cannot resemble first time marriage can two people are without reservation, put all money together. The man of 2 marriage is common loath, also not be at ease. So the issue came, does money want after all how fancy suiting? Spend each each, still want to be put together, the house borrows money, the car is safe, child education, old person provide for, daily expense, who comes burden? Say so, the man of 2 marriage wants brace to handle the economic issue in marriage well, should have done with present other in part communicate adequately, both sides has been close friends a little, say economic base decides superstructure, good economic relationship also can promote good marriage.

5, the emotional issue that shows level

Tell the truth, the person arrives middleaged, remarrying perhaps is not the love that wants to search sense day to use the land in that way like first time. The man of 2 marriage is more real, more sensible also. With oneself present object is together perhaps is not to should search passion, perhaps not be for enthusiastic, what they think is only can both sides is giving aid to flatly light go enough. They just think so not alone, want to there can be a meal to eat when next coming home, the clothes became dirty somebody is done, somebody you come home. Should get along well with present sweetheart more so, sum up last time experience, use up oneself to manage oneself household the most greatly well hard, manage oneself marriage well, these need ceaseless and continuous study.

6, prospective problem

This problem the man of 2 marriage is should think well. How should future step down after all? The man of 2 marriage must have accurate judgement and program to future. Plan well oneself career, after all already not young, how still should be satisfied at the current situation further after all. Consider to consider the child’s future well well, to the child we undertakes true education is mixed how-to. Still have oneself problem of the following provide for the aged, the child that does not miss oneself after all fulfils too big responsibility, manage the financial problem that goes down to had managed oneself well. Had handled these issues only, ability lets the 2nd his marriage go more long-termly. Finally, even if the right that the man of 2 marriage also does not want to abandon his pursueing happiness, exorbitant is not anxious, want two people to be able to be communicated well only, understand well, each other are trustful, give aid to jointly, can obtain happiness of a belated for certain perfect.

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