Man of 5 kinds of 2 marriage cannot be married 2 marriage male not be the show that loves you very much

The 2 marriage after the divorce also are very common, suit to want to see well in what choose 2 marriage the character of 2 marriage man, be worth after all undeserved you marry again, 2 marriage must consider to be clear about carefully marry again.

Man of 5 kinds of 2 marriage cannot be married

The first, the 2 marriage man that ever waited for illegal behavior because of playing rich, drug taking and causes a divorce cannot be married, this kind of man often abuse changes hard, was being chosen will be an abysmal abyss.

The 2nd, ceng Yin is off the rails and the 2 marriage man of the divorce cannot be married, this kind of man is mostly inherent and randy, chose calm meeting to bring endless anguish.

The 3rd, without the domestic sense of responsibility, 2 marriage that eat one’s head off the man cannot be married, because he is maintained at all,do not have a home.

The 4th, love the new and loathe the old, fickle few justice 2 marriage man cannot be married, married need and his predecessor is same end.

The 5th, acrid and egoistic, acerbity 2 marriage man cannot be married, this kind of man often tolerance is narrow, give true love not easily to the other side.

Man of 5 kinds of 2 marriage cannot be married 2 marriage male not be the show that loves you very much

2 marriage male not be the show that loves you very much

Also explain likewise, the man that likes you and the man that love you are the oldest differring is former what love most is him, and the person that latter loves most is you. Meeting conversion ponders over the man that loves you, also can be in when having a sentiment, oneself are digested, because he hates to part with you sad. The man that likes you always lets you wait, the man that loves you is willing to wait for you. Former it is firm when beginning to meet, send his respects to by every means to you, and lived to be together truly finish is not known cherish, and the person that loves you hopes to follow you long, whatever moment can is opposite your constant.

Man of 5 kinds of 2 marriage cannot be married 2 marriage male not be the show that loves you very much

How to judge 2 marriage man to be able to be married

One, should see moral character and culture.

A man, if accomplishment is good, won’t say cloddish word, the word of name-calling, encounter a problem to if moral character is good,can solve; with polite way, mix in the ways one gets along with others when getting along with the person, won’t haggle over every ounce. Such man won’t get angry in disorder normally, also can know Leng Zhi to heat up to the woman.

2, should look filial.

Filial piety path is the traditional goodness of the Chinese nation, if the man is right parents is not filial, do not sufficient if raising an old person, so such man, it is a man of undeserved entrust all one’s life. Especially 2 marriage man, if he is not filial parents, then he also won’t care to his wife in the future and show consideration for.

3, should see a man ” 3 view ” .

The reason that 2 marriage man divorces each are not identical, want the word of the choice, whether are the 3 outlook that must see him accorded with with oneself, thought and heart are can Xiang Rong arrives one case. If join the 3 Taoist temple of at least the word of short of consensus, so the life affirms meeting occurrence problem together, marriage also won’t go too far.

Man of 5 kinds of 2 marriage cannot be married 2 marriage male not be the show that loves you very much

Have this at 3 o’clock 2 marriage man of the feature cannot be married

One his divorce before long, went one case with you

He divorces without how long, the man that takes with you cannot be married quite. The failure of a paragraph of marriage, not be one the individual’s reason, it is because of husband and wife two people appear in marriage the problem is inextricability, just can bring about come in order to divorce wind up. No matter be principle problem, have two the individual’s reasons, what the divorce often represents is the contradictory ability that in marriage was not being solved inside on one paragraph of marriage, appears. He did not solve the ability of marital problem, do not go meditating oneself, go growing. Enter a paragraph of relation quickly actually instead. Proved a bit feature of this individual only, do not have the ability that grow namely. He still does not have discovery problem and the ability that solve a problem, enter a paragraph of new sentiment, also explained he is irresponsible to affective, it is with rate sex. Very much person thinks to divorce even if appear to on one paragraph of marriage the settlement of the problem, this is a result only. Real problem is not faced, still can appear later. Than like a man his salary does not give wife. Because he still wants to have,its main reason is ” play ” capital. So below one paragraph of marriage, he may learn this good, give a wife salary, but him ” play ” the heart still has. The heart that real reason is him does not yearn for a family, he is not willing to abandon his freedom for his sweetheart for the family.

2 there is bounds when getting along with the woman

Some 2 marriage men very the jubilation that enrols a woman, a kind of glamour that this is not him brings about. Because he can give others the chance,this is. In the interactive process of man and woman, a movement can release an eyes a signal. Can be opposite when this man when all women that oneself see go up release signal, have naturally look to go up he such. After man of this 2 marriage divorces lone such he is OK going to that do. But the concern that had had a paragraph to decide when him, like his person or add only do not decrease, the dividing line when perhaps getting along with other schoolgirl is not clear. Such man student cannot be married. Because of him ” love plays ” . One wants marrier truly, one loves the man of woman of edge of the upper part of the body really, and other any the contact that the woman nods even how won’t have, because undeserved the sweetheart that lets oneself for them gets hurt.

3 pairs of your dishonesty

A man loves you, see him wish to not be willing to say true word to you. Some 2 marriage men experienced the marriage of a paragraph of failure, they do not think this is this fault, what can think this is the other side is wrong. When he has such idea, he often can appear to the woman beside dishonest, it is to be not respected even, the behavior that does not cherish. Some women because ” maternity is sent greatly ” , can go understanding such schoolboy, think because he gets the account of harm last time,this is. But of a paragraph of harm that marital failure suffers is two people, and he puts all faults to the body of the other side, make harm even beside the person’s behavior, this is a kind of incompetent expression. Face this kind of man do not respect, do not need to understand hollowly, be far from such person however.

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