The stepmother that how does a tall affection business has done a stepmother

Become actually stepmother is very not easy, how had handled oneself the position between child and husband, only both hold an ability concurrently to live more perfect happiness, need too tall favour when stepmother business.

How to do the stepmother of a tall affection business

Do stepmother key to want to had adjusted his state of mind, it is very to the child must, but thinking the child to also can be opposite in the future I am good. I do stepmother already 7 years, write down Denanian to just took his door, his daughter is in charge of me to cry ” hey ” , no matter how is he scolded, his daughter does not correct oneself namely. I this ” hey ” wash clothes to her cooked two years, just upgrade into ” aunt ” . I sometimes very angry also, but think better of thinks again, she is a child after all, cannot pay no attention to me because of her I am in with respect to bear grudges heart, the thing that a mother should do, I should be done for her. If you often think him move is stepmother, the child won’t agree with you forever. The child that is bringing oneself severally remarries I and my husband, marry these year, we this 4 special home passes pretty is harmoniously. I and husband have a consensus, want to make the child clear namely, we are not your one’s own parents, but there are the right that teachs you and responsibility like us. I have a friend, also was to do stepmother, always be afraid that people says she is bad to the child, right outside the home in the home child always follow sb’s advice, more not bad than one’s own son to him, the result does those who derive from personal gloomy always still how to do good stepmother,

The stepmother that how does a tall affection business has done a stepmother

How had done a stepmother

Do not want exorbitant to please the child, treat him with normal manner, can become a friend with him, but cannot compromise on principle problem, want to feel from the heart oneself are the mother of this child, he has do wrong place to also want criticism. Ask you to regard the child as oneself kiss parturient look upon to care, build a parent with this child relation, although after stepmother child, also can mother Ci Zixiao, if one’s own is general. New-laid baby, won’t opposite mother has any close feeling, it is in the mother one’s own wishful thinking is caressed below, aroused close passion of the child. As a whole, you must take exercise like this child, loved to go up truly however this child. In those days, you can be revealed unselfish mother love and include and clear care, calculating the child is an ice also can melt.

The stepmother that how does a tall affection business has done a stepmother

How to become good stepmother

Treat the child what should do him one’s own euqally, so meet very simple. This kind of view too not suit is actual, not be the flesh that drops on him body after all, how can you resemble be being treated of one’s own euqally? Cannot resemble be being treated of one’s own euqally, but the duty that still should have used up a mother, be pair of sweethearts is responsible, also be pair of children is responsible. But say,stepmother beats and scold the child’s phenomenon is to see repeatedly incessant, but this is not the business that we should do, do not say stepmother first this how, kissing what Mom beats and scold him namely also still is not should. Be in when stepmother when teaching the child, a kind of best means is to think method and child become a friend, after should becoming a friend, this distance between gets the other pull close, also can make good bedding for better communication. The teleplay of subject matter of a lot of stepmother has fair referenced value, but do not be opposite certainly every child is applicable, how to discover the method that suits oneself most so, just be the urgent affairs when stepmother. Everything thinks more from the child’s angle, indescribable come out more a mom, change whose whose metropolis incommensurate, but this kind incommensurate it is temporary only, actually comfortable stress of the child is very strong, the method that wants us only is accurate, hold to proper time again, bad relation also can improve slowly, two people get along like the friend finally already pretty good. How to become good stepmother, what stepfather of a lot of stepmother in the life treats the child to compare one’s own even is not bad, these are worth us to learn really, you let the child experience the care to him, also can like the child is naturally to go up so you, if say,be you destroyed father intentionally once marriage, so the child may avoid hates you, this kind of relation is really bad to get along.

The stepmother that how does a tall affection business has done a stepmother

Make the note of stepmother

One, do not try to let the child like you, love you. ?

2, the snout that does not go imitating mother of child one’s own to talk to him and educational means.

3, even if,do not missay before the child, make he says already.

4, the demand that does not reject the child directly, this kind of thing that plays the part of evil person lets his father do. Remember, say when you ” not ” when, you are stepmother.

5, do not send the child too much gift, that meeting lets him feel you are in bribe him.

6, do not fit very lively pattern, him reluctance becomes one with with the child.

7, do not hold the post of him tender feelings to run rampant, especially when you still do not have the child.

8, do not want expectation get one’s own back, envisage the child’s can one day strong to your generation feeling and deep-felt gratitude, this kind of possibility has, but very small.

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