40 years old of women still are necessary to divorce divorce of 40 years old of women wants the child or not be close friends

After the woman arrived 40 years old, do a lot of decisions to be able to embarrass quite actually, especially the female with not happy marriage, some people can be persuaded 40 years old, bear bear went, so, is what didn’t 40 years old of women divorce really necessary?

Are 40 years old of women still necessary to divorce

If fruit is not happy really and if cannot be being improved, be necessary to divorce of course.

Lose relationship of valued husband and wife, be cannot of healthy progress. The ancients often says, husband and wife’s best condition is Xiang Jingru guest. And ” respect ” it is valued meaning, somebody very feel puzzled, had been husband and wife, what to respect even, even diffident life? Actually, we can change an angle to want, treat a fellow worker outside when us, when treating a partner, deal when, we always can accomplish esteem, only such ability get the esteem of the other side and credit.

40 years old of women still are necessary to divorce divorce of 40 years old of women wants the child or not be close friends

40 years old of women divorce to want the child or not be close friends

Want to see you whether plan to remarry, and female him itself economic condition.

1, the child does not want after the divorce, some likelihoods are not to stem from original idea, take legal order case, want those who view a court finally to decide, nature of this kind of circumstance cannot be together with the child.

2, after the woman divorces, remarry the child can be become pull stumble. Stepfather also can cause psychology to affect to the child is psychological shadow even. Of course, if the man remarries, can face similar problem as much. But after all man, there is dominant place in a home.

3, economic reason. Mostly family economic actual strength of the woman is inferior to a man, to give the child a better environment, make the child better grow, abandon the child raising advantageous position

4, the child can make the tie with former husband, for disengage, major schoolgirl abandoned the child raising advantageous position.

40 years old of women still are necessary to divorce divorce of 40 years old of women wants the child or not be close friends

Can divorce of 40 years old of women regret

The first, ms. Chen: Never regret.

I am divorce that 42 years old years, had gone 2 years to now, never had regretted.

The marriage of inferior quality is what be inferior to high quality really is lone, be in before in that paragraph of marriage, I am complete ” amah ” . The time passes heavily clinking, hinder at the age, the divorce also is to fall decided very big determination. But true now rejoice at the outset decision, the way that can like according to oneself eventually goes passing each days.

The biggest feeling after the divorce, it is relaxed, did not have so much before weight, who need not serve again, also need not see whose look again, looked for oneself.

The 2nd, ms. Zhu: Do not regret.

Divorce that year with former husband, I am 37 years old, because he betrayed our love,the reason of the divorce is. Just began me to excuse him really, basically be to look to go up in the child’s portion, but I discover finally, I cannot persuade myself at all, two people also are not answered again previously. The jealousy that I can cannot help he, cannot help turn over old debt with him, and he is before me, also be all the time the sort of cautious, that day makes me particularly intolerable, two people are very embarrassed.

Do not regret to divorce, because very clear even if also is answered together,be less than the past. With its two people pass so depressively together, be inferior to helping sb to fulfill his wishes severally the other side goes pursueing happiness.

The 3rd, ms. Deng: What regrets.

I feel, resemble us the woman of this age, what see the family commonly is particularly important. If not be the share with was forced fair,go up, won’t choose to divorce absolutely, indirect sex explains, the woman bore a lot of harm and despair.

After divorcing so, should regret without a few meetings, if say to regret really, regret to fail to divorce earlier.

Because discover after the divorce, a life is vivid really very happy and cheesy, again also nobody enrages him, also can harm oneself without the person. What regrets, say to regret should be because of oneself problem divorce.

40 years old of women still are necessary to divorce divorce of 40 years old of women wants the child or not be close friends

40 years old of women divorce to be spent how correctly

1, the woman of the divorce should give sad stationary point time

Foluolunsifuerke says psychotherapy division, after the divorce, be become suddenly empty by the interior corner of cram originally, although the experience in this corner is not good. To associate with, you still may hold a lot of regrets or repent, can let oneself be immersed in sadness in this phase, but do not pester all the time do not put.

2, the wife of the divorce should go from inside divorce shadow as soon as possible.

When faint change marriage shows besides when, the divorce is a sensible choice, can give oneself a remedial chance. Divorce woman most in the shadow that be shy with strangers lived in the past, only as soon as possible repair pain, ability holds future to live, should take the advantage of especially young still, cherish oneself well. Can be done after the divorce do hairdressing, improve dark heavy skin; can attend body training class, it is OK to restore the slim figure; previously to be returned conditionally go out to travel, the eye shot that widens oneself, these activities conduce to forget the past, make oneself heavy pick up self-confidence, meet the challenge of new life.

3, the woman of the divorce should suit beside the life that does not have him.

The divorce did not have support beside the woman, important matter little affection needs him to get together, besides in the still of night outside alone loneliness, all sorts of difficulty also can be encountered on the life, accept reality to be faced bravely only, ability gets used to the life that does not have him as soon as possible. Feminine divorce is not terrible, very much female leaving other is well off also, can follow the female friend communication with same situation more, study draws lessons from their good way of life. Also can do some of business that want to do before the divorce and does without time, enter some of social activity for instance, chat with the friend shop take a walk, be beneficial to the life after contented divorce.

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