Resume marriage after the divorce calculate 2 marriage the woman has resumed marriage or had remarried

Marital concern has a lot of to plant, choice of the meeting after some people divorce resumes marriage or 2 marriage, resume marriage and 2 marriage are distinguished somewhat, resuming marriage is restore marriage to concern afresh with former partner, 2 marriage are marry again with new target.

Resume marriage after the divorce calculate 2 marriage

This is not marriage the 2nd, but it is called to resume marriage, because resume marriage,mix with first time marriage remarrying is different. Remarry to divorce and marry can be before afresh, also can be to marry to no matter which are planted,remarry not to place regale greatly with divorce; afresh, otherwise, otherwise everybody can think this husband and wife is to think money thinks mad, changing the law wants to let everybody send money to them.

Resume marriage after the divorce calculate 2 marriage the woman has resumed marriage or had remarried

The woman has resumed marriage or had remarried

Resume marriage with remarry to have respective profit, choose to divorce at the outset after all, to most person, it is this paragraph of feeling held on again without method really, basically come say feeling has been effaced, chose to divorce so. Resume marriage great majority is a variety of reasons because of the child, feel so put up with, such, resume marriage. But the result that brings about finally can be what kind of, everybody does not expect actually. Because some people had divorced, knew to cherish the feeling between each other, know reform, mutual between much include with show sympathy, it is better that the day also is crossed. But if resume marriage hind, really the dog cannot change a lot of people to eat excrement, it is original defect as before, and still have perform the trend that exceeds intense more, such resuming marriage that meet only again bring about oneself all of body and mind is exhausted. And remarrying is to know and contact a person anew, also have the part of luck. Had encountered so you are happy, encounter broken bits occasionally actually your discovery still perhaps is inferior to you in front that one. It is after all so had resumed marriage or remarrying say to forbid, it is with particular case accurate, when so the woman is making a choice must particular case is particular consideration.

Resume marriage after the divorce calculate 2 marriage the woman has resumed marriage or had remarried

Resume marriage with remarry what differs

One, the definition that resume marriage and remarries is different resuming marriage is to show the both sides of male and female that already divorced restores relation of husband and wife of one’s own accord, to marriage the mechanism that register is dealt with afresh marry the formalities that register, the behavior that new establishment marriage concerns. Resuming marriage is action of a kind of law. Remarrying is the behavior that shows the one party that already lost a spouse or already divorced and others get married again. Remarrying also is action of a kind of law.

2, resume marriage with remarry the object is different the former to seeming spouse that resume marriage, and digamous object is not former spouse, however new target.

3, resume marriage to differ with digamous premise resuming marriage is once concluded with both sides marriage ever was husband and wife is premise namely. Basis ” marriage law ” the 28th regulation: “After the divorce, both sides of male and female restores husband and wife to concern of one’s own accord, answer to register mechanism to undertake resuming marriage registering to marriage. ” this shows, the both sides after the divorce marries again, doing husband and wife afresh just is to resume marriage, become possibly otherwise remarry. And digamous premise is the divorce behavior before effective, and limit case without what cannot marry. If do not stop former marriage to concern to marry again, form bigamy.

4, resume marriage to differ with digamous program digamous program and conjugal process are same, differring a bit more exclusively is to need to examine party the program that the effectiveness; of previous divorce behavior resumes marriage and marry the program is similar, must be both sides of male and female is stemmed from freewill, either force or the interference of other. But have two big a little bit to differ: ① bilateral party must kiss before marital greffier comfortable ” application resumes marriage the declaration that register ” in ” statement person ” one column signs or press finger mark. ② is dealt with resume marriage after the formalities that register, want card of will former divorce or forensic judgment (or intercessory book) cancel, send resume marriage the card that register, ability produces legal effectiveness. According to new judicatory explanation, belongings of intersected of the place when the divorce, belong to an individual namely after become effective all, unless party is freewill, the marriage that marries in the next otherwise still is an individual in the relation all. This judicatory explanation is likewise applicable resume marriage and remarry these two completely different law behavior. Remarry and resume marriage the continuity that the marriage of a composition concerns not to have law, it is two behavior, they are the two marriage relation of respective independence. Because this is in new before freshness marriage, belongings still is independence. Marriage is the very important segment in life, a lot of people to marriage also be especially other take seriously. Although be different from,resume marriage remarry, but a kind of pursuit that both is pair of good marriage. Manage clear bigamy differs with what remarry, also be to protect oneself legitimate rights and interests at the same time.

Resume marriage after the divorce calculate 2 marriage the woman has resumed marriage or had remarried

Why would rather 2 marriage cannot resume marriage

One, the result after resuming marriage often is inferior to person meaning.

The reason of the divorce has each different, after some people divorce before long, alone perhaps, what perhaps remembered predecessor is good, perhaps searched big round one to was not found appropriate, do not be willing again one individual life, wanted to resume marriage again. If be the need that stems from oneself merely, was not absorbed at all or sum up the lesson that on one paragraph of marriage fails, do not know where crucial point of marital relation cracked is, go changing him itself and the manner that handle the other side and way without specific aim ground. Plus before paragraph marriage leaves a few ” hard injury ” also did not solve, resume marriage to resume marriage merely, want to had been been attributed to again with the other side with respect to ground of leave no stone unturned. Below this kind of circumstance, even if resumes marriage successful, this paragraph of marriage still has ” ill ” marriage, the problem that appears before still can appear again, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the life after the result resumes marriage still is unfortunate blessing, brought about even divorce again. We often say, a person cannot be in same the place falls twice. The person that the marriage after resuming marriage fails again, reach reason end very easily resume marriage this thing itself, and did not go looking for real reason. Look in other people, just also saw the consequence of unfortunate blessing lives after he resumes marriage, go pondering over the reason inside without the person, can produce unilateral cognitive error, it is not as good as 2 marriage to feel to resume marriage. Actually, there also is the case that relation of a lot of marriages after resuming marriage improves greatly in real life.

2, the nature that going after new move is a person.

Tell the truth, the divorce feels the other side is bad to just leave for certain. Knowing perfectly well is hole, do not have how many person to be able to be willing to jump down again. The person of the divorce, go wanting to resume marriage rarely, basically place happiness on below one paragraph of marriage. Going after new move is the person’s nature. After the divorce, begin a paragraph of new amour afresh, those who enjoy is fresh and happy, the room that oneself develop is very big also, this and want to resume marriage, redeem, the route that take is different, former feeling may be relaxed joy, latter walking is hard, who does not think the life that lets whose is full of passion everyday? Choose afresh, everything is new, the hope that places to future is very big, like remarry and divorcing, also be the opportunity that life changes to a lot of people, have new deuterogamy object, most person can try, is not to choose to resume marriage with predecessor. In fact, choose 2 marriage, be equal to rebuild a kind of new-style marriage concerns. Because have the experience that on one paragraph of marriage fails and lesson, the person of 2 marriage can be paid attention to more defend new marital concern, reduce the machine rate that marriage fails. Be summed up with a word even if, resuming marriage is to repeat, 2 marriage are an attempt.

3, good horse does not eat later rough idea is in cause trouble.

Our thought and behavior, constant regular meeting is affected by a few old ideas. To marriage this goes up, what a lot of people pursue is ” good horse does not eat later careless ” . Actually, itself of this kind of idea is worth deliberate. The person of the divorce has sufferred last time marital harm, a lot of people are not willing to choose willing account, do not want to face the person in the past, bygone again namely, although return the past, those pain also are forgotten hard. The person is hasten benefit avoids kill, since had been cast off, abandon, do not think again pick up, it is to be face sometimes, it is sometimes harm to do not want to get again, repeat the life in the past. Not be willing to choose to resume marriage also is not to wish the road back to one’s former position, in our traditional idea, most of the road back to one’s former position is bad to go, the result is most also bad. When resembling marrying, a lot of receive close car, would rather circle big round one also won’t choose former road to return, this is old idea in do not take the road back to one’s former position. Below idea of this kind of idea, a lot of people would rather choose to look for again new, also won’t take the road back to one’s former position that resume marriage. Actually, resume marriage it may not be a bad idea, 2 marriage it may not be a bad idea. It is compositive form of marriage nevertheless, decisive action is less than since the quality to marriage and matrimony. Those who decide marital quality still is the person in marriage, do not know management marriage, do not handle the other side attentively, think marriage is eat regularly in simply get along, such marriage can give an issue sooner or later. Good husband and wife concerns, should resemble what sing in the song in that way ” the structure of person handwriting is propped up each other namely ” , two people close love, understanding, support each other, ability can make what marriage goes far, those who go is long.

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