Cope with Mom treasure male husband how to answer Mom treasure male husband

Mom treasure male husband should be most female very the kind of a kind of husband that does not want, the husband of this kind of type often definite idea of it doesn’t matter, spend to the dependence of own mom extremely tall, so if married a Mom treasure male husband, how should get along?

How to meet Mom treasure male husband

1 society conversion thinks

Love you very much when a man actually when, he also is to want treasure of give up Mom male of this habit, but as a result of the life characteristics of two, it is unable to do what one wants very much to do inside brief time, every time he speaks that ” what does my Mom say of what ” when, actually cerebrum is involuntary, the angle that if you want to allow this man,stands in you more later so will ponder over the word of the problem, you think with respect to much conversion, if your mother-in-law is yourself’s mother, can you also follow the think of a way like husband that? Besides much conversion ponders over yourself to also be met not so nest is angry.

2 invite his recognize problem

The schoolgirl often is such, oneself a person is born there fuggy, your husband returns the likelihood none conscious. You should let him realize you have past Mom treasure now male trend develops, after wanting to let him know amative marriage, you are community of a life two actually, his former unripe family with oneself now is alone individual, not total at every turn consults his mom, and serve as the host of a family, a lot of things need pron yourselves to discussing to was done.

3 be good at fostering

I say Mom treasure male actually very easy mix teachs, is your letter believed? Listen to the person of him mother word because of an everything, the individual consciousness that shows this person is not intense still, still do not have very strong own consciousness, since his mother is OK,so tone teachs, why as the wife are you not OK that? Do not consider as him the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch of your mother-in-law, he also can be your faithful vermicelli made from bean starch later.

4 be good at doing well wife and mother concerns

Your other in part so if listening to your mother-in-law, so you must be gotten do well wife and mother concerns, do not have boast of thing much praise your mother-in-law, best method is not present boast him, pass boast of a third party however, what meaning that? That is to say if you are present if your mother-in-law meal does boast well to be able to be gotten 10 minutes, so if be the A next door,beautiful aunt says with your mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law says you cook every day do well, that horse such with respect to 100 minutes, the person with same so different word says different result. Processing wants to be able to use bit of little skill appropriately on relation of wife and mother.

Cope with Mom treasure male husband how to answer Mom treasure male husband

How to answer Mom treasure male husband

The first, mother-in-law of make a psychological attack, obtain a mother-in-law to approbate, disintegrate mother child battlefront. From hobby proceed with of the mother-in-law, the life of intervening mother-in-law.

For instance, the mother-in-law likes to hit mahjong, you often can accompany her to play, when playing, expert a few, do not go plan gain and loss, if the likelihood often makes her much,win a few. As time passes, she can be fallen in love with certainly and you hit mahjong.

My friend enrols male husband of treasure of complete conquer Mom with this namely. Once, the sanitation in the home was not done, my that friend and mother-in-law hit mahjong, husband comes over to call her to pull the land, voice is very big. Because, he believes his close Mom can support him certainly, can not think of, his close Mom says however: “Your old man, do not want what bagatelle to make wife dry, yourself also should learn to do bit of chore! Yourself also should learn to do bit of chore!!

My that friend does not have make a sound, actually the heart is in titter. From now on husband went to her manner a lot of, and still oppose with mom occasionally rise. This moment, she still is mediated from which, with one action of it may be said is much: Repair it is husband of treasure of Mom of relation of wife and mother, change, good to still was established daughter-in-law figure.

This is an example only merely, as to treasure of good like where manage Mom male medium wife and mother concerns cannot copy word for word, but can give you a lot of inspire.

The 2nd, the united front that expands in husband’s family, strive for support of more public opinion.

If you discover the mother-in-law’s thought is obstinate, to your hate sb’s guts, change very hard. So this moment, you can change position, solidarity is other force.

For instance: Unitive farther-in-law, the grandfather grandma of husband of unitive Mom treasure (if have) , husband of unitive Mom treasure the authoritative personage in everybody a group of things with common features (it is social class normally pretty good still, suffer the elder) that the person respects, unitive means has a lot of kinds, this is the content inside relation business administration, here I do not exhibit begin lecturing.

The 3rd, the independent consciousness that fosters the man.

Main way is with the mother-in-law departure lives, encourage the husband to challenge ego in the job. When self-worth feeling promotion of the husband rises, he can enjoy the advanced pleasure that this kind of self-worth realizes, he also can change the intention of Mom treasure slowly.

The 4th, seek the solution with the mood of understanding, cause the husband to think over.

A lot of moment, wife and Mom treasure male it is very difficult to get along the anger of suppress heart, this meeting destroys regular communication pattern directly, once regular communication pattern is destroyed, the dialog is inextricability problem, just cause more intense brawl, deepen contradiction.

So, what is the mood with understanding seeks the solution? The fine that basically is understanding mother-in-law suffers from the intention, discuss the ability quality that faces life pressure place need to have independently in the future together with the husband next.

You can say with him, so old Mom nots allow really easy, we often let her worry about also is not method, later mummy age became old the body is bad, must still want us to take care of? You look, is what we make the younger generation to should take the advantage of young effort to make money?

Cope with Mom treasure male husband how to answer Mom treasure male husband

Marry Mom treasure male what should notice

1, you are in relation of this paragraph of marriage, what is core requirement, you can bear what kind of rate for this core requirement.

2, you have ability to handle relation of complex husband’s family, you have ability to weigh model the character of your husband.

Cope with Mom treasure male husband how to answer Mom treasure male husband

The characteristic of Mom treasure male husband

Mom treasure male the esteem mom that goes up with common sense, give presents mother has substaintial distinction. Mom treasure male ultimate goal is the voice that wants a wife, from the efface in this family. Whats listen of mom, mom is incorrect and OK self-effacing, mom wants you overly to include. Anyhow, in this family, you do not have talking right, no matter be opposite with the fault, no matter be to convey a view to still offer a proposal, you do not have the door!

Someone says, have not only ” Mom treasure male ” , still have ” pa treasure male ” , ” elder sister treasure male ” etc a series of ” X treasure male ” . Actually, this backside has a common cause — the man did not realize character independence from beginning to end in growing process! Independent without character, produced affection attaching thereby.

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