Wife got angry to send life of what gift good wife what to send the flower

After offending wife to get angry every time, man of after the event special also regret, want to buy a gift to give her the apology, buy a few little gifts to send her according to her be fond of, the woman is more perceptual mostly, remember those who ache wife is to use those who fool to mix.

It wife got angry what to send the gift is good that wife got angry what to send the gift

1, bag

Mostly the woman fondles admiringly to including a package, when going out, always like to carrying it. If your wife is a person that loves a bag, it is certain that that sends her this gift the rage that can let her reduces most.

2, cosmetic

The woman loves the United States, even if conjugal woman. Send wife one suits wife cutaneous cosmetic, likelihood him wife not be willing to part with or use is bought send a cosmetic to be met to wife very glad.

3, headgear

Serve a sweethearts is installed or sweethearts headgear, for instance watch, hand catenary quite good also, two people put on sweethearts to install headgear of the sweethearts on the belt to be able to let each other more close.

4, lasting love letter

Lasting love letter, expression never abate and permanent saved love, the love with deep long bamboo slip culture, nifty language, true source and course, when believing she receives a such unique gifts, regular meeting has the sort of long-unseen sensation, understand you are right she that deep love not as days elapse and turn weak. Send this gift to give a girlfriend, believe her to affirmative meeting is convinced by you and be touched, the intention that what compares such expression and love are more important.

5, I am sorry, I am wrong

This abreacts pig, you flap it is one, it responds to you one is like: Dear, did not hit ” ; ” do not make a face ” ; ” do not take me to vent one’s anger, my bad luck which ” ; ” ah ah, help ah ” ; ” good feel well ah, hit then ” ; ” I ache, toot toots ” ; ” I am guilty, I should be hit ” ; ” the fault that is me, let you fall in love with me ” ; ” My God, too cruel, I am good be afraid of be afraid of ” ; entire content by transcribe of dub of announcer of famous broadcasting station, similar speech random revolve, extremely all do laugh. This sends to give you the girlfriend when the girlfriend is angry, can let her absolutely ” cannot help laughing, laugh at laugh so hard as to spew one’s food ” , it is to replace you to communicate the tool with best apology, what also can show you is lovely the sincerity with the apology.

Wife got angry to send life of what gift good wife what to send the flower

What does wife life send the flower

General yellow rose has apologetic meaning, had better send 33 branches yellow rose, if want expression love is grumous choose red rose.

One: 33 branches yellow rose, greenery, all over the sky astral surrounding edge, pink the circle packs an edge paper double deck, blue bowknot.

Beautiful words explains: It is my ignorance, the heart; that hurt you is me is harum-scarum, broke off the wing; of love is me is capricious, becloud the eye; of love wishs your adult is many, excuse me I am a lot of and innocent!

2: 11 branches red rose, china pink plum (or all over the sky star) , greenery ornament, liner pink tissue, external use is blue-black circle of crepe paper pointed horn is packed, sky-blue lacy bundle plunge into.

Beautiful words explains: In my heart, have a hut that opens wide the door for you, its name makes love, I hide him in that the warmest corner from beginning to end, awaiting you to be able to live inside, make me double care you, cherish you! Become your forever guardianship angel.

3: Lily of perfume of pink of 8 branches bull, all over the sky ornament of star, oriole, pointed horn circle packs pink crepe paper, pink bowknot.

Beautiful words explains: Fall in love with you, my heart produces a lot of love everyday, this is the need to you. Love you beautiful and attractive, love you kind-hearted and lovely, love your justice brave; I rose that day from what see you to your love, send irremediable.

Wife got angry to send life of what gift good wife what to send the flower

How comfort him wife mood is bad

1, let wife know somebody is more miserable than her

If you can let wife know to come from formerly beside oneself,somebody is returned than her miserable, her mood nature can ameliorate slowly. So say your not very understands the likelihood, I cite a case: The office is made approve by the teacher when reading, be very afflictive? But if latter somebody accompanies you,be scolded by the teacher together, that mood nature has been met, even if the other side is even more miserable than you, when be being scolded even fiercely by the teacher, you can feel happy you are not the most miserable secretly that. Manage together, you comfort wife to also can use such method.

2, the job that produces to make her happier

This one comforted effect is actually far not former so good, but it can help wife alleviate temporarily however current mood. For example she was taught a lesson by the boss, you should be the mood that takes care of her for a short while, can comfort say: So certain very afflictive? How is he OK so bully a person? Take her to abreact namely next, besides the side she partakes vexed, you should take her to do happier business, you can take her to eat big food, you can take her to do the business of a few amused excitement, and deepened your feeling again so. Because have between you ” collective secret ” . Conversely, if be according to you previously comfort strategy, such comparativing bad, although this is our man is idiomatic,comfort a road. But comfort a woman this one won’ted do. You also should know, feminine thinking is perceptual, the man raises a question is to want its means of settlement, and the woman raises a question more it is to emphasize particularly on its sensibility. That is to say, they are solved to problem itself did not care, they care only how to make oneself happy rise.

Wife got angry to send life of what gift good wife what to send the flower

The woman loves audition disgusting lovers’ prattle

1. ” I believe you “

No matter accredit is to be in feeling, still be indispensable in the life, because,a lot of people are met I believe you, feel set one’s mind at, the woman also is such. Compare Yu Nan’s person, the wife is working and need to get admissive more in the life, they need to be informed their value, know oneself meaning, have a lot of time, people adds feminine value on the man’s body, also feel the woman should not do a lot of works, accordingly, very much woman can become because of this self-abased, perhaps say some are not self-confident. This moment, a of the man ” I believe you ” should compare all lovers’ prattle more valuable, the woman is effeminate, they need the man’s protection, also need a man likewise approbate, in the man’s eye, the woman got admissive, so this woman is met clinking happy with happiness. One simple I believe you, gifted too much love and feeling, accordingly, compared with those honey-tongued, the man’s affirmation lets a woman more easily one’s mind disturbed.

2. ” do not be afraid of, I am in “

Life is full of setback and challenge everywhere, when difficulty comes, the woman can become commonly very flimsy, what they need is a solid shoulder, a safe support. So, this moment, even if is the lovers’ prattle that you said very meaty hemp, the woman also can not let go in certainly, ” do not be afraid of, I am in ” , can let a woman become more have safe feeling, they need to know, the man can become their backup force, any moment have a person so stand fast oneself. What the man needs to do is to give a woman a home, accordingly, in feminine heart, the feeling to the man is support, they are willing to pay their to the man, in the meantime, they also hope to get a response, need to know, the man cares about him.

3. ” not too tired “

In love, or in affection, can speak fasten too tired man often very few, think in them, in process of association of male and female, saying word is certain the lovers’ prattle that if the sort of blushing,throbs, actually otherwise. When anybody has tired out overworked, the woman is not exceptional also of course, any the woman does not want to do a female strong person, it is some moment only they endured too much pressure really. One of the man is fastened too tired, give a woman more feeling is warm, can let them feel strong to measure for an instant, an understanding man, compare far smooth-tongued more let a woman like.

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