Spend the New Year go to boy friend home appropriate go to boy friend home spending the New Year take what gift

When wanting to spend the New Year immediately, the sweethearts in a lot of be passionately in love is discussing otherwise to want to pay a New Year call for certain, so, does if the girl plans to go in boy friend home,need take a gift?

Spend the New Year go to boy friend home appropriate

One, you had not concerned twice certainly

The first kind of circumstance is had not concerned certainly between you, below such circumstance, the schoolgirl still does not go in home of the other side, when spending the New Year especially. Pay attention to these very much in old person eye, spend the New Year commonly the schoolgirl that comes from personal home, the accurate daughter-in-law that is oneself then, you think, even if not so eventful, yourself went seeing a someone one everybody child person, parted company with the boy friend again later, how does the family member that invites him think you, your boy friend is afraid uneasy also.

So, before the schoolgirl is returning affirmatory without the boy friend with you relationship, not rapid move goes to family home, especially very much now youth to feeling not be to be valued very much, love today should want work to death, will change an ambiguous target then tomorrow, you say her schoolgirl runs man home spends the New Year, did the friends that invite you know much worse? Especially the short neighbor neighbour in those parents, when doing not have a thing, like rearward chatter root, still show to moment your what adventitious says, does the boy friend that can then you still run to look for you again say to be clear about?

2, you had concerned twice certainly

Had concerned certainly when you, so the thing that the daughter-in-law that becomes a family is morning and evening, this time goes spending the New Year in family home, it is a kind of esteem to the man, if the family member of your family and man does not object, that is possible. But those who remind you is, if had wanted to want to go to man home spending the New Year, so before still had better be the family that inquire for one side sees the man, do not let become awkward between you, when spending the New Year, most is 8 mother’s eldest sister of 7 great aunt, affirmative meeting is pulling you to keep talking, this moment, the grandpa mother-in-law that you did not come to can be your emancipator.

If the schoolgirl wants to spend the New Year, must remember taking a few gifts, empty-handed is very clodhopping behavior, also can make your husband’s father and mother big to your impression sell at a discount. You also yourself should not want to had not married to fall the next does not know courteous fame, so, must remember taking a gift, and the thing that buys a few old people to like even, the image that projects its place to just can be yourself very much adds cent!

Spend the New Year go to boy friend home appropriate go to boy friend home spending the New Year take what gift

Go to boy friend home spending the New Year take what gift

1. originality gift is recommended

[applicable object] trendy parents

[the gift is recommended] send hairdressing check to the mother, send fitness to block; to book marriage gauze to illuminate to father, let parents review in those days romantic; signs up for a tourism travel group, it is OK still to let parents see; of great river north and south come to the photograph gather up of the family, custom-built album of a memory, the collection is better into VCD.

2. health gift is recommended

[applicable object] the parents with older age

[the gift is recommended] health feeds category, the health care that resembles can improving fat of hypertensive, tall blood, tall blood sugar is tasted, prevent the calcium tablet of osteoporosis, the; instrument such as the milk powder of compensatory nutrition kind, parental age is old, want beware of all sorts of senile diseases, can send; of pillow of chance of tonometer, sufficient cure, massage chair, health care motion kind, send ran shoe to encourage parents to canter, too extremely fan even square dance dress is OK.

3. is practical model the gift is recommended

[applicable object] economizing parents

[the gift is recommended] electric equipment kind, resemble arrange machine, extract fruit juice, dozen meat stuffing, wear soya-bean milk every kind be expert at, go to the lavatory already healthy, after all outside the food of treatment is not safe; dress kind, parents hates to part with the clothing that try to win sb’s favor orders to wear usually, you can serve the heat preservation underwear of class and eider down to take, tell them the price not expensive; is other even, resemble and so on of razor, vacuum cup, small furniture, OK, see parents what be short of.

4. face gift is recommended

[applicable object] the parents of a bit small vanity

[the gift is recommended] parents also has vanity, also can be concerned about face-saving, might as well so it is good to cast its place, send a few high quality gifts, for instance dress of leather belt of billfold of famous brand watch, famous brand, famous brand, notebook computer, smartphone is pretty good also, church parents gets online, see a movie, shop, with you video is OK, not only times have outer part, also widened eye shot, shop to still can bring advantage to their life.

Spend the New Year go to boy friend home appropriate go to boy friend home spending the New Year take what gift

Go to boy friend home spending the New Year for the first time it what buy is good to what buy

If be love of firm Tan Lian, below the situation that you do not understand completely to parents of the other side, recommend you to send flower and red wine.

This different always won’t wrong, also won’t too over- , let the other side feel you had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce. The flower also is to have cultured, do not send as far as possible like the youth in that way bouquet, bouquet looks total some are gewgaw the meaning that lets a person feel feeling is false. The flower that can send a few implied meaning to had been compared is potted. Butterfly orchid is a right choice, implied meaning of restful perhaps tree is first-rate also have purify airy action.

Spend the New Year go to boy friend home appropriate go to boy friend home spending the New Year take what gift

Go to boy friend home spending the New Year what should notice

01 ready-made work

Go seeing the parent, want ready-made job, want to remind your boy friend what you can eat beforehand, what cannot eat, lest his pa Mom made food of one old table enthusiasticly, any better you do not have the result, that is awkward. Additionally you want and come to an agreement or understanding of your boy friend appeals cipher, your boy friend can be alluded to help when encountering awkward problem block. The be fond of that should ask to be clear about his parents namely finally and probably habit, in case oneself stepped on mine field.

02 dress are decent

Unfamiliar is returned to you in others below the circumstance, your appearance and dress dress up decided you are fastening the impression in popular feeling to divide greatly, when see the parent especially. A lot of schoolgirls feel the parent does not like the girl that make up, actually otherwise, the parent just does not like those individual styles to compare thick makeup look, you make up weak, eye shadow does not want too heavy, similar naked makeup the effect is best, labial makeup does not choose the color that has aggressiveness too, color of tender sweetened bean taste or cinnamon are a very good choice. Delicate makeup look not only can show color screen flaw, still can add cent to see the parent this.

03 intentions prepare a gift

Remember taking a gift to parents of the other side, empty hand comes very inappropriate, the gift does not need too precious, usually, these can consider tea, smoke, wine, snack. But should seek condition of inquire of your boy friend beforehand, if his pa Mom does not drink and you sent wine, cannot eat sweet food and you sent the cake that adds candy, awkward. Some schoolboys can say whats need not be bought, you do not listen to him, go to others home visitting the truth that do not have empty-handed and goes, more what is more,the rather that you or the first time visit father and mother of the other side.

04 mouth want sweet

When taking man door, schoolgirl mouth must sweet, should greet sb actively say hello to, and use honorific title, did not wait for boy friend introduction to be over, you return one face muddled force, do not know what to do. When greeting sb, should expert decent, uncle aunt cries before dehisce talks, common saying says well: Ceremony much person is not strange, so mouth desert can add cent absolutely. If your disposition compares introversion, that is irrespective also, you say less to choose a word, a bit cleverer, listen to his parents to say, serious answer is good.

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