Go wanting how to be worn for the first time in cummer home go wanting what to notice in cummer home

See to the person in love the parent is a very large issue really, of the cummer father and mother that you know how to should win love? Accordingly small make up us to understand together, want how to be worn after all for the first time, and what to go wanting to notice in cummer home?

Go wanting how to be worn for the first time in cummer home

Go to girlfriend home must getting ready meticulously for the first time, dress should expert decent, shipshape. What we cannot wear already is too fashionable, also cannot wear too earth is too vintage. Must the parent of cummer a kind of youthful energy, sunshine up feeling. Because dress and spiritual outlook are the first sense that we give the other side father and mother, the first feeling can add cent actively to us up. If an apparel is casual, the dingy person first time in La and you meet, you also won’t have particularly good impression.

Go wanting how to be worn for the first time in cummer home go wanting what to notice in cummer home

Go wanting how to be behaved in cummer home

1, visit girlfriend home for the first time must not empty-handed goes, because this is the ceremony of China tradition. It is clear to should ask above all your girlfriend, what does her parents like, for instance his father likes to drink, that buys box good wine, if do not like, that can send a good tea, the if return,has older generation person in the home, the health protection that still should buy a few old people to use is tasted etc.

2, when talking with woman father and mother, do not say too much, because say much fault is much, want the answers woman father and mother question of conscientiously only, receive a few appropriately next can. If can say too, can let the other side feel you are not very dependable, talking measure must have held, and the other side should be looked at when chatting, if look at,meet somewhere else very not courteous.

3, if if be in woman home,having a meal, you should notice, there should be work in the eye, for instance a few simpler side is worn the dish that carry end, place bench, take a chopstick to wait a moment, although you are a guest, but as prospective son-in-law you cannot become yourself guest, work a few in one’s power.

4, in the process that have a meal, have a meal want grace a few, not spurt mouth, remember looking at the goblet of woman father and mother, if be worn for nothing, pour water in time, pour wine, oneself eat more as far as possible a few, eat some morer to like the food in her home very much on behalf of you, also be pair of mother-in-law adult craft approbate, the small girlfriend that does not forget oneself at the same time places dish.

5, have a meal to remember helping clear away dining table, the parents that the woman should follow well when be being faced makes good call, go OK directly, the parents that does not let her goes out to send you.

Go wanting how to be worn for the first time in cummer home go wanting what to notice in cummer home

What should notice in cummer home

See courtesy must understand after the girlfriend’s parents, conduct behavior must be gotten body. The behavior of a person and formal and basic can see the cultural humanness circumstance of a person, meet so call a person must kind enthusiasm, when introducing the elder member of family of his home to you when the girlfriend also must the face takes smile and deferential idea, had better be to standing, bow slightly, not you are lackadaisical still when people is letting sb know with you sitting that blurt out is respondent, the impression that gives the other side family so is bad for certain. Had better not smoke in girlfriend home, play mobile phone game, wait a thing a moment. Because everything your acts,be being observed at any time and place.

Go wanting how to be worn for the first time in cummer home go wanting what to notice in cummer home

A few what go to cummer home must taking seriously

1, gift

Go seeing farther-in-law mother-in-law for the first time, gift is affirmative cannot little, otherwise the other side can feel your this individual is very persnickety for certain. Nevertheless the gift does not need to buy expensive, buy however right. Before buying a gift so, discuss with the girlfriend first, know the be fond of of farther-in-law mother-in-law, ability buys the most appropriate gift.

2, mouth is a bit sweeter

Do not like to listen to others to say his a good word without who, when so everybody is visitting farther-in-law mother, mouth is OK a bit sweeter, the prospective mother-in-law that also can let you feels very Shu Xin. Do not want nevertheless too cross glib, farther-in-law can be very bad to make do, too too pliable can let farther-in-law feel your this individual is fluky only.

3, arrangement is good visit time

A good time is watched is very important, since you were decided when to go to farther-in-law mother-in-law home, unless what be,weigh big event, do not want otherwise easily look for reason to change time. Change time anyhow, farther-in-law mother-in-law also can feel your daughter to them is not open-armed at all, just be perfunctory.

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