Exotic love how connection is exotic the connection method that love

Exotic the person that because the reason of time and district loves each other twice,loving is a kind of more difficult amour can compare common lover more difficult meet, so exotic love how be contacted? Accordingly small make up us to understand together.

Exotic love how to contact

With the phone, chatting software, mail connection. Modern society, it is science and technology when, again also before unlike, can use only epistolary, cable connection. However the quickest way, direct a phone, a video, a chatting software can contact opposite party. Want you to want to contact only, at any time OK. Need not get time, the limitation of district.

Exotic love how connection is exotic the connection method that love

Exotic the connection method that love

1, mail

When the phone of the other side cannot reply in time, you can choose to be contacted with the means of mail. Because be in abroad, a lot of people go up in the job, the means that mail uses on study is more, so you send the past, he can see certainly. Saw when him, natural meeting replies you. And the length of mail is unlimited, nature can recount the feeling of lovesickness.

2, short message

When having, calling word may fall in the condition with abnormal opportunity, can disturb others, so short interest also is a very good means, can see already so, also won’t disturb each other. And what send a short message now is less and less, you send a short message to still can give surprizing sense. Be being missed by, also be a kind of very happy feeling.

Exotic love how connection is exotic the connection method that love

Exotic love what should notice

1, must not break couplet, cold perhaps force, this is very irresponsible to the sweetheart behavior, because like the other side, can imagine the other side, and blank meeting magnifies of our fear and heart cowardly, lose safe sense. So anyhow, must say: I do XX first, how long hind answer you, of and so on. “Say the word to be clear about, fasten cold force, encounter cold force, leave rapidly, bite off own head, irresponsible.

2, share interesting thing more, with life a bit, I and girlfriend like to observe the life breaths out Hahaha, like to say very much namely some experience, some doing not have, historical politics is beautiful makeup the Eight Diagrams, all is perfectness, combine outstanding imagination, often be opposite when different ground is loved a mobile phone Homeric laughter. Because share much, be thought of namely earning, like seeming to be beside.

Exotic love how connection is exotic the connection method that love

Exotic the reason that loves connection to become little

The reason that becomes little to lover connection may have two kinds. Because,one kind is this pair of lovers special love each other, and they are extraordinary credit to each other, what always won’t suspect like general sweethearts the other side has a have a foot in two camp is likely, what often can make two individual generation tremendous so is contradictory, it is even end with parting company. And they are full of accredit to each other, also can special understanding the other side. Because exotic love the equation of time with can have proper, so they can understand the other side, have tacit little connection each other quite. And when their contact moment, meeting before paragraph the affection of the time longing to the other side, or oneself are close the thing of paragraph of time happening is shared with the other side one by one. Such word, although connection became little, but emotion becomes deep however. Of course still one kind compares common likelihood is become far as the distance between two people, emotion also becomes weak. They resemble together awaiting love the other side in those days no longer, resemble no longer to each other dependence so strong before, it is lone and same that two people are just as now, no matter how still can well off, the other side is opposite now is dispensable for them, so connection becomes little, if go down so all the time, this paragraph of feeling can end very likely. So two people must want be communicated more, understand the other side each other.

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