Do a good wife how to should manage his marriage

Want to make the part of good wife, of need study have a lot of, there should be a good life attitude in the life, offer oneself husband enough esteem and care, doing a good wife can be the feeling between husband and wife warms up.

How to do a good wife

1, the role that must have sought oneself in marriage, looking is you love is sweet, he is willing to do everything for you, more also is to stem from new move, also be to be in brief love period. After marrying truly when you nevertheless, always wanting to let him husband how much pay to oneself, want to know the love with the man gives certain in marriage.

2, the person should look for the centre of gravity in accurate life in any moment no matter, want to had done each business with his little family for the center. Become any major issues little affection should is with this family between the decision accurate. Know care family when you while, so you had grown, prove this is the business that an adult should do.

Do a good wife how to should manage his marriage

How should manage oneself marriage

1, the other side should care more in marriage

Begin to decorate a building from June, paul everyday so busy that cannot leave hand in, run every day almost there staring at. He took us to collect books together last week bought the carelessly spending a flower of a lot of, he is very so excited that he tell us, the home has been decorated! See him get expression to wish to live immediately. He was done is to hope to let the home become better only more so, the hope gives our woman two sweeter and comfortable places, that is touched particularly momently. All the time since he is a very true and honest person, never boast, never feigned. These a few days he is being connected send me to go to work, I say I myself can go by subway, why to ask he must insist to send me? He tells me calmly: Because know you are special period, do not think you are too tired so. Warm in the heart when hearing this word warm nest heart, did not marry wrong person at long last. What the woman wants is not much, just hope the man can give many a little bit show consideration for and show loving care for, is not oversight her experience. The woman is perceptual animal, we always are met in daily life touch by a few bagatelle. The language is communicated is best fine medicine, no matter be below what kind of circumstance, need to communicate. Pour out ability to let the other side know the unpleasantness in the heart only. Good state of mind makes good living, also can firm the feeling that each other love each other. Present person life pressure is very great, when hard to avoid can have mood be agitated. And be comforted in what need family more at the moment and care a help to alleviate pressure. Much dot cares and show sympathy, the home just can have temperature more.

2, the heart that is thankful in marriage often should have

Paul30 when year old, I sent him malic 7P, when he receives a gift all over the face glad. We buy a house to decorate the back of a person to go up actually already place remnant very few, but I still decide his birthday send a pretty gift to give him. I thanks to him, thank him these year pay and try hard, include and admit. Without who understanding pleasant becomes me willingly ” ash-bin ” when who; does not have to be able to encounter difficulty to want to be illogical in me, encourage to me, let me believe me differ; to who do not have to be able to say to me unlike others, baby has me to be in, you do not need to fear… without who, besides you. The friend that has a divorce ever complained with me say: His from morning till night feels I just bring a child just, take no account of the feeling of others. The reason with the mainest failure of this paragraph of marriage is him too selfish. Respecting looks after children, paul is very obliged my Mom, paul classics regular meeting says to me: Give bit of money mother more, she looks after children painstaking, also take her to do at ordinary times do hairdressing to shop, what should spend is beautiful do not let Mom be in this is not happy. A lot of people say, acquaintance does not need so polite, appear very unripe otherwise cent. Present young husband and wife special ego, very few attend to and the feeling that consider others. We should have the heart that be thankful in marriage, we not only thank parents only, thank the bedside person beside even. Only such, we just can see the other side pay, meditate oneself inadequacy. The society cherishs the happiness that has at the moment.

3, the contradiction in learning to dissolve marriage

Marriage is not two the individual’s things, it is the thing of two families more. Have the home and the happiness that just can ensure marriage only. Issue of concern of wife and mother of of all ages is puzzling a lot of people all the time, processing is bad to cause marital rupture very easily. Why a lot of people can say when divorce: If because,not be his Mom, we won’t arrive this degree. Because the life is much mediumer,be a lot of such and such problem, we should learn to handle good family relation more, respect bilateral parents, balance the bagatelle of good family. To domestic contradiction I think close affection does not have valence, think for the other side more as far as possible, avoid to produce needless conflict. The contradiction of I and Paul is the bagatelle in daily life, after making a noise can forget very quickly. Because did not live one case with husband’s father and mother, also do not have the contradiction with intense what so. I have a friend is her mother-in-law helps look after children, total conference appears a lot of Yo divergent thing. Mother-in-law bright logic is not bad, but unluckily she is strong advocate, say so that did not approbate to daughter-in-law, the ground says the Gao Qiang that return foot: Can be you taken how not are oneself taken? Daughter-in-law puts firm word to say again: Your otherwise takes me with respect to oneself, do not importune. How does the contradiction of both sides dissolve this moment to must see the man’s attitude, do not intervene and deflection any one party, should undertake communicate and modulatory between old Mom and wife however, dissolve the contradictory dispute between them as far as possible.

Do a good wife how to should manage his marriage

The expression that the woman in marriage looks for trouble

1, actually a woman if she is in after marrying, all body and mind oneself is devoted and excellent among front courtyard, be told so to the woman also is not very good, lost oneself because of what can let him love so, arrived finally his if cannot get redound these paying, meet for certain with husband roughhouse, also can pay oneself entirely blame husband, arrived this moment, your virtuous nature of figure of wife fine mother can be in the heart of husband slowly disappear.

2, it is good to yours to depending on husband as old as the parent’s parents antagonism, such result lets your husband in a dilemma namely, time grew to also can make the contradiction between you ceaseless, but be in those who had contradiction later, it is relative that you appear again alone, after all you are bad to your job, they also won’t stand in you absolutely here, , already since you fell in love with your husband, be about to learn well the family that loves him, love his family.

Do a good wife how to should manage his marriage

How to manage good impression affection and marriage

1, the woman does not want with anxious as excuse, always do not understand the man’s doing, be in probably after marrying, the man can spend more time and energy on the job and career. Your time meets attend to little, so what you also can become husband work way to go up is the strongest aid turn a person, help the cause of husband, make allowances for husband more.

2, tea of fuel sauce vinegar is for certain after marrying, do not want patronage him move spends money selfishly, more moment also should stay this home. The money in the home must learn to had managed, make a few proper family investment. The time in such your homes is good it is better to cross, have steady economy base when you while, so marriage also is met happy.

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