Missay word how to fool girlfriend missay word how to redeem cummer

When Tan Lian loves, actually occasionally the word of missay word, cause certain harm to object or meeting, occasionally the other side still can give birth to very great energy of life possibly, so if missay word offends a girlfriend how should be fooled?

Missay word how to fool a girlfriend

After the woman student is angry, pondering over his is missay what word, make the other side angry, such ability suit the remedy to the case, gift is nicer go apologizing, especially the other side can ask where the fault is for certain, so, must want to be clear about him where missay.

If fruit is honest,do not know him where missay, that can allude the mistake that lets a schoolgirl point out you, e.g. : “Oneself make today muddleheaded, talk not classics brain, forget oneself what to had said at a draught, if somebody is willing to show his, that is good ” . If female survival is willing,respond you at this moment, then she can speak your mistake.

If the schoolgirl is not willing to respond you, also do not say your missay what, get angry namely, then you please her carefully, buy bit of thing that she likes, for instance: Lipstick wraps packet of and so on, or jest amuses her happy, such she won’t get angry, nevertheless besides content of give sb a present, also should be certain the opportunity apologizes.

Missay word how to fool girlfriend missay word how to redeem cummer

Missay word how to redeem cummer

1 need to apologize to the other side above all

Wanting to redeem cummer when missay word is very apparent it is the appearance that causes the other side as a result of your missay word to get angry to perhaps pay no attention to you, bring about you to appear that is to say the main source with contradictory feeling or you. If want to redeem opposite party,say this thing so, also be a not easy thing apparently very so. But to most feeling contradiction, when two individual occurrence problems, above all the first pace needs to apologize to the other side namely, more what is more,the rather that you bring about feeling as a result of conversation to contradict, you need to apologize to the other side more below this kind of circumstance so. This so for total ground, when missay word wants to redeem cummer need apologizes to the other side.

2 dynamic with coquetry mood atmosphere

To a lot of people, dynamic atmosphere can come with the mood that act like a spoiled child when can thinking get angry when the other side, it is one kind compares a when obtain favor of the other side easily to solve your feeling problem easily perhaps important measure really. Because connect general reason condition, if use more earnest language to undertake deliberative with the other side, so this kind of circumstance odds that can redeem opposite party apparently very much is smaller. So for total ground, when wanting to redeem cummer as a result of missay word, must come with coquetry mood dynamic atmosphere.

3 send the other side a few little gifts

To the girl, if can receive a few little gifts,can alleviate very well when life oneself mood. Because come to the schoolgirl,say, want you to send her the gift only, so still care about the other side on behalf of you, fulfiling one’s promise meaning spends idea for the other side. Become you especially when as a result of missay word this kind of thing makes the other side angry, should redeem opposite party more with a few more significant steps. When saying to because missay word wants to redeem cummer,be become so, can send the other side a few little gifts.

Missay word how to fool girlfriend missay word how to redeem cummer

Missay word the girlfriend pays no attention to me how to do

1, ego analysis

Think back to its course, how is contradiction caused, why does the girlfriend get angry? If herself errs, she cannot get angry for certain, right, that still explains you did what business, make a family dissatisfactory, so you what what place does is bad? Be missay word, which thing be still is those who do pie-eyed? At the moment, energy of life also perhaps is enjoying in your heart, nevertheless, schoolboy, be about to magnanimous, yes, want to abreact to also go, must fool the girlfriend first come back, such, ability can have popular feeling to be fond of you. The girl, always like male friend to bestowing favor on his, the problem with principle if it were not for, although you are right, you also say you are wrong, do not be in an unfavorable situation actually, this is temporary grievance only, after the girlfriend excuses her, feel distressed doubly for certain you, at that time, you are being stolen happy.

2, hit out actively, call

Phone cummer rapidly, perhaps she does not pick up the telephone, but actually, she sees your incoming message, in the heart special beauty, want to receive very much, be afraid of you to grow ambition again, do not receive intentionally. This moment, the gas in her heart perhaps with respect to disappear half, because she sees you contact her, she knows you care about her. Do not pick up the telephone how to do, be to continue to call of course, cummer sees your phone one after another, know you have many to regret, much more anxious.

3, hit out actively, hair short message

Hit 34 phones to still be not received, how to do, this moment, send a short message, tell her ” wife, I am wrong, offended you to get angry, blame me, I not should… (free play) , not to be repeated, wife you pick up the telephone ” . After receiving a telephone call, you admit your mistake goodly with respect to the manner (if feel oneself are right, so comfort oneself: I so say, she can be not angry, want her not to get angry only, I so saying also is worthiness ” .

4, hard bubble of use soft tactics

General small contradiction, on estimation two can fool good cummer, if she still does not respond you, that explains you are true the thing on booth, how to do? Be fooled then! Look for paper pen, brushstroke delimits write book of a self-criticism, buy a bundle of beautiful flower, put self-criticism book in the flower to give cummer… hope your cummer can be touched right now excuse you.

5, continue hard bubble of use soft tactics

If return,be no good, that looks then: Request a few your brother, let them send a short message to your girlfriend, content is ” such-and-such know a fault really, kind-hearted you excuse him this ” (best every other half hour, let a good friend be sent, unapt cause a short message to embrace, and, still can undesigned, bring surprise) to cummer.

Missay word how to fool girlfriend missay word how to redeem cummer

Missay word cummer got angry how to do

1, do to her delicious

In love, no matter because what thing is offended the woman student is not happily,you are, let her get angry, this is your fault, because you are done not have well the mood that takes care of her, so this moment if you say in her side side all the time ” I became wrong ” , can let a schoolgirl feel you are very irritated only, or the schoolgirl can examine minutely you all the time ” wrong where, wrong do not change for what ” etc search a root to ask the bottom goes down, still doing not have a schoolgirl to fool happy instead to moment is him first impatient.

So the brother of business of this time tall situation can pretend to get angry only throw the door and go out, allow a woman student a person is silent in the home, in the heart of this moment schoolgirl although the meeting is very sad, but she is met certainly well it is too beyond the mark to fall to think oneself are back and forth calmly, too capricious etc, nevertheless you pretend to throw the door and going out is not to make you outer the edge rambles foolishly, go buying her to like eating course however, come home to be done to her next delicious, after a man is quarrelling the can sane person that goes buying dish to come back to like is done delicious, the schoolgirl still has what reason again enraging you, so best means is filled first namely full her abdomen, after passing, she wants to get angry to also can enrage what do not rise again, after all your tenderness is already deep moved she.

2, take her to buy buy

When the girlfriend is angry, must not say to her all the time ” I became wrong ” , this moment schoolgirl still is in in a fit of anger, what do you say she is inexorable go, can feel you are very irritated instead, even if present your genuflect clavier, genuflect Durian also is hard be pacified her mood, so flat carry the things through,whatever the consequences, shop hers directly Che Qing is empty, perhaps buy her to like to her very long but hate to part with bought thing to send her all the time, the likelihood just began her to still can say you waste money, say you just just meet such doing to please her, but receive a gift really when her when perhaps sending in the past home that express catchs, never mention it angry, she can hold you in the arms immediately for certain, in you charming says Huailisa ” it is really good to have you ” .

3, the surprise is produced after the apology

Some moment girlfriend got angry, wanting how to be fooled first, the schoolgirl can get angry have a reason for certain, for instance your appointment is late, or the business that you promise to cross her was not accomplished etc, we should learn to discover a problem from inside detail, go again next suit the remedy to the case, if because you had promised her to want to take her to swim,be, but if coming true all the time, you were about to apologize first, produce a little surprise to the schoolgirl again next, she is met immediately for certain a gas disappear, wallow in completely in the little surprise that gives her in you.

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