Should maintain for the child without emotive marriage a kind of marriage cries for the child

The marital feeling for child hold together is very afflictive, with its two individual reluctance are together, protect before face brawl of the child everyday however, husband and wife contradicts to be not solved, to the child’s body and mind the influence also is very big.

Without emotive marriage should continue to maintain for the child

1, the time length of matrimony. If because matrimony just begins,you are, the unending brawl that just had little baby and happens. Then I want to say, this paragraph of marriage still continues to be striven for. Because this paragraph of time often is each other,adjust period, all contradictory problems can be in in last few years inside erupt suddenly. Every can experience this to husband and wife. If be to want to divorce right now,so I persuade you to must think carefully to be thought of repeatedly! ! !

2, communicate with the child. Some population mouth says in succession is for the child together. But whether had been you communicated with the child really, have consult to live the child’s think of a way. Pretend the harmony of husband and wife that come out, do not have a bit advantage to the child actually. The child is very clever, try to say to be clear about with the child so, if you tried hard very long, still feel really improper continue together to live, that tells the child. Although parents is absent one case, but also can love you.

3, circumstance of your emotive damage. If be normal din only, for bagatelle of a few feeling, the life is troubled and perplex. So the duty that I consider to say this is choice marriage must assume, and escaping was not to solve a problem. If involve issue of bottom line principle, the home is for instance cruel, excessive drinking, play poison to wait a problem a moment, that is not hesitant, must decisive choice ends, not was necessary to continue for the child. Two new people from acquaintance, bosom friend, be in love, love each other. Walk into marital hall finally, twist of one transient Cheng is very not easy. So a common saying says well, be called peace to tear open 10 temple, do not tear open one picket marriage. Stumble commonly not to suggest to choose to divorce so.

Should maintain for the child without emotive marriage a kind of marriage cries for the child

A kind of marriage cries for the child

After emotional burst, we to the child honest these, that met him had been brought up, knew thing of a few soulful, he did not object, support us to choose to divorce however, he himself can take care of himself, also had the capacity of make a clear distinction between right and wrong. I feel to should not maintain marriage for the child, after rearing the child certain age, he can accept such fact, can choose to need not hold to a paragraph of broken feeling for the child. The road of a person can a person goes, the parent just provides a few helps for him. Since two people did not have feeling. In binding two people the marital predicament that does not have love in why again? Since the child has grown up, that should choose to abandon, begin a paragraph of feeling afresh, such is opposite two people are nice, good to the child also, think he is faced all the day the parents of cold face, also can feel not happy inside the heart. In matrimony, emotional burst, my answer is: For the child, two people should choose maintain marriage. The child in front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage can be lacked father loves or mother love. Although such child is more independent and serious, but as the mother, absolutely won’t him give the heart to the child lacks care, the love that father and mother give the child is different, if say the love that the mother gives the child is tenderness and goodness, so father’s love is tough with responsibility. The child is worth adolescence, be in the crucial period that viewpoint of value and world outlook form, and still have bit of conspiracy mind, if he cannot accept the fact that parents should divorce, can make a few extreme issues so likely. So I choose to maintain marriage for the child, the most mother that believes on God’s earth is met and I make same choice. When emotional burst, what I choose is resolutely definitely ground and he chooses to divorce, what do because of him is the thing that broke through my bottom line, I also cannot be borne again go down, see him the thing that I remember to he is done, I do not want to hear the everything about him even, so I show this issue to the child, the child most begin to a bit cannot be accept, but I am persuaded to him slowly later, father and mother or meeting take care of you, just cannot resemble same once upon a time everyday for company you. The child also agreed with us to divorce later this thing, interfere the parent’s choice no longer.

Should maintain for the child without emotive marriage a kind of marriage cries for the child

80 hind viewpoint

Modern society, there is next old having on small what to calculate, old people looks so that leave, the child is very early also. As cat-and-dog as its fight every day, be inferior to diffident peace parting company. Should leave leave, two look each other not the person of pleasing to the eye is extortionary the life is together, much more painful. Not should. The child’s feeling is unusual acumen, the family is true harmony, still maintain exterior harmony, he can be aware of. Present child is early, the feeling that maintains constrainedly, time became long the child also is met detection, feel parents is lying instead, dishonest to them. If force has appeared inside the family, that is maintained go down to have deeper harm only to the child.

Should maintain for the child without emotive marriage a kind of marriage cries for the child

90 hind viewpoint

Today’s society, child fasten does not live other in part, the child of front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage is so increasing, this is reality. We should not underestimate the child’s perception, this meeting creates pressure and burden to the child. The child is innocent, make a requirement without reason, they do not have decision criteria, meet them leave not recoverable scar all one’s life.

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