Marital ceremony feeling is the importance that what marriage ceremony feels

To the other side the ceremony feels in marriage, it is to let the other side understand you are right the intention of this marriage and faithfulness, manage this paragraph of feeling attentively, in everyday a bit time is taken out to go in daily necessaries tea romantic, make marriage sweet like love.

What is marital ceremony feeling?

About ceremonial feeling we should know what it is after all above all, I feel Li Saiyuan is in ” life need ceremony feels ” very good explanation made to this in this book: Ceremonial feeling is original and drab average issue, become different, have awe-stricken mentality to this.

If you and other in part agreed,want to be spent together in annual wedding anniversary, approach that day more so the joy in your heart is more, until there can be expectant state of mind before that day.

Because had ceremonial feeling, the in experiencing the life tiny happiness with our nicer gift, the meet again that cherishs every time and parting, smoke oneself from inside flat life from come out, become more actively handles each each individual, issue in the life.

Alleged ceremony feels, it is a kind of medium that invites us to discover life interest, let each days our differ, be full of to the life expect.

Marital ceremony feeling is the importance that what marriage ceremony feels

The importance that marital ceremony feels

Liu Jialing is in ” the woman has a word to say ” the recipe that marriage speaks of lasting on the program is ceremonial feeling. She says those who come out to memory is he is made. Be in the home of she and Liang Chaowei, she can spend each traditional red-letter day seriously, meeting for the Spring Festival designed buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, section of can strong flirting person must collect a flower. At her character, spend each red-letter day seriously, be pair of ceremony feeling cherish, let a festival have not at other days, special happy touch is harvested in special day.

Tu Lei is in ” love guards battle ” in mention, his wife can be in every time he goes out before employing program cash, write one full-blown full brief note, a collection is written down above what program, want to wear what kind of shirt, distribute what kind of Western-style clothes. Can write next on very intimate speech, resembling is ” husband, I love you forever, should record a program well ” still meet very of the intention love, floret is drawn on paper.

Tu Lei says, marriage is two people are together, be used to the habit of the other side. Those likelihoods are called in people look ” dirt grime is crooked crooked ” behavior, when when accompanying you without the person really one day, the thing that you can feel all forms of these no point feel before her, turned the life into the sweetness of those the most precious memory in the center finally.

Marital ceremony feeling is the importance that what marriage ceremony feels

The ceremony in matrimony feels

My parents, when they marry, because family circumstances condition is bad, place banquet greatly without what, also did not film marriage gauze is illuminated, just got a marriage certificate simply.

Advanced before long, my father of 54 years old, bringing mother of 52 years old, fill patted gauze of a marriage to illuminate. Filming after the end, they are designed the small letter head portrait oneself, changed marriage gauze to take the look that go up. Still match civil marry 30 years, sent ring of a friend.

Gauze of this one marriage is illuminated, it is the ceremonial sense that father choice gives mother. Be regret to make up for in the life, the ceremony that satisfactory love place increases feels.

Can become sweetheart, family, it is the lot of a paragraph of hard-earned. Be willing to be this lot intention, add ceremonial touch, it is right oneself, to the sweetheart, esteem to love. In the life, do not lack the opportunity that creates ceremonial sense, lack the heart that creates ceremonial sense only. You cared, the intention, can experience ceremonial feeling naturally to gift the happy feeling of love, life. ?

Marital ceremony feeling is the importance that what marriage ceremony feels

Why good marriage needs ceremonial sense

Ceremony of the need in marriage feels, because at each o’clock each are the business that the other side does,be, can be written down to be in the heart by the other side, add cent to keep a cost for this feeling.

Writer Zhang Ailing says: “Ceremonial feeling can arouse us to be opposite the esteem of inner ego, also make us more serious the ground has gone belonging to us each days in life. Also make us more serious the ground has gone belonging to us each days in life..

Husband and wife often makes a few little ceremony sense twice, it is to make oneself heart happier not only, the most important is deliver love to the other side, let the other side experience your love.

Because ceremonial feeling is of marriage,last agent, it is only in endless matrimony, retain from beginning to end feeling of a ceremony, ability can make this love everlasting.

” young prince ” in have a paragraph of such dialogue:

The fox says: “You had better come with time everyday. “You had better come with time everyday..

Young prince asks: “Why? “Why??

The fox says: “You came at 4 o’clock afternoon, so rise from 3 o’clock, I begin to feel happy. Time draws near more, I feel happy more. Arrived at 4 o’clock when, I am met I can discover feel restless; happy cost. But, if when you come casually, I do not know to be in the mood that when should prepare me. . . . . . Ought to have certain ceremony. Ought to have certain ceremony..

“Ceremony, it makes some day and other day different namely, make some hour and other hour different. Make some hour and other hour different..

Ceremonial feeling reminds us, live actually besides drift along, still have poem and distant place.

Ceremonial feeling is marital flavor enhancement not only, also be the agent of marriage that add delicacy.

It is a color in ordinary matrimony, it is days a bundle of brightness in cracking.

Had a ceremony to feel just about, just gifted the meaning of life extraordinary.

Life float drift along is heavy, years billows not Jing.

Wish each days of your survive, it is a good day.

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