How handle the issue that wife and mother gets along to often appear relation of wife and mother is bad

Marriage have a youthful look is vivid, often appear between husband and wife get along problem, make the relation worsens quickly even sometimes, this is the problem that every family can face almost. How should handle wife and mother to concern so, look together!

The problem that wife and mother gets along to often appear

1. wife is slack

The age of mother-in-law of the home below a lot of circumstances is relatively big completely, but a few wife are in the home very lazy, do not attend the child of oneself sometimes, just becoming warped over cross-legged or with ankle on knee sees a mobile phone, and still lie between 3 difference of 5 want to come out to saunter, feeling of a bit mission also is done not have, it is in the heart of mother-in-law of this moment home very run quickly;burst;ulcerate;fester,

Because the age brings child greatly originally very laborious, also want to solve a lot of housework, this but domestic mother-in-law tired broke down. Mother-in-law of this moment home will be met grouse, wife listened to feel very be perturbed, the meeting on two forces just began grouch.

What Home 2. mother-in-law takes care is much, wife does not understand

The article that like domestic mother-in-law the female of this kind of age takes care commonly will be very much, and they consider long, but occasionally the wife with oneself did not communicate communication,the meeting on good horse causes a few misunderstanding very easily, and wife people the thing that think also is met below a few circumstances excessive and pure, the idea below a few circumstances returns domestic mother-in-law to did not react come back, can feel a young married woman immediately how that Zuo is not sensible, at that time the meeting on two horses between philtrum is lying between one side brick wall.

If why handle wife and mother to concern? And the idea of domestic mother-in-law is relatively traditional completely commonly, the youngster below a few circumstances goes after perfect article home mother-in-law to do not have law understanding, how does a young married woman that can feel oneself immediately produce a few farfetched goods all the time, but wife feels this kind of article is to must be tasted again, this moment just began to have difference, two people are deep-set do not understand in the center.

3. life style is different

The disposition between person and person is to have a difference more or less, but lifestyle is great majority person,be different, the lifestyle of person of that one generation mixes domestic mother-in-law we the lifestyle difference of person of this one generation is very big, they are used to the basic necessities of life of live frugally already, if domestic mother-in-law sees his wife lasts on the net to buy the clothes all the time, mouth edge is met without doubt more or less long-winded 9, him long-winded how can wife visit a site with,

But the youngster nowadays loves beauty completely, the oneself below a few circumstances earned money to resemble the person of older generation not easily putting a , instead can purchase pants of a few dresses, protect skin to taste this kind. Because Zuo is to want great communication communication among this mother-in-law and wife, need not informal grouch.

How handle the issue that wife and mother gets along to often appear relation of wife and mother is bad

If why handle wife and mother to concern

1. and domestic mother-in-law prop measurable span.

Actually between our country wife and mother the prime cause that is to say of difficult problem: Think compulsively mother and daughter turns into between wife and mother two. The mother-in-law is not Mom, in a word, everybody is mere as a result of a person that loves greatly each other basic necessities of life is in 2 of an eave not close females. Before marrying, you are actually OK probably the disposition that masters excellent mother-in-law, the strength of again shirt-sleeve oneself, then you can have to this one ” new move ” call in other words ” proper limits for speech or action ” hold, not arrogant not impetuous is best yes limit.

It is basic that 2. takes seriously, but must have the moral bottom line of oneself.

If why handle good wife and mother to concern? Two female can call a play actually, on the settlement between wife and mother, should write down prison the mainest point ” take seriously ” , as a result of no matter be,tell with old person perspective ” honour old love young ” , Zuo is from father mother the perspective is told ” filial ” , you must learn to respect a mother-in-law, this is not only as wife, also be to do humanness at least formal knowledge.

3. gives a few consideration to show consideration for, fool more fool a mother-in-law.

Of course, still have a lot of a lot of understanding, can be very fond of the mother-in-law of daughter-in-law, question of big wife and mother is partial family only after all, a lot of mother-in-laws are simpatico mother actually, so you also do not fear, each other is between person and person, more what is more,the rather that the man that you still have to love greatly jointly.

Occasionally, the speech of a few cares, with respect to can warm popular feeling, the mother-in-law also is a woman, eldest son of her hardship drag, helping you look after children even even, housework is trifling, do son’s wife occasionally can help a mother-in-law partake of housework, partake actively a bit, even if be to wash a bowl, pull a land, if say a few words is Orphean, fool fool a mother-in-law happy.

How handle the issue that wife and mother gets along to often appear relation of wife and mother is bad

The scarcely when wife and mother gets along wants 4 saying words

I poured 1. namely mildew of 8 all one’s life just marries everybody

Common saying says to marry the dog is married along with the dog chicken follows chicken, married that is to say was married, regretful what to have to use? If do not wish to leave other, this word need not speak the entrance casually really. Why so say? If why handle wife and mother to concern? Because this word included 2 implication, it is mother-in-law of look down upon, the feeling marries them the home is oneself eats to have a deficit greatly, unfortunate; 2 it is to become aware the husband of oneself does not have is not brain, effective, feel regretful to oneself.

2. are not remembering with concern you became old I can serve you

In that way word will speak out temporarily bright, but will not be how many practical effect, always let the difference aggravate among two people. Why so say? Most first, some domestic mother-in-laws press a root not to eat this one, they feel oneself child can be him provide for the aged to serve; take second place without doubt, some domestic mother-in-laws chose to be done in that way like that namely, that is to say does not fear wife is not happy, no matter wife says what word, she is changeless from beginning to end.

Of Home 3. my home is, still do not use you to decide

The daughter-in-law heard this word, the meeting on the horse feels oneself remain individual person in this home, can feel very be wounded. Oneself is the care in the home intently, do not think excellent mother-in-law returns of one mind to guard against this oneself. Took one door, family of that is to say, daughter-in-law in domestic problem level the speech that also is oneself counterpoises, those who do not have exposition and argumentation is right and incorrect, a consultative ability is we all. If domestic mother-in-law uses in that way word to injure another person, namely too ignored person.

4, your heart only your woman family! Your woman family also nothing is more… than this!

Some domestic mother-in-laws follow wife quarrel, very easy drag in arrives wife family person. Feel and oneself heart is remembering with concern only person of oneself a married woman’s parents’ home, remembering with concern mother-in-law. some and even meeting the gossip of her woman family, should understand this kind of word to be able to offend a young married woman at a draught of angry. The woman family of daughter-in-law of domestic mother-in-law blame, in other words of daughter-in-law father-in-law is not, it is very big to the daughter-in-law affront. In that way abasement, be like an impress, will cannot forget all one’s life.

How handle the issue that wife and mother gets along to often appear relation of wife and mother is bad

Wife and mother gets along small subtle move

Two people of 1. must be known be thankful, the old person should cherish assistance junior, junior should learn to respect and indulge an old person. Two people can interact in that way only come down, ability can make sure the family is happy.

2. need not put forward clearly to divide a sheet to pass casually, bring about very easily in that way be on bad terms between wife and mother. If come up against a few bagatelle to be troubled by so that housework is on bad terms alive, should come out two ground live apart pass additionally, in that Home Zuo all also with respect to crumble.

Home 3. mother-in-law at that time also is to do wife a lot of years to be boiled, married a young married woman till oneself child, became home old woman. Change by the true identity of wife and each old woman is become completely, should learn from good examples go indulging when wife not easy, the suffering that need not let oneself had eaten lets issue generation to try again.

Home 4. mother-in-law is in this home in between of basic necessities of life aloof long at wife, how should because all things on this life understand,do. And wife arrives before long this one is medium, be aimed at all things is not very make clear Hunan, because this mother-in-law has the obligation of specific guidance to wife. If the girl is same,want look upon a young married woman, the thing that does not understand her informs her, can not go create difficulties for sb she.

Home 5. mother-in-law must make clear a general principle of Hunan, wife is not the one’s own daughter of oneself. If why handle good wife and mother to concern? Wife of domestic mother-in-law look upon did not have the grace that foster, because this need not take out the posture of the old person, with big bully small, grouch goes instructing wife. Do not not Shi Enxian begs a reply, if domestic mother-in-law is embarrassed all the time wife, how may be feeling created among two people of that Zuo .

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