Why can have the incorporate of disease of the angst before marriage of disease of the angst before marriage

The marital relation that disease of the angst before marriage reachs its spouse to will be formed to oneself namely feels anxious with apprehension, because give birth to vivid uncertainty to future, still have pair of spouse emotive uncertainty, psychological pressure is brought about greatly quite.

Why can have disease of the angst before marriage

1, scared psychology

When phase of latter before marriage preparation, the mentation of new personality often is more complex. Expect to sealed longing inaccuracy decides what go to with opposite to be at ease, numerous mood mix is miscellaneous together, nervous, angst, scared sentiment becomes more strong in this phase, to this paragraph the relation is not very affirmatory, or it is the newlywed person with psychological not quite nice quality, can arise now and then escape the thought of marriage.

2, go against turn over psychology

Marriage is bilateral to husband and wife and character, it is the mark that breaks away from one the individual’s life, also restraining each other, if bilateral freedom is restricted by marital place, when individual space freedom is browbeaten, go against with respect to meeting generation turn over psychology.

Why can have the incorporate of disease of the angst before marriage of disease of the angst before marriage

The incorporate of disease of the angst before marriage

1, fretted — you are apparent fretted, all thing cannot calm settlement. As if, want to quarrel at any time and place. Be yourself on one hand is fretted, it is the other side on the other hand what do not cooperate to cause you is fretted. Try, everything puts delay footstep. Each other discuss, perhaps can solve a problem smoothly.

2, scared — this is more serious, it is nervous not only and self-distrust. Cannot get along very well after scared marriage, the scared even marriage that can face the risk of the divorce before long. The wind,flowers,snow and moon before marriage is really romantic, you are overcome the beyond the mark common of basin of gourd ladle of bowl of the boiler after marriage. Do not think so, any difficulty can face jointly.

3, go against turn over psychology: This also is the psychology of a kind of expression of disease of the angst before marriage. Generally speaking, the man yearns for stable matrimony, but at the same time, can fear this kind of marriage is manacled to his, resemble same once upon a time freedom no longer, although the wife also can appear,this is planted psychology, but they often come badly in that way as the man, when this kind of freedom that yearns for when them is browbeaten, can appear go against turn over psychology.

Why can have the incorporate of disease of the angst before marriage of disease of the angst before marriage

How disease of the angst before marriage does

To having the woman of disease of the angst before marriage, had better stay to oneself a paragraph of sufficient time will undertake proper psychology is adjusted thinking over mixing. Find out the reason from personal angst first, according to different account, will choose corresponding strategy. In the meantime, OK also the lover that tells oneself straight-outly oneself angst, obtain his understanding and help, can talk about the arrangement of the life after marriage and tentative idea with the lover especially, there are a few preparations and plan to the life after marriage in mentally, can reduce many angst to marriage to feel so. In addition, still can consult professional psychological doctor, disease of the angst before marriage is overcome below their help guidance. Motion is slow the tweak of angst mood, choose a sport that oneself like to come to the top of one’s bent brandish asperses sweat. If you are blind of a motion,that picks a sport that you do not bore quite. Ran is best also be brief the most convenience motion, if you disrelish it drab, run to hear music at the same time at the same time. And motion besides can loosen energy, still can let you decrease heavy, also be the thing of kill two birds with one stone.

Why can have the incorporate of disease of the angst before marriage of disease of the angst before marriage

How to overcome disease of the angst before marriage

1, search angst account

Different people of a new type, the prime cause of scared angst before marriage is different also, find only let you feel angst reason ability is solved more quickly. Some new personality are the beforehand before marriage too much, in processing not successful, some new personality are afraid future the condition mode with 2 vivid life is waited a moment. New people feels angst when, must communicate in time with other in part, divide separate out problem to solve a problem at all together. But why is the man met to but why is the man met,have disease of the angst before marriage? Is because do not love,the anxiety before marriage seeing in light of?

2, loosen mood adjustment state of mind

If you discover you have the worry before marriage, should do weller the thing is loosened namely. Find those who suit oneself to loosen means, look for a time to read a book, hear music, also can move to perspire alleviate oneself nervous angst, honey of about a few boudoir goes out to shop shop to also can let the mood loosen ~

3, communicate actively

If feel oneself have pressure, very angst is scared, not be frowzily in the heart, better time and other in part are communicated, tell him your feeling, careladen part, communicating what in communicating, try to let other in part understand his to experience, oneself also understand the think of a way of the other side, let communicate replace brawl. Also can be to parents, pour out to conjugal good friend, hear the view of others, tell the depressed part that tells oneself, believe to tell the heart is medium bad mood when coming out to also sweep light when you ~

4, build easy environment

Oneself should make a favorable living environment, the bed that light color fastens is tasted, bedgown, fresh flower, cut good fruit, to oneself one can systemic heart loosens the space that come down, let oneself be being waited for comfortably.

5, hopeful to future

Need not excessive to matrimony concern, give oneself and other in part a bit hope, optimistic unripe active state is spent, go experiencing marry brought joyance and set one’s mind at ~

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