6 warm-up before fitness have what _

The warm up action that there is a lot of before fitness is worth everybody to consult, effective warm-up can avoid to be harmed needlessly in gymnastical process, and must the gymnastical effect that correct fitness just can have ideal, say people also took seriously to the warm up before fitness now so, so what do 6 warm-up before fitness have?

What do 6 warm-up before fitness have

1, canter: This is the very good warm-up before any body building, the activity that can make the body better leaves, slowly suit next motion, be in nevertheless firm in the begining the speed of ran does not want too fast, cantering distance also should be in 500 the left and right sides, such ability can achieve better result.

2, close jump: Deciding formerly namely actually stand still do fluctuation to jump, the arm when jumping and ability to walk should be stretched with shut, be helpful for lacing wire, adversary arm, back and ability to walk have a lot of profit, need to do ten minutes or so.

3, buttock kicks jump: Handle puts back, ran of human body resembling is same slowly run, when run crural in the future is kicked, notice the movement wants as far as possible a few bigger, be helpful for crus, knee and femoral activity.

4, drawing of Qia waist flesh: A lot of people had not listened, actually very simple, it is around pressing leg, hear around to press a leg to believe to basically had been done, those who pull basically is ham muscle.

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