Gal of gem of preserve one’s health needs _ of two big questions

To the female friend of middleaged above, like to practice gal of gem of preserve one’s health mostly. Because of preserve one’s health gem gal not only the effect that can achieve preserve one’s health, the posture that still can be us increases a lot of profit. But in the process that practicing gal of gem of preserve one’s health, still need to note a few cases, the body that just can avoid us so is harmed, just also can achieve better result.

Gal of gem of preserve one’s health practices item

1, move evenly all over

Above all gem gal is a kind of balance, the motion of systemic sex, the campaign with its general unlike needs to use the power of one-sided only in that way, once such doing, come down for long, because very easy meeting does not coordinate the error that causes the body to go up on motion. Next, in the process that practices gal of gem of preserve one’s health, still need to perserve. Nowadays the society of this fast rhythm, everybody is busier, constant regular meeting discontinues a practice. But it is good to if undertake training every week,also be inferior to the effect that spends 15 minutes of times to practice everyday.

2, do not imitate other

Next, no matter be the pose of which kinds of gem gal, need to follow the prescribed order, especially abecedarian, must not progress because of covet and reach a kind of pose constrainedly, such very easy meetings are brought counteractive, bring harm to the body. Additional, in the process that practices gem gal, cannot imitate anybody quite, because the body condition of everybody is different, do not vie other training person, because do,also not be less than a certain movement and sad, because everybody has stated actor inferior position on the body.

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