The office how fitness goes to work also can gymnastical _

Everybody knows, fixed office worker is common particularly busy, undertake taking exercise technically without time. So, the friends of a lot of office worker are inferior healthy position. Accordingly, major office worker wants to know the office how the method that fitness goes to the lavatory simply again already, we are shared together with everybody today.

The office how fitness

1, the station is stereo side is bent

Come to double foot stand aside compare shoulder above all slightly a few wider, the tiptoe of right leg is exhibited toward, buckle inside left foot rise, two arms side is smooth lift. Bend the body toward right side next, the right hand handholds oneself right leg ankle, the eye should see the way that indicates to left hand, at the same time the upper part of the body and leg need maintain in same on horizontal, hip joint also cannot undertake bending quite. Additional, disciplinarian needs halt 5-10 in this moment second, next again slowly reductive, will continue to move after two side are alternant.

2, arm Qu Shen

Above all, disciplinarian sits on the chair that he handles official bussiness first, the hand should put a side of the body, and support the brim part in the chair, double foot needs and approach rises ground. The body that props up oneself with arm emphatic next moves besides office chair, the arm wants inflectional, the body falls downward slowly, double leg also needs to bend naturally. When when hip nears the area, can prop up oneself with humerus triceps emphatic and reductive. This kind of method can train the muscle of arm and leg ministry effectively.

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