Beautiful body setting-up exercise carries perfect bodily form very simple _

To most female friend, take oneself bodily form seriously particularly, also hope oneself bodily form can forever perfect. But the word that if do not undertake,moves is very inaccessible such purpose, because this is very much,friends can choose beautiful body setting-up exercise. The what movement of setting-up exercise of so beautiful body can help a female carry perfect bodily form?

Beautiful body setting-up exercise

1, genu relies on pectoral motion

Face upward to lie on the bed above all, two legs even, raise left leg come, put both hands clutch at the back of ham. Next slowly the bosom oneself knee him leave it at that, can feel till you the drawing on ham back feels. this at the same time the movement maintains 5-10 second. During this, do not want to unlock oneself hand, raise a head, carry oneself forehead knee goes out, hold 5-10 second again, initial position is returned later, change a leg to have campaign.

2, vertebral turn round

Face upward to lie on the bed first, curve two knee, bipod is smooth put on the bed, the two side that put two arms the body are outstretched come. Next knee slowly those who put oneself is left, the eye looks to right, make oneself feel as far as possible comfortable, stick oneself shoulder on the bed again. At the same time body of on half part should hold loosened position, former position regains after awaiting 5 seconds, change on the right side of begin to do afresh, every edge body needs to be done 3 times, with respect to the bodily form that can carry oneself.

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