The office fitness method, athletic method _ that suits a white-collar

The work that a lot of friends can admire a white-collar is relaxed, full day sits before computer to type go. But the white-collars that sit in the office all the year round are the crowd that needs to have body building most however, because they do not have the healthy circumstance that pays close attention to their, very easy meeting causes a few occupational disease. So after all what does office fitness method have?

Office fitness method

1, hunch motion

To white-collars, neck shoulder ache is a kind of very big worry, and through hunching motion can achieve better remedial result. Sit in the chair first above, forcibly and hold out a bosom adagio, open range of double shoulder in the future, reductive later can thresh 10 above, undertake hunching then movement, or so need is done 12 times each. Such not only the vital capacity that can increase human body, still can prevent humeral Zhou Yan and cervical vertebra disease. Next, also can use the tool such as cervical vertebra massager to achieve the effect that alleviate.

2, loosen finger

The finger hour of white-collars is put in computer in front of, need to click only clavier and type, in fact ministry of this meeting adversary brings certain influence. Nevertheless, the method that we can point to through loosening a hand will alleviate the muscle of hand ministry is fatigue, and promote the blood of hand ministry circulate. Put both hands to his ham above all, next the centre of the palm up emphatic enclasp fist, according to the order of finger then each ordinal and outstretched hand points to, later again thresh this movement, can prevent mouse hand.

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