Sleep how does training have Qian Yuga what movement _

To loving the female friend of gem gal for, often can make a few simpler gem gal motions before preparation sleeps, such not only can achieve thin body and strong and handsome goal, return the Morpheus quality that can improve human body. So what does the pose of gem gal before sleeping have? How should we undertake training? Next we understand together.

Before sleeping gem gal movement

1, bundle horny pattern gem gal

Sit up on the bed first above all, curve knee, make sole opposite. Hold a foot with two hands next, and rachis straight, approach calcaneal perineal point. Begin then inspiratory raise a head, again extend rachis, expiratory when bend the body forth, make forehead as far as possible press close to arrives bed face, and hold normal breath of a minute. This kind of gem gal can make the prostate of human body and kidney and bladder keep healthy, still can adjust the female’s irregular period at the same time, still can promote ovarian normal function.

2, rachis twist type

Put left leg right coxal part above all, will right leg crosses the knee with left country, make it is located in before left knee, and rachis straight, sit up on the bed. Next inspiratory, make the same score two arms side lift, have the spread of rachis. When breathing, turn round shoulder and abdomen and head toward right, put the palms together of two tactics criterion is put to the front of the bosom. This kind of gem gal can the lumbar acerbity backache that very fast elimination causes because of sedentary place. In the course that reverse, can make cervical muscle and liver lienal get able-bodied.

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