Do gymnastical gem gal to want to notice what problem _

Nowadays, gymnastical gem gal has made a kind of trend, basically major female has very strong interest to this kind of motion. Because of fitness gem gal not only the body that can invite people is more slender, return the temperamental and amiable field that can promote human body. So, do we need what to case note when practicing gymnastical gem gal? Next we understand.

Gymnastical gem gal practices item

1, not too flaunt one’s superiority

Once be in,the case that physical strength does not support appears when practicing gymnastical gem gal, or the body shows asp state, please as soon as possible knock off is reductive, do not want exceeding to hold to. If be in the process of the exercise, the joint that feels him body to go up appears slight Ka Ka sound, everybody need not worry, the body that this proves us is in become loose slowly. But if what always relapse is in on a joint in period of time,appear this kind of circumstance, return the state of occurrence ache, need stops to come down instantly.

2, notice the body feels

Next, when practicing gymnastical gem gal, need puts attention on the sense that behavioral place brings to oneself, this namely inside gem gal contemplative. In the process of the exercise, the body can draw attention completely, you can feel the body can speak with you, you also can feel a certain position is exceedingly comfortable, and your body also is met reach an action quickly. So, when practicing gymnastical gem gal, must put attention to the body above, such ability invite behavioral guiding body quite.

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