Thin abdomen setting-up exercise lets you have even alvine _

Friend of a lot of females minds the little stomach on him body very much, it what method have so is OK to what method have so Where is thin abdomen? Actually, the method of thin abdomen is rife, we might as well it is OK to be being done at ordinary times the thin body of thin abdomen is held, the effect also is quite pretty good. Thin abdomen setting-up exercise introduces for everybody below, the evenness that lets you have everybody to envy is alvine.

Thin abdomen setting-up exercise

1, behavioral method

The first pace, lie low, double leg bend one’s knees, handle is put in earlobe edge, the upper part of the body is raised will to left turn, it is advisable to touch left knee with right hand toggle joint, next the way with opposite redo. The 2nd pace, lie low, double leg bend one’s knees, use alvine force to raise the leg, hip also should leave the ground, next reductive, continue to be done again, want to be done 20 times at least commonly. The 3rd pace, lie low, handle is put in body side, the leg is similar the movement that steps on bicycle, in whole process, double foot is cannot of ground of bring into contact with.

2, massage muscle

When making the first motion, the upper part of the body must unbend, the speed that rise cannot when too fast; is making the 2nd motion, need uses abdominal power, carrying so when the leg, the arm cannot exert all his strength, become only when abdominal power is insufficient, the arm can have a few effect that assist force. When making the 3rd motion, want not to let a foot contact the ground to go only. After setting-up exercise drills, we can be massaged to the place that takes exercise, can alleviate so muscle ache.

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