The simplest setting-up exercise reduces weight have surprise effect _

A lot of friends like to exercise through doing setting-up exercise, to abecedarian, more recipient those simple setting-up exercise, such learning that rise fast. So how should the simplest setting-up exercise practice? A kind of setting-up exercise introduces for everybody below, not only measure is simple, still have first-rate effect reducing weight, interested friend can look.

The simplest setting-up exercise

1, methodological measure

The sort of setting-up exercise has a lot of, with the simplest for exemple, concrete move is as follows: The first pace, body station is straight, double arm has lifted the top of head, next photograph of the centre of the palm is stuck, let body left and right sides swing next; the 2nd pace, return former, double arm is forward unbend, photograph of the centre of the palm is stuck, the prep above of the arm and shoulder keep balance, swing double arm toward a side of the body next, return former, swing double arm toward the another side of the body again. The 3rd pace, return former, double arm unbend, photograph of the centre of the palm is stuck, throw double arm to the inclined upper part of body a side next, put slowly, continue to make opposite way again.

2, behavioral point

When we are making the first motion, the leg needs unbend, cannot bend, abdomen wants to tighten up, cannot loosen; when making the 2nd motion, when the rhythm; that should master good breath is making the 3rd motion, breath must have been adjusted, the arm is in any moment are need unbend. This setting-up exercise suits to practice afternoon, can help us not only combustion is adipose, still can let us maintain good psychosis.

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