The need when practicing setting-up exercise notices what _

To middleaged person, setting-up exercise is a when control weight grows quickly good method. Jump for a long time at the same time setting-up exercise not only the substance appearance that can improve people and configuration, still can be opposite the body each position rise the effect that take exercise. But, there still are a few notes when practicing setting-up exercise. So be in after all setting-up exercise when what does need notice?

Practice setting-up exercise item

1, successive

Just drilling setting-up exercise when, need adopts the method that uses step, make the body and lower limbs have enough time to suit, also can do a few warm up and extend exercise first, especially the measurable extend of lower limbs is more a few more important. When just beginning, also had not made long athletic time. Be in at the same time finish after the motion of setting-up exercise, must change already wet dropped dress, prevent the situation of occurrence catch a cold. Move inside air conditioning room especially the fitness later person, need does a few extend to move to bathe again first.

2, suitable costume

Next, when doing setting-up exercise, need is worn formfitting with the setting-up exercise dress that perspire all over, not smooth foot wears common leather shoes. Because most fitness shoe has,compare protect thickly mat, can the concussion that ministry of slow down foot bumps place to cause with the ground. Also can wear the half shoe of tall canister, can protect an ankle so. To female friend, do in period when holding, carry momentum ten million cannot too much. If do not have the female friend that motion is used to, cannot undertake the training of setting-up exercise in order to be between bosom pregnancy.

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