Basic skill of male gem gal has what _

Friends of very much part think to practice gem gal is the patent of female friend, actually gem gal is a kind of campaign that fits men and women. Although say muscle lactation of the male is major the female is more soft, but should take exercise for a long time only, still can achieve first-rate result. So what does the male practice the action type of gem gal basic skill having?

Basic skill of male gem gal

1, bundle horny pattern

Above all the man should sit, two feet bend, the sole that makes control both sides is opposite and approach. Handhold with the hand next oneself ankle, the body slowly lean forth, until come up against the ground. In the process that makes this motion, must notice oneself breath. Lean the power of own waist then, again slowly rise. Male friend often practices this movement, can make oneself mood as soon as possible gentle come down, make the flexibility of the body increases thereby, lay next foundations for the following exercise.

2, bovine range pattern

Sit first, two feet are gone to in front unbend. Had crossed oneself right ham with left foot, make left sole is put by right femoral. This moment must erect back, the knee of two feet needs pile to arrive one case. Put left hand in the future in his the back of the human body next, the right hand from on downward and in the future bends, at the same time slowly button left hand. The eye must look attentively at ahead, hold natural breath, maintain 5 seconds. The redo side the left and right sides is changed later. This movement can improve the condition with inflexible hands or feet, strengthen kidney function.

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