Neither of setting-up exercise fitness reducing weight reducing weight by accident _

Now nowadays, obese person is increasing, causing fat major reason is caused with devoid motion. If everybody wants fitness to mean the word that reduce weight again, might as well try setting-up exercise, can let your fitness neither reducing weight by accident. So is the concrete step that setting-up exercise reduces weight what kind of? The setting-up exercise that everybody introduction can reduce weight is below.

Setting-up exercise reduces weight

1, measure method

The first pace, double leg station is straight, look up quite bosom, receive an abdomen, both hands takes a dumbbell each, next unbend arm, smooth lift at the bosom before, lift up again, stay a few seconds, put again finally. The 2nd pace, crouch Ma Bu, the hand grasps dumbbell, double arm flank is raised, keep balance with the shoulder, keep a few seconds. The 3rd pace, double leg and approach, the body bends ahead, double arm is down, in order to come up against instep advisable, after keeping a few seconds reductive. The 4th pace, crouch Ma Bu, the hand grasps dumbbell instead, double arm is put to back raise, keep a few seconds next.

2, note

Warm-up should be done first before the exercise, can feel otherwise ache of arm, ham. After the time that practices setting-up exercise had better choose a meal half hours or so, full abdomen condition does not suggest to drill setting-up exercise reduces weight. After motion is over, can do exercise of a few drawing more, such word can alleviate muscle ache. In addition, still need to notice the individual is wholesome, if athletic hind perspires, if do not do clean work, cause a bacterium easily, also affect individual figure.

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